An Arizona road trip-checking up on Our Little Red House


It’s that time again. Time to hop in our truck and head up north to check up on Our Little Red House.


The day we decided to head up was such a beautiful day for a road trip. The weather was perfect and the traffic was not bad. A perfect day for a nice long drive to the high country.


When we got up there I couldn’t believe how green everything was. I had heard from friends up north how it got cold up there and the Winter storms were pretty harsh but to see all this green in person told me one thing…there was a lot of snow up there at one time.


The views driving up to the mountains here in our state are amazing.


Just the different rock formations and colors.


Off in the distance you can see the Mogollon Rim (moggy-yawn) known as Arizona’s backbone. It is home to black bears, mountain lions, elk, deer, and all kinds of other critters.


We decided to explore a couple creeks while we were up there this trip. Usually we spend the whole time up there repairing or working on Our Little Red House, but this time we thought it would be fun to just have some nature time to ourselves. We are always working. It is nice to take breaks now and then.


Up north there are waterfalls and huge swimming holes filled with ice cold water to jump into. You just have to find a local to the area to get to the good stuff. A good guide is worth a lot of gold. I was blessed to have a father who just happen to love exploring his home state.


During the summer months, when our kids were younger and after a long day of rebuilding our little red house, we would all head down to cool off under those big shady trees. Sometimes we would pack a picnic basket full of sandwiches and snacks. There are wild blackberry bushes up around the creeks and all kinds of colorful birds to watch. You could spend a whole day there and even spend the night in a hammock hanging over that cool creek between two giant trees.


Walking around exploring up north is breathtaking, such a different world from the deserts I grew up around and am used to. This photo below is my daughter walking by the creek.


After a couple hours of exploring the creeks we continued on to Our Little Red House. We did not get a chance to visit the lake across the turn off to our place. Hopefully next trip I will be able to share that with you all. There are also many lakes up there in the area we were exploring.


All you adventures and travelers out there know that when you are out exploring, time just flies by. I could have spent all day outside but we had to see how Our Little Red House survived a record breaking Winter season this year. We were a little worried what we were about to discover.


Every time we get to town, I always think of my favorite show when I was a little girl, which was Little House on the prairie. Oh my gosh, I loved that show. This old cowboy church down the street from us always greets us the moment we drive into town. It is almost like I can hear it saying “Welcome back” once it comes into view.It reminds me of Walnut Grove. I will have to share a post with you all on the inside of that old church. It has a lot of history in it.


We even have an old stone house down the street from Our Little Red House. I always think of Sweden when we pass by it and wonder what my Grandfather who was from Uppsala would think of this place, this small tiny town in the middle of nowhere.I have never been to Sweden. I bet it is so beautiful. It is a place I have always wanted to visit.


As soon as we drove up to our place we noticed our back yard was really clean. We had huge burn piles that we needed to take care of and they were gone and everything was so tidy. Then we saw horses in the corner.


Our neighbor who watches our place when we are gone explained what that was about. He needed the space to store some horses while he took care of them. He had spoken to my mother about it. Long story here that I already posted about so I will keep this short.


The horses were abandoned and starving and he took them in and cared for them. He is one of the good ones out there in the world doing their part, trying to make this planet of ours better.


His dogs are so cute. Some of these dogs were rescued as well. Look at this one, he is such a ham. I mean he was pouring the charm on big time with me.


‘Look at how he smiles. A dog that smiles always wins my heart.


The horses have company too, way in the back of our property there are other horses around that stop by for a visit. I will have to remember to bring apples, sugar cubes and carrots next time we head up.


When my husband turned on the water to our place, all of a sudden the back pipes that are somewhat exposed had water gushing out of it. I yelled back to my husband who was out back to shut the water off, we have a problem. This photo down below is an old photo of the area I am talking about right before we covered it up for the Winter.


We covered the pipes really well, even built a wooden box to go over it. Guess that wasn’t enough. We tried to enclose that back pipe as much as possible but when the pipes don’t have running water and they are just sitting there, they freeze up.


The Winter months were harsh this year so we were not surprised by this pipe being broken. Everything froze up there. This is not the first time we have had to fix this problem. It happens a lot up there with people who don’t live up there all year long.


So we did not end up spending the night because we had no water. It was easier to drive back to the city that night. We were exhausted from our busy day of exploring so I didn’t do Spring cleaning while we were there. Well I couldn’t anyway with no water, cleaning was impossible. I guess I could have dusted and vacuumed. It was pretty much the way we left it.




I was all prepared to do some Spring cleaning, oh well. I did mentally make a list of projects I will need to work on for our next trip. One of which is a curtain for the french door that leads into the only little room in the place. That french door was in the alley for trash day and we took it up north to add a door to that tiny bedroom. Instead of a bed we just bought a mattress and stacked it up on pallets. The old Wing-back chair was $5 down at the town’s second hand shop. Most of the pillows and curtains my daughter sewed up on her machine when she was younger and home schooled. We used pretty floral patterned bed sheets for curtains and pillows.Our goal was to keep the cost WAY down, No need to ever go into dept with everything that is available out in the world if you just get a little creative.




I noticed the outside of the house also took a Winter beating. Our next trip up will not only include cleaning supplies but some paint as well. Looks like we will be very busy.


And I will be sure to bring one of my gift baskets filled with cookies, fresh bread, eggs,dog treats, wild bird seed, and carrot sticks for the horses. All for our neighbors as a thank you gift. Hope the horses will still be there the next time we head up. Our neighbor said they are going to their forever home in a month.


Until the next visit up to see Our Little Red House, I hope you all have fun adventures yourself out there in the world. Happy exploring where ever you are. Stay safe out there you guys.

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