An Easter egg hunt in Tuscany and one DIY project- Yarn eggs


It is that time of year again…egg decorating. There are so many beautiful designs out there sometimes it is hard to choose one to try.

This reminds me of the time my husband and I were visiting family in Italy one Easter. Our daughter was still a baby but old enough to show interest in things. I decided we would decorate eggs in Italy. So I packed up my egg decorating supplies, paper and some fabrics to make a big Easter basket. But I did not realize how hard it would be to find white eggs to dye in Tuscany. We went around the farms asking but everyone only had brown eggs. Should have done this yarn craft I am about to share with you all instead of dying eggs.


Eventually my husband’s aunt found some white eggs for us but it wasn’t easy finding those white eggs.


The next day we had a ton of fun decorating eggs with the family. This is an old photo I took of my husband’s aunt, cousin and my daughter with a table full of Easter dyes.


That morning I dressed my little girl in a pretty pink Easter dress and had a giant basket filled with all kinds of toddler toys to keep her busy. Then I made giant paper flowers to spread all around the property for her to find the decorated eggs easily. The basket was made the night before by hand while my daughter slept. It was a big surprise when she woke up the next morning.


Later that day a little girl who lived in one of the other villas came by and we all decided that it would be fun to hide the eggs for every one else to find.


We hid them so well that my husband’s aunt would tell us years later, that guest who stayed at her villa, were still finding those eggs.


It was a beautiful memory and we all had a ton of fun bringing a little American tradition to Italy that year.


I am sure they have Easter eggs now, the world has changed a lot in 20 years since that Easter egg hunt in Tuscany. My daughter got lots of giant chocolate eggs at her Easter table that morning as well as her American Easter basket. In Italy they have the most beautiful chocolate eggs for Easter. It is such a beautiful and special time in Italy around Easter…just amazing.


This DIY I am about to share with all of you does not require white eggs. You will need eggs though, so if you don’t have access to some, your local craft or dollar store should have plenty of the fake ones. Our chickens have been laying like crazy. I have lots of eggs to decorate. We made a huge Swedish omelet and had a bunch of eggs I saved to make yarn eggs with.


These eggs are pretty simple to make, just glue and wrap different colored yarns and threads around your eggs.


I blew the yolk from the eggs and cleaned them off before letting them dry. Once dry I got out a bunch of yarn and decorated away.


I also painted pretty floral designs on some of my eggs.


The chickens keep giving us more eggs every day, it is hard to keep up with those ladies.


Anyway, if you need anymore beautiful egg decorating ideas, please check out some fellow bloggers I follow.

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They have some beautiful eggs they decorated as well. Happy Egg decorating everyone.


Some info on the photos- The black and white photo was taken by my husband, he is the professional photographer in the family so we always have pretty photos when he starts shooting. He is so sweet though, always saying he likes my photos more. I choose to take photos  as a hobby, its fun to me. So we both collect each others photos. I have a whole case of my husbands photos. All the photos were taken at Patrignone, a beautiful villa in Tuscany that my husband’s cousin now runs with his wife. When we first visited, right after it was purchased, there were still holes in the roof. Some of the rooms did not have walls. My husband’s aunt has a gift for designing homes. These are old photos, except for the one with the tables, which my mother-in-law took on one of her visits. The room where we were decorating the eggs is called Villa Patrignone. We were there when it was off season and the place was closed to the public. You can check out what it looks like now on their site They have done so much since we last visited it. They did an amazing job and made a beautiful home to share with others. I am not getting anything for mentioning their villa, just thought I share some more bloggers and really sweet people with you all. Whether you’re hunting for Easter eggs in your backyard, a park, or out in beautiful natural surroundings, I hope it is a special and loving memory for you and your family this Easter.

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