Updates and favorite posts for April.

“ Imagine what seven billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other”

A.D. Williams


Another month is over…and this was and is one of my favorite months out of the year.  These are just a few of the things that happen at Our Little Red House this month, well, in the city that is.


Been hanging out in my garden a lot this month. It is starting to get warm here in Arizona but the early morning and evenings are wonderful.


Our tree is full of little yellow fuzzy pollen balls. The birds and bees are loving it.


But people everywhere are suffering from allergies right now. It is really pretty in our state though. Spring in my opinion is the best time to see everything here.

Our newest additions to our garden this month are some more flowers that popped out from the cacti. This is why I love Spring time…flowers are just so amazing to me. Little surprise packages of colors. Natures pop up books.




I love being outside while I work on my furniture projects. This month’s project is an old french door someone decided to throw away.


I had to bring it inside to finish because a wind storm showed up one afternoon and knocked the whole door over. Nothing got broken, which was shocking because it made a loud crash when it fell.

My plan is to eventually hand paint a pretty design on the glass using stain glass paint. Then adding tiny lights behind it to sit by my bed like a really large bedside lamp. Another beautiful piece I saved from the city dump. Like always, all it needed was a little TLC.


I had a little injury out hiking this month so I wasn’t able to take a bunch of photos for you all. I slipped on an edge and fell on one of my knees, just a bit bruised, but you know how knees are, they are not the funnest things to bruise.

I did capture this little guy during the time I was out hiking. Such a tiny little guy and chunky…so adorable. I need to needle felt one of these.


I took a couple of shots and said out loud to my husband that I wish the little bird would fly in closer, it was so cute. I wanted a better look. Sure enough, the little guy then flew up over my head. What luck that was. Kind of in shadow in the shot, but my view was such a special gift to see. I think he was a baby hummingbird, out for some exercising and practicing of it’s wings.


My son went on a hike later in the week and took these photos for me, you guys might like these shots. He does the big mountain. Old mom does the little ones. Oh, to be young again.



So while I took a few days off  to rest my knee, I spent a lot of time working on my garden.  The grape leaves are finally starting to come out. I might do some cement and plaster leaves with these. They make great bird feeders.


Early in the morning the doves and sparrows hang around the water dish that I leave out for them. You can barely notice them as little gray specks in the background of this photo.


Then I spent a whole morning transplanting clippings from plants I have everywhere. Hopefully I will get some new plants out of these.


Oh, and I also got around to organizing our junk room, which used to me my husbands old office. My husband said the funniest thing when he walked into his old office “ Hey, did my my office just become a post?” and then I heard my daughter laugh and laugh. At least it looks better then a storage room. It was a nightmare before, a mini hoarder room of sorts.  You can actually walk around in there now.


I even came up with the cutest idea of using those butterfly cutouts for a fabric swatch sort of art thing. Now I know what vintage fabric samples I have and can pin them next to each other. Helps to  see what the colors look like side by side. I had some empty frames from glass I reused for my IKEA inspired TV stand that I used for this upcycled project.


Easter was my favorite part about this month. I had a ridiculous amount of eggs to decorate from all the eggs the chickens have been laying. Some of my followers will recognize the yarn wrapped eggs from an earlier post, but the painted ones I added later. My kids bought me some really nice paint pens for Christmas that made things easy.


My husband and mother-in-law made homemade lasagna. Yummy, we have lots of left overs too, which is always nice. Wish I could share with you all how good it taste when everything is made by hand. Photos can only tell so much of a story and I am no food photographer.Maybe I will talk my husband into writing a cooking post on it later. You all might like that one.





My contribution was my traditional Swedish butter cookies and sugar cookies. Then I passed out Easter baskets full of cookie treats and a couple handmade items for some of our older neighbors and families on our street. I used food coloring pens to add my little whimsical designs. The eggs were done from a Martha Stewart sugar cookie decorating tip which I hope to share with you in another post. You know how much I enjoy my YouTube university.



It was Autism awareness month for April as well. I wish I would have thought of doing a post on this for the month, but Easter DIY’s took up most of my time and I just forgot. If there is one thing I could write to share about my own experience with working with children with Autism disorders, is that we really need to be kinder to anyone that has to deal with a child or adult in the world of autism.While I am at it, anyone that needs a little extra, extra, should always be dealt with in a kind and patient way. So here are the top 5 things I have learned when it comes to Autism.

  • Every case is different, it’s a spectrum disorder after all, so take into consideration that there are never two cases a like. The only one who truly knows what they are going through, are the family members of someone with Autism or the person with ASD themselves.
  • Stop judging, especially out in the world when you witness any child misbehaving. This could just be a melt down. Kids on the spectrum have sensory overload sometimes and the world can become too much.
  • On the other hand, never let Autism become an excuse for bad behaviors…it’s a reason, but not an excuse. If you have a child who goes around hitting or biting others, this needs to be addressed while the child is little and easy to handle. You never want an adult going around doing that. It can be done. Temple Grandin told me that herself, in person, at a work shop I attended for ABA therapy. Always, always teach with kindness.
  • Never give up, every little thing that you can teach any child, whether on the spectrum or not, can be taught. Don’t throw in the towel when the days seem impossible, there is a rainbow at the end of that storm…I promise your hard work will pay off in the end.
  • The best thing you can do, to help support and help others be aware of Autism is to go out there and invite Autism into your life. Volunteer helping families with Autism. Invite kids with Autism disorders to events, include them at parties and help to engage them to play with other kids. It won’t be easy, but it isn’t impossible. Teach your own children to have empathy for all disabilities.

April was also a month when the stomach flu was going around the city. The only one who ended up getting it in our home was my daughter. I separated her from everyone for three days and we all kept to our spaces. With me wiping down door knobs, light switches, tv remotes, phones and keyboards where my daughter had contact. If you guys do end up getting it, here is a yummy banana recipe to help soothe those tummy aches. Cinnamon is the magic ingredient, great for tummy aches as long as you only use a little and dilute with something else.


Two frozen bananas

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 cup of skim milk, or milk of your choice

3-4 ice cubes

1 teaspoon of honey.

Blend all together into a smoothie. For a cool treat, just cut out the ice cubes and milk before blending.

I also worked some more on being organized and found this…an old cassette organizer. It was half off the ticket price since I went shopping on a bargain Saturday.


I needed something to store my needle felting wool in. It was perfect for that. Now I can see all the colors I have.


And this wooden box to store extra needle felting supplies in.



I even picked up another item to add to my art supplies, this tray, which was my second hand purchase for the month. Think it is from the 70’s. It comes with three trays. It will be perfect when I am doing any art work that involves all those tiny embellishments of mine.


One last thing before I get to my favorite posts from you all. Happy Birthday to my little man. I can not believe my son turned 19 this month. He is very private so I can’t share a photo of how beautiful he is as a 19 year old. He is almost a foot taller then me now. He is doing great in college and his favorite classes are Biology and math. I can’t believe how fast these precious little bundles of ours grow up. Treasure the days you have with your little ones. I will share with you all an old photo from his very first birthday sitting in his Easter basket that morning. What a beautiful adventure he has gifted me with, Happy birthday…love you bunches and bunches.


Okay, now onto all your amazing posts this month. Again, sorry so long, but you know how I get carried away sometimes with my updates.

Favorite meal/recipes

A Jeanne in a kitchen- Happy Easter/Passover

Favorite shopping post-

I was so excited when this post popped up one day when I got online. Remember when I posted about what an IKEA store looks like here in Arizona? Well someone else did a post on shopping at an IKEA store in Korea…super cool everyone. If you like to shop, and have a thing about shopping in other countries, then you should click on and check this post out. Comes with lots of photos too

Favorite being kind post-

Showtunesal did a great post on Charity  If anyone needs suggestions on spreading kindness out there, then please read this post. We are in desperate need of some TLC for this planet of ours. It feels like HATE is trending right now with all the propaganda and lies brainwashing some of the most broken people out there, it is starting to feel like the beginning of something really ugly is waiting around the corner. Listen to your hearts, not what someone else wants you to do and feel. Make LOVE a trend instead.

Favorite DIY project this month

The homemaking momma–  Loved this simple needle felting project she made using branches her little boys collected. I started working on one myself. Her photos of her home decor are stunning. I have already started on the wool balls. Thank you Homemaking momma for inspiring me to do this fun little project.


Favorite taking a walk with someone-

Typewriter Girl- Beautiful Spring walk.  You live around such a beautiful area, thank you for sharing this with us all. This post of yours got me into a very creative mood with that little green cottage you walked up upon by the lake. That morning I decided to pour some molds and make little cottages to paint later.


Favorite furniture make-over-

Kelly Whitman- Kid’s kitchen make over  This turned out so cute.

Favorite advice on blogging-

Cristian Mihail The ultimate beginners guide to blogging– () Cristian always has the best advice when it comes to blogging. Great post, thanks for sharing.

Favorite photo-

Happening news

Sometimes I will obsess over old photos in antique shops, trying to get a feel of that moment that was frozen in time. These photos of a couple starting out their lives and the photos of them still together after many decades is priceless. What a beautiful record in their history of love.

Favorite adventure post-

Youdaman10-Peruvian adventure–  This was a fun adventure you shared with is all. I loved all your photos, the details of your trip, the beautiful costumes…well the whole thing. It was gorgeous, thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by for a visit to my site.

Favorite inspirational post-

BionicoldGuy, guest post Eric Hein  Eric took his genetic disorder and instead of becoming angry and bitter, turned it into something positive. Always love reading stories with happy endings.

Favorite quote of the month-

Popsicle society

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts”

This is so true. The thoughts we think do become what we are.

Okay, that is it. Hope you all get a chance to check out these posts. Thank you for stopping by this month for a visit. Thank you for the likes and follows as well. Stay safe, happy and well out there in the world, from all of us at Our Little Red House.

My prayer this month goes out to the Christians of the world. There are churches being burned down everywhere. They say it was an accident at Notre Dame, but there are so many churches that have burned down this year that were not accidents. Hopesongblog  wrote a beautiful post about this and my favorite quote from her was this “ The truth is God no longer resides in a building, He resides in our hearts and minds, that is what we should protect as if our lives depend on it (because it does), to lose that would be the greatest tragedy of all.”

So please keep all the Christians and churches in your prayers and well wishes. Like I just wrote up above, the level of hate is getting bad out there, something really ugly is waiting around the corner if this keeps up.  Make Love the trend and do something kind every day. Even the tiniest things count. Something wants to distract us all with Hate…remember, United we stand, Divided we fall.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have Peace in this world. You will have trouble, but take heart: I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Coming up for May

It will be all about flowers for the month of May.

Some re-post from last year, all flower related of course.

A visit to an art exhibit


Shopping for those special women in your life.


Some more Frugal DIY’s for Spring time decor.



Another hike…we have a different cacti coming into bloom.


Oh, and I will be sharing with you all another baking tip from YouTube. Maybe I will have some nailed it moments. Always good to laugh at our mistakes.


Until then, have a wonderful and beautiful week everyone. And congratulations to the newest member in our family. One of my cousin’s daughters had a baby girl. Can’t wait to meet her in person.




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