Sunshine flowers in an Arizona desert.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Winnie the Pooh


Before the sun heats up everything and all the flowers disappear, I have been taking my camera out while hiking to capture some of these beautiful flowers for you all.


Sometimes I will nickname the little flowers I come across out in nature.


These flowers remind me of sunshine.


The way the yellow mixes together in each petal, like sun rays coming through a cloud.


This is what greeted me one early morning hike.


They were everywhere.


When the light hits them just right, they are the prettiest color of yellow. Kind of a mix between a bright yellow and a soft buttercup color.


There are all kinds of little critters out crawling around these flowers.


This morning we saw a ton of lizards running across our trail.


Even the lizards have beautiful colors to share with us all. Look at the blue spots on this one.


I told one of my cousins I have been trying to hike early in the morning before it gets too hot and she told me “ I love hiking too, but there are a lot of snakes out there right now”. I always forget about that when I am out there.


At one point on this hike, like always, I brought up the craziest comment to start a conversation. Maybe some topics should be left for those moments when we aren’t in the middle of what I was about to say to my husband “Hey, did you know it is snake season right now” he was walking ahead of me while I looked down at snake holes all around us on the trail. He turned around laughing and said “It’s always snake season here” and continued walking.


“Yeah, but there are more right now” I answered back. I don’t think he believed me though because he continued walking ahead. Maybe he was just trying to take my mind off of snakes everywhere because we still had to hike back to the truck. Or maybe, secretly, my husband hates snakes and here I was talking about them while we walked through their homes. It was starting to feel like an Indiana Jones movie.Was it really “Snake season” or was that just an exaggeration floating out there in the world to freak us all out. Keeping us all in, glued to our screens watching the news. That little bit of information did come from an early morning news show.


Sure enough, once we were in our truck and driving away, right smack dab in the middle of the road was a snake curled up. My mouth hanging open in surprise, in a little shock I guess, I turned to my husband I said “ Hey, did ya see that snake back there?”

He stopped the truck “No, why, do you want to go back and get a photo?”


“NO WAY!, those suckers can jump 3 feet or more. I don’t need any snake selfies…no thank you”. Looks like I am the one after all that is freaked out by snakes. Weird, since I never really was when I was a child out there walking the desert. Guess it’s because I am a mom now. Once you have children, your life doesn’t belong to you anymore, it belongs to them. From the moment that little baby looks up at you, you know, that you have to be there to protect it as long as you live.


When I got home I emailed my cousin and told her “Watch out for the snakes, you were right, they are everywhere right now” I don’t think she will be hiking soon.


There you have it, hope you all enjoyed taking this hike with me. Most of the flowers are starting to go away now but the barrel cactus are starting to come into bloom, maybe I will have a different desert flower to share with you all next time.Sorry no snake photos, but they do jump. So please, if you are out here in Arizona, just enjoy the cacti and leave the snakes alone. Happy hiking adventures everyone.




“ It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine”



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