Dirt cheap DIY-Spring and Easter decor


I was on a roll being frugal with my Spring decorating. I decided to continue searching for items around this old home in our city for something I could use to make our home feel more like Spring and Easter.


I found this in our garden. This glass dome used to belong to my daughter, she put it into her donation pile last month. I knew I could use it for something in the garden so I kept it for me. Think she will want it back once she sees the transformation.


I have piles of twigs and empty plastic containers.


I even have some grapevines from our grapes that would be nice to decorate with.


And I bought this for $2 secondhand. I have lots of accessories in my piles of nick nacks at home I can decorate this up with.


This little chunky wooden bird ornament that I picked up for .25 cents at a yard sale.


And this is what I came up with. The glass dome I put on a cake stand and decorated with moss, twigs and eggs.


I added a topiary to it after adding twigs and needle felting lemons for it.


The lemons were a bit of a challenge, at first that is. Remember, I am pretty new at this needle felting business, but practice makes perfect. The lemons started out looking like yellow eggs and slowly slowly they started taking on a lemon shape. I love this little tree, I can switch it up for the seasons, adding needle felted apples, leaves, oranges, flowers etc…


This was probably my funnest remake out of all the projects. I think it came out so cute and I even added some old fashioned stickers and a couple little clay bunnies my daughter sculpted.


Also had fun decorating this Easter wreath. If I had to add up the total cost for this wreath it was all under $3. Price wreaths out in the world, they tend to get very expensive.


The Easter grass box became this.


The little fuzzy duck was from Hobby Lobby. I am not getting anything for promoting that store, just wanted to let you all know just in case you want a cute little fuzzy duck yourself. The fresh flowers I clipped from my garden that morning. Think the little duck was less then a couple dollars with a coupon.


The twigs and plastic plant containers became these.




And that little bird, grapevines and fresh clippings from my garden that morning became this.


There are always little items out in the world just waiting to be redone and made pretty once again. A little TLC never hurts anything.


I bet there are tons of things around all your homes too, that can be used for a new update. Happy hunting around your home. Hope you find many things to decorate with. Remember to try to use up what you have on hand first. Also try to buy local or thrift-ed items first when decorating your homes. Nothing wrong with shopping every now and then for new items but if you can avoid more waste on this planet by re-purposing or buying used and locally made items, then this planet of ours will have a chance to heal. It is so much easier to live a life debt free, less stress for us all. Happy Spring decorating everyone.


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