DIY-Frugal Floral displays.


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I always miss the flowers out in my garden when they are all gone. To make up for that, I have faux arrangements displayed throughout the house.


I like shopping second hand, but sometimes I will pick up some fillers if there is a good Faux flower sale going on. We have a discount thrift store (some of you will be familiar with this) where you buy things by the pound.


I will spend a day searching for Spanish moss, dried flowers, faux plants and flowers, ribbons, floral tape etc…think you get the point. And I will load up on a giant bag of things to decorate my home for Spring with.


Here are just a few of the arrangements I was able to make with my haul of faux supplies.


This piece of Styrofoam was perfect for a little floral arrangement I had in mind.


I painted it. Wrapped some pretty fabric and ribbon around it. Then added flowers.


I picked up these clear bottles at the dollar store. They remind me old fashioned milk bottles.I originally planned on taking them up north to Our Little Red House for wildflower pickings, still may do that.


I painted them black.


And painted over that with white chalk paint. Then used a wet washcloth to age it.


I had a damaged wreath I bought second hand for vases like this. It was really light so maybe it was a little over a pound. Whole wreath was probably a little over a $1.


I used the dried flowers to make little arrangements for my bottles.I have been collecting glass bottles and adding flowers to them since I was a tiny little girl. At the local swap meet they used to sell dried flowers. I would take my weekly allowance and buy all kinds of different colors. Then I passed out flowers to everyone. Guess some things we never outgrow.


Picked this green basket up at a yard sale.


Painted it white.



Then added an arrangement of faux flowers to it.


Remember, it doesn’t cost a lot to bring a little sunshine into our homes. Always better to use fresh flowers of course, but if none are available in your area, then second hand faux are the next best thing. Hope you all get a chance to fill your own homes up with some sunshine. Happy crafting everyone.


Photo flub- Is that what they call it? This is funny, so have to share with you all. You notice that last photo of the basket floral bouquet I did? Look closely and you will see a bottle of tacky glue stuffed upside down in it. I looked all over the house for that tacky glue. Finally I gave up and went to a new bottle that I had stashed away. Then these photos were uploaded and I saw in the photo that bottle of glue. Guess I forgot I had it in there. I just took a photo really quick and wrote up a post. I was busy with getting things ready for a mini trip up north to Our Little Red House. So funny. You know how tacky glue is, that stuff is hard to get out of those bottles, so you have to store it upside down when you are using it.


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