A beautiful Spring hike with bees and butterflies in an Arizona desert.



“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces ; smell the rain and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

Ashley Smith


Here it is…a whole lot of color in an otherwise very boring and dry desert. Sounds so negative but I will never forget the time we had family visiting and one of the little girls (a cousin) hated all our brown surrounding one of our man made lakes. She even commented on how ugly everything was.


Can’t blame her of course, she came from a very green area in her part of the world. But if you park your car and walk around, I promise there is green out here, especially after the storms we have been having. Remember my post on hiking during a storm? This is the second part to all that water we got…beautiful wildflowers everywhere. Every photo I am about to share with all of you, came from a desert.DSC_4151.JPG



I think there is beauty even in a weed. Look at how pretty this little weed’s flower is. Think of all the poisons we spray around, slowly killing ourselves as well, just to kill this little plant. I am sure it is just as curious to why it has to be taken out. I mean look at it, it’s pretty in it’s own way too. We are creatures of habit, someone told us we needed to kill these plants, so we do. I am a big believer in letting things be. Eventually I do pull them out but I let them at least feed the critters for awhile and poison free of course.Wait…is this a weed? I am not a flower expert but it sure looks like a weed I have growing in my garden.


This is what a hike starts out looking like, from a distance, not too impressive.


Now look what was on that trail just waiting to greet everyone.



There were little white butterflies everywhere, so many it was a movement of tiny white wings. They never stopped long enough for me to photograph them but they were all around me while I took these photos.


Yellow and lavender colors also surrounded me.


Up close and down low where all the critters hang out is one very beautiful world.


You would miss some of these flowers if you are one to always walk with your head up. Tilting your head down will help you to see a world of beauty and at the same time keep you safe by knowing each step you take out there in the desert.


I walked down this trail and BAM, the purple was everywhere.


Oh and noise too. There had to have been thousands of bees buzzing about. I was a little freaked out by the noise but knew the bees would be very busy collecting for their hives, they couldn’t be bothered by me, at least this is what I like to think.


Once those hives are full they will protect them. The area where I took these photos has had some Africanized bee attacks and people ended up in the hospital.DSC_3484.JPG

Just stick to the trails and please don’t go out there swatting at everything.


There are signs around warning people to be cautious around bees .


I remember watching an old horror movie back in the 80’s with my Nana. It was on Africanized bee attacks. We both were so scared by that movie, but I still went out in the desert to explore even after watching that movie. I can still remember my Nana yelling from the distance after she saw me walk out that front door towards the mountains “Watch out for the bees out there” I just laughed nervously. That movie really freaked me out, especially the scene where a whole car was covered in bees.


Sometimes I worry about bees when I am miles away from our vehicle.


A couple of times bees got aggressive with me and I wasn’t even taking photos, just walking. One bee started, then another came by, and by the third I started to worry. I turned to my husband and calmly said “ I am a little concerned about these bees and we still have a way to get back to the truck” and those bees still bothered me but I made it to the truck without more stopping by to buzz around my face. Turns out it was the orange I had just eaten out on the trail. I pack out food so they probably still smelled the fruit. Now I leave the sweet treats at home when in bee season.


This time, while I crouched down in those wildflowers the bees left me alone, only those tiny white butterflies flew around close to my shots. Again, those butterflies never stayed long enough for me to get a shot of them. Someday I will get a shot to share with you all but for now I guess they are only for my eyes to enjoy.


I said to my husband that no one would believe us if we told them about all these white butterflies hanging around the whole time we hike, they are so fun to watch.


This hike had so many bees around me that it really was like hiking with bees.


So funny, how you think you are alone out there in that giant desert but you are actually surrounded by all kinds of scary things and deadly too.


Although I never think of these things as deadly because I have never been hurt while out there. I love seeing all of nature up close and I know when to stay away, it’s their home after all, I am just a visitor.


Arizona deserts have some of the worlds most poisonous creatures. Gila monsters, although rare to see since they are nocturnal, are very poisonous. I have only witnessed them in the wild twice in my life, once was when I was a little girl and they never bothered or bit me. Don’t even get me on the subject of those nasty ants out there though,. I almost forgot that I have been bitten by a couple of Arizona critters, a spider, which made my leg swell and turn a bluish/purple color like a bruise and those giant red ants. A bunch got me one time. Those suckers hurt when they bite. I learned at a very young age to stay away from the ant hills when out exploring.


Then there are snakes, spiders and scorpions. Look at this spider just spinning away right next to a bunch of beautiful wildflowers I was in the middle of taking a photo of. These things are poisonous. Little secret about me…I HATE SPIDERS, but we have a deal, they stay in their space and I stay in mine. There is something I hate even more then spiders and that is the poisons that people use to kill these little critters. Just leave them alone, make a deal with them I like I did. As long as everyone stays within their own safe spaces, everything is good.


Don’t get too distracted that you forget where you sit or place a hand every now and then when out there exploring nature. I could have stuck my hand right through that web if I wasn’t paying attention. Creepy crawlies like to hang out around and under rocks.


Living here in Arizona my whole life and all the time I have spent outside means there were some snake encounters but I was never bitten.


Snakes don’t usually search you out to bite you, they also give warnings if you get too close. The closes I have ever been to a snake in our back yard once when I was barefoot as a child. One crawled under my feet at a picnic table I was sitting at. A cousin warned me about it when she saw it laying under my swinging feet and I slowly moved my feet away without looking under and got away to see if it was a rattlesnake…thank God it wasn’t. It was a giant King snake.Remember, I had some serious guardian angels as a little girl.


I know you have read this before but that old desert was my playground after all. Anyway, just be careful and pay attention to your surroundings no matter where you are and that includes walking down the street in a city. The mom is coming out in me now. Okay, back to that hike.


The rains did their job, everyone is happy, the flowers have brought color to our deserts and all those beautiful and busy bees will have huge hives this year. So it’s all good.


Hope you all enjoyed this hike with me.


Happy adventures yourself and remember please stay safe out there in the world where ever you are. And plant some sunflowers for all your pollinating friends, they are our friends after all…they keep us all fed. For more info. on snakes visit Ingrid at Live, Laugh RV  She did a great post on snakes and bonus points for capturing an owl with it’s baby…so sweet. Don’t forget Lisa at lismorepaper for helping support awareness for our pollinator friends, she is one talented artists, love her work.


Oh, and one more thing…have a wonderful and beautiful Easter from all of us at Our Little Red House.




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