Happy Mother’s Day everyone- a beautiful day in my garden


I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day morning surrounded by love ones.Thought I share a breakfast in my garden with you all to start your day.


It’s so peaceful early in the morning before everyone else is awake.


The birds are out chirping everywhere and occasionally a butterfly will fly down to fly next to me.


I will make sure the water dish is full outside and leave some food for the doves early in the morning.


My son’s cat is up early with me. He knows the birds will be around soon to drink and eat.


Then they slowly start flying in.


He patiently sits inside by the window watching them closely.


I know he is just waiting for the perfect opportunity. That big glass window keeps everyone safe.


Meanwhile, somewhere inside my craft room, my cat Alley is waiting patiently for me. She hates it when I am outside working on things. One time she got out and my son found her out there going from one flower pot to another “She was just smelling the flowers” my son answered when I asked what she was up to.Now when I have my faux flower arrangements displayed inside the house she jumps up to smell them, then jumps down after making a weird noise. I think that cat can swear. Lets just say, she didn’t get that from me.  Think I might have to have a talk with my husband, but I believe he will look at me like I have lost my mind if I tell him to stop swearing around Alley Cat.


The chickens are up early always waiting for last nights food scraps, along with their regular feed. They love left over spaghetti. It is so much fun watching them eat that up.


I love checking for edibles in our garden. The lettuce is coming in.




And peppers.

DSC_6537.JPGOnce a week, usually Sunday I will make blueberry pancakes for everyone to wake up to.


Nothing better then sitting out in the garden having a yummy breakfast.


Sometimes I will just sit out in my garden early in the morning and listen to all nature’s sounds.


Watering the plants and seeing how they are growing. Like this plant here.I think it is called Elephant food. It is a hardy plant and you can grow new ones from transplants.


My little red birdhouse needs a serious make over I have discovered. I will have to work on repainting it later.


But my favorite thing about the garden is checking to see what flowers have popped up.


Right now, with warmer temps on the way, we have been getting a lot of blooms on our cacti.




I have a lot of tiny flowers, like these. Look closely and you might noticed the blurred image crossing over. A little spider photo bombed this shot. It’s okay though, remember that deal I have with spiders? As long as they stay in their space and not in mine, it’s all good. Once they jump on me, all bets are off. So far, this deal we have going has been working for years. Kind of cute little fuzzy spider too.



Early morning, waking up with the roosters as they say, is actually pretty nice. But don’t forget those sunsets too.


Sitting out there watching those beautiful Arizona sunsets is amazing.


Have a wonderful Mother’s Day from all of us here at Our Little Red House. Stay safe, healthy and happy out there in the world and please take the time to appreciate those sunrises and sunsets where ever you are.


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