May Updates and Favorite blogger posts.

“ You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it”



Oh May!…what a month this was. I understand why the term Mayday represents a international distress call. Wow, did I open up with you all this month or what? I posted a couple difficult blogs that were very personal to me, but there were reasons for that. May is a really hard month to get through for me. Anyway, this month had some beautiful moments too and here they are, along with my favorite post from all you other bloggers. This one is long you guys. It was a busy month after all.


The flowers are still blooming in our garden.


I have so many to share with everyone.


These are some of our newest blooms. I discovered this little pink flower after watering early in the morning before everyone got up, I almost missed it. Cacti flowers don’t last long, once they come into bloom mostly at night, they only last a day.


I even had enough flowers to do a couple different bouquets for my kitchen table.




Every week I would switch things up. One week my white roses started to come into bloom along with my night blossoms of Jasmine. That arrangement smelled so nice in my kitchen. So much fun going out there and seeing what I have to bring something pretty and fresh from nature inside. Doing this will brighten up your houses and make them very inviting homes for the ones you love. Even pretty wildflowers on the side of the road will look pretty in a vase or pot on your kitchen table.


My son’s vertical garden is doing well.


We have lots of tomatoes growing in those big plastic tubes. The best part about growing your own tomatoes, is the fact that they taste the way God intended them to taste, not like icky old fish poop…what’s up with that anyway? Tomatoes fresh off a vine taste delicious. I will miss these tomatoes when our temps get too hot.


My husband is very happy with his edible garden right now. We even got some pinto beans.


And the chickens are still laying tons of eggs.


For our up-cycled project this month we picked up this beat up old coffee table that was waiting to be tossed in the city dump. My husband wants this one to redo, so this one is all his. Maybe my son can get involved and it will be a nice Father’s Day project for both of them to work on.


My husband also organized our tiny shed this month. He went through some of our old paints we forgot about and noticed a lot went bad. We still used the porch paint though. I spent a couple days painting our front porch beige. It was a dark brown. I can already feel the temperature changes on it. It gets really hot during the summer when anything has a dark surface. Just trying to get ready for the heat coming our way. In Phoenix, our summers are deadly.


I worked on propagating plants in my garden some more. I have so many baby cacti, house plants and succulents, figure why not grow some more. From just one of my succulent plants I was able to get 5 more plants from it. These cute little chubby plants have become very popular with the younger generation, so you all know what that means…higher prices. Anytime something becomes a trend it goes way up in price. I was buying these plants when they were off in a corner hoping someone would buy them and now everyone does. So turn that one plant of yours into 5. Don’t go into debt worrying about missing out, we are stronger then that everyone.


This month we tried something healthy that we heard is good for us. You take avocado pits and grind them up, then you use that powder in your smoothies or sprinkle it on salads. It is suppose to be some sort of miracle ingredient. Before any of you do this, please research first. I am not a medical professional but I do know that my grandparents used a lot of natural plants to help with some health issues back in the day. I love my Aloe Vera and my Nana got me hooked on using that plant as a facial moisturizer.I always tell my kids to research plants and all the benefits they produce.


And look what we bought…this. It’s a water purification system. It will help with all those wasteful plastic gallon jugs we normally buy. We also have pretty water bottles that we reuse over and over instead of buying plastic.


Read 3cStyle post on how bad we are treating our environment. It will encourage anyone to do even something small to start making changes. Be warned though, before watching this video, if you are an empath then don’t watch this, it will hurt your heart tremendously. If you are one of the super sensitives when it comes to all living creatures, skip this video because it will make you super sad, but 3cStyle is right, we need to start fixing this, it is horrible.

My needle felted projects this month were left over Easter projects that I never got around to finishing last month. Better late then never as they say. I did this little bunny holding some dried flowers. It is very tiny, maybe a little over two inches. I tend to work in miniatures a lot.


And this little bird.The nest used to be a basket. I broke off the handles and glued miniature pine cones and dried flowers around the base.


One of the items I picked up second hand this month was this wooden loom. Can’t wait to teach myself this new skill. I always wanted to weave rugs.


At another second hand shop, these were in a bag for $1.50 along with a whole assortment of threads from Norway. It was like this rug making challenge was meant to be. Like God just put these items out there for me to find, knowing that it will bring me happiness. And as always, I love teaching others, so it’s all good. Once I get the hang of things that is. I don’t even know what these wooden thready things are for…looks like I will be doing a lot of research on my rug making adventures. I will try to keep you all updated on that.


I also picked up a tiny souvenir teddy for .50 cents. Think it is one of those vintage carnival prizes from decades ago. It might be a Character bear, which is an American bear company from long ago. I haven’t had time to make some of my own teddies lately because I have been so busy with other things. I am not a big collector of teddy bears like I used to be but anytime I come across a little bear that looks like someone loved it to death, I always grab it. I love adopting those worn out, loved a lot toys from the past. When you touch them, you can feel the love and happiness in them. This little guy was adored by someone long ago and now he sits on my dresser as happy as can be.


Here is one of my tiny teddies I made. When I have more time I will try to sew up some more to share with you all. I miss that. Teddies aren’t popular anymore. I will have to design and sew up other critters like foxes, hedgehogs and maybe farm animals.


Oh yeah, and I bought these itty bitty cookie cutters. They were in a bag for .25 cents. My husband laughed so hard when he saw them, asking me what I was going to do with them “Make tiny cookies of course” I told him. Looks like another nailed it moment may be coming up soon. I don’t even know if these will work, think they belonged to a doll for pretend play.


We finally had a chance to drive up north to check on Our Little Red House. It has been months since we were able to get up there.


When we pulled up to our driveway we noticed horses on our property, trying to figure out what was going on and who was using our back yard.It was a three little bears moment for us all.


When we got out of our trucks and walked up on our cleaned up back yard ( it was a giant mess the last we saw it, with at least two huge burn piles) our neighbor came out “ I called your mom and she said it would be okay, we just love her” our neighbor said while walking up to greet us. My husband and I just looked at each other and smiled back at our neighbor. He is one of the most humble and kindest human beings I have ever met.


Turns out, these horses were abandoned and left to starve. Our neighbor does handy work for others around town so that is how he discovered them. He couldn’t find our number to our place in the city so he spoke to my mom.


This is a very small town and I personally don’t go around advertising that we had to become estranged from my mother because of abuse with my children, but she on the other hand has said plenty of things in that town about us.

I get sneers and stares every now and then when people realize who I am. I just don’t get involve with the hate and gossip. Like I have posted before…in order to defend myself, I have to make my own mother into a monster.

So out of respect for my mother, I will let people that are really not ever going to believe me anyway, or ever be part of my life, continue to judge and hate me. Meanwhile I will make happy memories and enjoy my freedom and new life with my husband and kids. I will not allow hate to consume my heart.My husband, children and I know the real truth and as long as they are all happy, I am as well.

So our next door neighbors, who could not stop talking about how much they love my mom, got permission from her to use our back yard, not realizing at the time we haven’t spoken to my mom in 7 years. They see her a lot at the local bar in town. My mother and step father own some property in town with a trailer. I am not upset about our neighbors using our property, we would have said yes anyway. But I am a little concerned to what my mom is up to.

Anyway, back to our neighbor. He took those two young horses home with him and fed them, paid for a vet, and then cleaned up our back yard to give them a place to heal. They will be going to a new home in about a month.


Our neighbors also took in some chickens, and a couple of dogs too. Poor animals are being abandoned in small towns everywhere. These poor little creatures go around town looking for food scraps and just someone to rub their bellies and give them love.


When we start treating the most helpless of creatures in cruel ways, something is wrong, very wrong. I can feel the tension out there in the world but to see the results of not enough love and kindness going around is frightening. So anyone reading this extremely long post (little humor there) please, please, spread kindness, even if you are having a bad day…go to a place of love instead of hate. Our planet needs that desperately right now. Don’t believe those whispers of lies floating out there in the world, they are meant to distract and spread hate.

So we have horses everyone, at least for a little while. What a beautiful surprise for my Mother’s Day weekend road trip. Although I am a little concerned about what my mother is up to. Giving permission for others to use our place is a little un-nerving, even though I would have said yes anyway. I will always have a soft spot for animals. It is very sweet that those horses were rescued but my mom will usually play off the sympathy of others to get them to feel sorry for her and hate me.


I am just waiting for our otherwise very nice neighbors to turn on us because of the lies my mom may be telling them. I just smiled at our neighbor and said “ You are a good person, thank you for taking care of all these animals, that is very kind of you”. My husband and I let them know it was okay to use our yard.

Okay, enough of this already. I opened that can of worms with my 500 posts and now I am getting a little too comfortable sharing my back story to my adventures.It is just that my husband and I are a little worried about what my mother is up to. I will say a little prayer that no hate comes our way.We are all a little scared of what is next. So back to the fun things we did this month.

The drive up to our place was absolutely amazing and gorgeous. Everything was green and so pretty. I love that I get to share this with you all. Like always, I wish I could share the smells and other things involved with this adventures that you can only experience in the flesh.


We drove up in the middle of a storm so everything up in the woods smelled wonderful. Always love it when God gives our planet a good bath. Rain is one of the sweetest smells out there. I will write a more detailed post later about that road trip. I need to try not to turn this post into a novel. Although, if you are still here reading all this, you know it already has.


We explored the creeks up there, that was fun. It was such a perfect day. Notice the tiny raindrops in the photos. If you jump in for a swim in some of the larger pools of water you will feel how cold the water is. It is like ice.


I remember when the kids were little and after a hard day of fixing up the place, we would all head down to the creeks and swimming holes and jump in to cool off. Having picnics and just getting our feet wet while we sat by the creek reading a good book.


That’s it for this month. Here are my favorite blogs from you all this month.If you are not here, please share some of your favorite posts in my comments along with links. Since I wrote this up I have read several posts that I really liked and just never got around to adding them all.

Before I start with favorite posts I need to thank Popsicle society  for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award. It’s a peers recognition award for bloggers who inspire readers by promoting positivity and bringing joy.

Popsicle is such a sweet person and if anyone needs some words of wisdom or kindness you need to stop off at her site. She also loves to travel and shares those adventures with us all now and then. I love what she wrote to her reasons for blogging “I blog because I want to bring a little bit of sunshine in everybody’s life” well she definitely does that. Thank you again Popsicle society, oh and by the way, my daughter loves your site name.

Here are a couple of questions I will answer from Popsicle’s questions, she has more so please read her post. She actually got nominated for three sunshine blogger awards and she answered every one of their questions. I told you she brings a lot of sunshine to us all, she is really one of the good guys out there.

  • How important is it for you to be honest? – Very important. My word is all I have and being truthful gives you freedom. Lies always come back to cause problems. Isn’t that something we all learned as little children. I will occasionally tell a tiny white lie in order to not hurt someone and keep the peace in my dysfunctional family but they are mostly me just being quiet when someone starts arguing about the political tensions going on out in the world. Holidays can get a little intense sometimes with different members in our family. I don’t jump on that hate train that some of my cousins in my family love to ride on. That right there is another example of being truthful. None of us are perfect and in order to pretend or portray that, we would have to lie a lot. It is better living a truthful and beautiful life, with imperfections and everything.


  • Are you pursuing your dream? Oh, this is a tough question for me because I have never only had just one dream so I bounce all over the place with my goals in life. At this moment, today, my answer to that question would be YES! I am working everyday a little bit at a time on a craft book for ASD children and their Neurotypical friends. I worked a lot with children living with Autism spectrum disorders and I always try to encourage all ages to create because it is so good for us to connect with one another making things with our own hands. Even if I put a little book together just for my kids, like a scrap book of sorts, at least they can share it with others later in life. A little bit of their moms history and love will be on those pages.

I nominated anyone of my followers reading this that would love to participate. I only have one question if you would like to join in and you can leave you answers in the comment sections down below-

If you could relive a memory from your life over again what would it be?


Favorite new bloggers  I am following-

Sandra-Into the light adventures.  WOW! I clicked onto Sandra’s site and was amazed at her photographs of nature. Just stunning, all of it. And to think she just started up with this adventure of photography. She used to work in a factory, standing on her feet for long hours and all this time God had given her this special gift to share with others, and she was doing something else. Well, now her and her husband and furry family members travel around in their Rv exploring this beautiful planet of ours taking beautiful photos. Thank you Sandra.

Daniel- Fresh lifestyle ( )

Super adorable. Love this one. In Sweden they made a miniature McDonald’s into a beehive. They encourage others in Sweden to make beehives to help support our bees. Read this article,you will enjoy the detail of this project. The bees out there need our help.

Favorite hikes

A walk in the woods…of Mexico City? Maria at flowers in the library went on a cool little adventure here and all really close to a city. I can’t believe how huge everything looks, all those trees everywhere remind me of our place up north.

Hiking and rock scrambling in the Pinnacles

This was such a pretty hike and it came with a lake, just beautiful, the whole thing. Bionicoldguy’s hike to the Pinnacles was really nice…thank you Bionic guy.

Favorite recipes-

Oreo cookies

Daisy dust made a yummy Oreo cheesecake.

Fettuccine with mushrooms and pine nuts

Eatliveescape-this looks really good.

Favorite art

A bit of loveliness:Vanessa bowman’s paintings

Jama always does such a great job of inspiring me to be creative. I need to get out my paints and start painting my flowers. I would love to have Vanessa’s gift, she is so good at creating pretty paintings. I especially love the ones with animals in them, those are my favorites.

Favorite quotes-

These will make you all laugh. Linda Lee reblogged these from blurbird of bitterness.

“People who wonder if the glass is half full are missing the point. The glass is refillable:”

Dandelion B-

“If if does not kill you, find ways to keep living”

“When things change inside you, things change all around you”

Favorite inspiring story

Man sponsors girl through medical school and she saves his life 11 years later.

Wow! need I say more. Or should it be need I write more, I like say better.

Favorite animal story

Read this one to the kids, such a great story and lesson on life.

Thanks Chini, this was a cute one.

Favorite blogging advice this month

Blogging care for serious blogger #4

Thanks Tanusn sen, this are all very helpful tips.

Favorite craft

Tutorial: Sticky note Make-Over

Craftown cottage your little books are so adorable. Glad you are back blogging, just noticed that too. I didn’t have time to make any pf these books yet. These would be so fun to do with kids. Thank you.

Favorite garden post-

My son started a vertical garden a few weeks ago using pipes. Loved this post. Vertical gardens are great for us city folk. We usually don’t get a lot of yard in the city.

Favorite mother’s Day flowers-

In the potting shed

Mary has the prettiest flowers I ever saw. I want some of these bouquets, so beautiful. I love this color pink, very nice.

Favorite just because it was fun to read post-

Looking through the wing mirror of our vehicles

Anne , thank you so much for sharing this. How cool is it that you see elephants in your wing mirror. Always have so much fun checking out whats behind me. This was a really fun post.

Special thanks this month goes to Linda Lee

I do not even know how to thank you enough. Your site gave me the courage this month to open up about things that hurt from my past. It is healing to let it all go and not hold it in. It is especially nice knowing that after all this time I can share my story without being attacked.

I have since seen other followers of mine also post this month on their own sites very personal yet healing posts. Thanks Linda, you help a lot of people out there. God bless you.

I was going to delete those posts of mine but they have gotten the most views and positive comments from so many people, maybe someone else will feel better reading it as well.

I think it is so important that others out there that may be hurting know that they are never alone. Thank you again Linda for pointing that out.

Okay, that’s it everyone. I do hope you all get a chance to check these posts out.I will try to keep next months updates shorter. My prayers this month go out to the prayers we will never know if they were answered, just by our faith alone.

I will pray for a family member or friend and know when the prayers get answered. Or I will say a prayer for someone here blogging and read when they get answered. But sometimes out in the world I will see strangers and know they are suffering and say a pray for them too, never knowing what the outcome will be.

So please, send your well wishes and prayers out to the people you bump into on the streets, the homeless and drug addicted, the children, animals, anything you see that hurts your heart. Stay safe, healthy and happy out there in the world where ever you are and thank you for stopping by for a visit at Our Little Red House.


Coming up in June:

Arizona Road trip time-visiting Our Little Red House.




Summer is coming- last Arizona hike in the desert.


DIY- baby cacti pots


DIY-Paper crafts for summer fun


Shopping for vintage books.


Repost from the past- DIY Americana decor


Until next month, Happy Blogging adventures everyone.

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