DIY- Flowers for your walls

DSC_6485    I am a bit obsessed when it comes to flowers so I have a ton. In celebration of Spring, and loving moms everywhere, I would love to share some of my favorite floral and up-cycling post with you all. Hope you all are having a wonderful Spring.


I don’t know how many times, while out second hand shopping, I run across bags of faux flowers. Fabric and plastic, all shapes and sizes, I love these little immortal faux bits of nature. I don’t have the best green thumb and living in the Arizona desert is not the best place to grow beautiful flowers, so why not do the next best thing…fake it.

DSC_6257I also can’t pass up canvas and frames for future art projects we work on as a family. So I thought it would be fun to combine the two and create some flower art for my daughter’s bedroom wall.DSC_6463.JPG

I had some little canvas art pieces that I bought (on dollar day) and they were sitting in my closet waiting for a new update. I really need to de-clutter and organize that closet. That’s for another day though. Now it was time to go through all those bags of flowers I had purchased. I love the design part of anything I create because I can’t wait to see the end results.

DSC_6253 I painted my canvas white but this wasn’t necessary since the colors I was using matched up with the flowers I picked. If you are covering the whole canvas, which I did, then you don’t have to worry about painting over old art.

DSC_6233 Pick your flowers first before you start cutting and gluing. It is pretty easy to remove a flower placement if you do glue them down, especially if you do it while the glue is still wet, but it is always better to arrange your flowers first before gluing in place.

DSC_6285Once you have picked your flowers, start cutting the bottom of your flowers to make them as flat as possible. It is easier to glue down onto a flat surface this way. I used a glue gun but you can use tacky glue as well. If you use a glue gun please be careful and use a low temp gun since the glue and fabric stick really well and can get caught up pretty easily.

DSC_6365 My little canvas pieces came with ribbons to hang from. If your pieces don’t then just cut a couple of pieces of ribbon and with a stable gun staple each ribbon to one corner of your canvas from the back, then tie them together at the top with a pretty bow.

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I think these little floral wall pieces would look adorable in a baby’s room. A teen or adult could cover a whole wall with different sizes, then set up a little French table in front of it with little teacups and plates. This is also great for decorating for parties, they are easy to remove from your walls since they are attached to canvas. Create a Spring time wonderland for that special love one.


Just remember to check those second hand shops first before you go out and buy something new. We have a lot of clutter in this world so it is better to try to remake the clutter we have into new items. I always joke with my family that we are all basically just renting things and then passing them on. Have fun out there hunting for flowers and if you have little ones don’t forget to have them help as well.



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