June updates and favorite bloggers.

“Do not judge by appearances, a rich heart may be under a poor coat” —  Scottish Proverb


Alright, this is a little intense. The months are really going by too fast. Whats up with that anyway? Have you noticed that lately. If this keeps up the years will fly by and I will be 100 years old before I know it. Better get to work living everyday in wonderful ways. Make everyday count and you will always have a good nights sleep at the end of it.


So this is what we have been up to this month at our home. First, we have been spending a lot of time with pool upkeep. This old pool of ours is not easy to keep up with in the summer. I forgot one day to check on it because I was inside the house painting and fixing up a bathroom. We had a leak. Anyway, just one day of not adding chemicals makes the pool turn green really fast. My husband wants to either turn this old pool into an apartment or grow fish to eat.

I can’t believe we are still getting flowers but we are.I keep making my little bouquets to add to my kitchen table. Every once in awhile fresh bouquets in the stores make nice gifts but when you have a whole family to feed, fresh flowers are luxury items. Then I started thinking why not bring some flowers from my garden inside everyday. It’s nice bringing a little bit of sunshine in to our homes.

And this is what’s been going on this month with our edibles. Yep, still getting tomatoes.I can’t believe that either. They are so yummy but I already brought that up last month with you all. Wish I could share the taste with you guys. My husband says they taste like cotton candy. The grapes are starting to come in too, along with corn and squash.

I am still propagating different plants in my garden…trying that is. I will keep you all updated on that as well. So far I am  terrible at Petunias, only one survived and then it ended up dying a couple weeks later. It is just getting too hot out there for Petunias.


My needle felting project this month was this Sunflower. I would love to make a little pig like Licolnshire did at fenn crafts. Maybe next month I will try that. She is so talented.


This months second hand purchases include this old wooden cabinet. It cost $10. Can you believe that, I know crazy huh?. I looked around asking everyone standing near it at the thrift store if they were buying it and they all answered no. Maybe it’s just me, I mean I like it. I can’t believe all that time I wasted asking everyone around this cabinet if they were buying it. I was trying to be polite I guess, then I said to myself…what am I doing, I’m the one buying it. Looking around for my husband or any of my kids to stand next to it while I looked for a store employee, which I couldn’t find, I went off to purchase this cabinet that no one else seem to love as much as I did. My family were all doing their own shopping somewhere, so I was on my own. I left that little cabinet for awhile telling myself that if it is still there when I get back, then I was meant to have it. Guess what everyone, I was meant to have it.


Here it is all cleaned up and painted. But I am not finished yet. I need to distress it and then I was thinking of a really beautiful folk art woodland animal design on the cabinet doors. Looks like Alley Cat has already claimed it as another apartment for herself, guess I am not the only one that loves it.


Bought these turquoise earrings for $2. My Nana loved her turquoise, it was very trendy back in her day. I like the color because it reminds me of my home state of Arizona.


And this acrylic dried flower thingy. I have about three of these old paperweights in my collection. My Nana used to have them displayed on her bedroom dresser when I was a little girl. I always grab these up when ever I see them, especially if they have flowers or anything with shells in them.


My husband’s healthy recipe I would like to share with you all is Vegetarian Chili. My daughter made some cornbread to go with it . Drizzle a little of honey over fresh hot corn bread, it is delicious.

1 cup pinto beans

1/2 cup kidney beans

1/2 cup cannelloni beans

2 cups of crushed tomatoes

3Tb. Quinoa ( I don’t even know what this is, but my husband wrote it down for me…I will ask him later, remember I usually don’t cook)

2 Tb. Cumin

1/2 cup diced green chili

Throw everything into a crock pot and fill with water and cook until done. You all know how crock pots work. You just plug in and away you go, several hours later you will have a yummy hot meal to eat. We are trying to cut back on salt so add salt and pepper to your recipe for extra flavor.


We also had a fun day of visiting a museum exhibit this month. Museums, libraries, movies theaters and shopping centers are how we keep cool and our sanity during the summers here in Phoenix.


Before I forget again, would have posted a special post for this one- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND. This was his birthday month. We are two summer babies, mine is next month. This is my favorite photo of him because he didn’t know I sneaked up on him when I took it. It is at his aunts place in Tuscany. I was going to post it in my last post about our early travels but for some reason everything kept deleting when I tried. Something was up that day with WordPress I think. Anyway, here it is.


Okay now onto my favorite posts from you all, and this time I am going to try to keep this short, so if you aren’t on here and are a follower of mine please leave any favorite post of yours or one you read that you would like to share with everyone, just leave a link in the comments. And like always, I wish I had  more time to read more posts because there are some really great posts out there I am sure I am missing. Thank you everyone for sharing yourselves with us all.

Favorite animal posts-

Summer is bringing out so many adorable posts of birds, bunnies and bees …I just love all the photos and stories you all have been sharing.


Chandra Lynn

Laura M. Bailey

These posts are filled with adorable cuteness. Wish I was there in their gardens and memories when these animal adventures were going on. Chandra, I do not know how you were able to stay away from those rescued baby bunnies. I know they are wild but I wanted to snuggle and just smooch all over those little bunnies. So, so adorable, all of these posts were.

Here is my doodle for Chandra, she also posted about doodling. I think I might have found another creative hobby to work on, like I didn’t already have enough on my plate. Seriously everyone, give doodling a try, it relieves stress. You can be as silly as you want when you doodle.


Favorite photos-

It is all about hummingbirds this month for me. I don’t know how Margaret did it but she got her birds to behave. My dove visitors still act up now and then.

Margaret at soulfood


Favorite travel posts-

It’s all about beautiful blue water. Oh, and one adorable little cowboy hiking through the woods. I want to visit all these places.

Hiking with a little cowboy-  

Shoestringdiary- Buntod reef and sandbar


Favorite garden posts-

Edge of humanity 

Beautiful, what a treat to have a garden like this.

Sw-Yard and Pond 

Your flowers are amazing. I am daydreaming right now with the bouquets I could make with those. Very pretty.

Favorite spiritual posts-

Pure Glory-  June blessings for everyone…thank you pure glory.

Clara-  heavenly predictions

I had a post all saved but forgot where I wrote it down. I went back to find the post but couldn’t remember which one it was. I remember reading about an author from Ireland I think. It was a YouTube clip and this woman can see guardian angels. Anyway I couldn’t find the post but Clara’s site is so beautiful and peaceful that any post of hers is a great visit. I love the photos and clips.

Favorite DIY-


This is so cool. Groovy Barbie furniture made from retro fabric scraps. I don’t have any little girls to make this for but you gave me a great idea for one of  my pincushion dolls. Maybe I will have some time this upcoming month to make one and post a photo for you.

Favorite just because I liked reading it posts-


What a sweet posts about two sisters enjoying a favorite meal together. Now I want some KFC. This was my dad’s and Father in laws favorite fast food to order. I remember my dad bringing home a big bucket of Kentucky fried chicken with a big smile on his face when I was a kid. Back then it wasn’t KFC.

Jane Fritz- tourist hordes

This post really opened my eyes to how everything has changed. I remember when my husband and I would visit family in Italy and when we wanted to visit a tourist area my husband’s uncle always made us get up super early before anything was even opened. It was nice that way because we got to walk around undisturbed. When I read this post I got a little claustrophobic thinking about the hordes everywhere. Wow, how things have changed. Here is an old photo I took many years ago in Venice, it wasn’t crowded at all when I took this photo. I also got to walk up the leaning tower of Pisa. I remember my husband hanging out inside telling me to please walk back inside the tower because where I was standing there were no guard rails. All I can say is that I think I over worked my guardian angels a bit…so sorry angels, but that’s a crazy young adult for you.


Some of my favorite bloggers I am following this month. There are two really cool sites that are just starting out. Both really nice families sharing their adventures with us all. Check them out:

Sunup to sundown


My prayers this month go out to any of my followers who may have health issue or just feeling down in the dumps as they say. Also a prayer goes out to Chandra Lynn.  So sad to read about your losses. I will say a prayer for good health and happiness for you and your family.

Alright, think that is it. Remember please share any of your favorites in the comments below along with links. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.May God bless you all and Stay safe, healthy and happy where ever you are out there in the world. Have a beautiful Sunday from all of us at Our Little Red House.


Coming up in July-

Last months repost of DIY Americana crafts…forgot about this last month. Been a bit busy.


Summertime second hand shopping– some fun junking days to share with you all. We are serious shoppers here in our city when the temps go up.


Repost- Christmas in July projects.

Arizona adventures– some new and old photos of us exploring  the largest Ponderosa pine forest in the world. It’s right here in Arizona.


YouTube baking- two ingredient chocolate cake.

Dollar day do over– wooden folk art dolls. I got bags of yarn and wooden dolls to decorate.


Friday family fun paper crafts- paper milk carton barn.


Hope to have an update on Our Little Red House up north. We never got a chance to head up this month and before we knew it the month just flew by. We still have a pipe to fix and cleaning and painting to do. There are forest fires all over our state right now and the air quality is not the best in some of the areas up there in the forest and mountains. We have two family members with asthma. It is hard doing home repairs when air quality is bad.


I know, I know, I did write that I was going to try to get this months updates short. At least I tried. Happy Blogging adventures everyone. And Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian followers.


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