DIY-Grapevine fairy furniture


Hi everyone, hope all you all enjoy this weeks re-post from my earlier days of blogging. Little back story on this one- I have always enjoyed miniatures and have had so much fun over the years creating little things with my kids. Working in miniatures in a great way to help with those fine motor skills. And pretend play is very important for speech and language. I haven’t kept up with one of my goals when I first started blogging, which was to share with you all some of the fun lessons and crafts I did with my kids when we home schooled. Not to worry, I already started on some fun paper crafts to start sharing with you all next month. Until then, hope you get a chance to make some of these tiny garden furniture pieces…happy crafting everyone.

If you are a gardener and you grow grapes, then this is the perfect little project to add something whimsical to your garden pots. If you don’t grow grapes, not to worry, you can still collect little twigs when out in nature for this cute little craft project.

DSC_5803.JPG We just happen to have grapes growing everywhere at our home. They are pretty hardy and look beautiful when they grow around your house.



Besides having grapes to eat, organic grape leaves are also edible, and you can grow clippings from your plants to share with others.

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Whenever my husband trims our grapevines, I end up with a bunch of little twigs. You can do several projects with these twigs that include wreaths, wall decorations, holiday ornaments and…tiny adorable little furniture.


When working with wreaths you need the vines to be flexible. You can soak them in water so they bend easier. I was making furniture so I needed to dry my twigs out for a few days. The vines I was using needed to be strong and sturdy.


Supplies you will need:


Tacky glue, or glue gun

Wax paper to work on

Several twigs in different sizes

Wire cutters

Fabric, clay and paint ( optional ) for accessories



Cut your twigs to even sizes to glue together for tabletops, seats and backings of chairs. This is a slow process since one area has to dry before another part can be worked on.

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I use tacky glue for the small sections like the seats of the chairs and the tabletop. With the thicker pieces of twig I used a glue gun, like the legs on chairs and tables. You need to make sure to clip the table legs flat before you glue them into place. You also might have to hold leg in place for a while until the glue dries a bit.


Once everything is dry, start decorating your little garden pots with your furniture. I added little bowls and a tiny bit of lace to my table for some added detail.


Little clay pumpkins, and a little door I picked up at a hobby store, made my little garden pop with colors. Add baskets, little critters, and tiny teapots.


Miniatures are really easy to find now at most hobby and craft stores but I always prefer trying to make my own out of clay. This is a kid’s project too, so please include them…even the big teenager kids. This project helps with developing those fine motor skills. Being outside and working in dirt also has other health benefits and relieves stress as well.


Don’t worry if your furniture and little clay pieces are crooked or don’t look like the real thing…this is whimsical, so have fun. Nothing in our world is perfect, so why should we be, or the things we make.

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I love walking out in my garden, seeing all my little garden gnomes, animals and tiny furniture. We don’t get a lot of rain here in Arizona, so if you are in an area that rains a lot, bring your little furniture inside to enjoy.


Have fun creating. Hint for this project… patience is the best tool for this since you really need to take your time when gluing together and waiting for things to dry. Patience does pay off in the end though, with an adorable little garden.




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