DIY- Christmas in July decorations


Been so busy this year and so far behind with everything that I didn’t really have time to design any new Christmas in July projects. We still celebrated though by spending the day in a small Arizona town shopping for early Christmas gifts at the Antique stores. This is just a fun little tradition of ours to help break up those cabin fever days of being inside all the time here in Phoenix. The weather is actually pretty nice this summer. Haven’t had too many extreme heat days and that right there is a gift all on it’s own. Anyway, even though I didn’t have time to do some new Christmas in July crafts with you all, I thought it would be nice to share this older post from last years Christmas in July. Hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Merry Christmas in July everyone.


Every summer, to help us get through our hot summer months here in Phoenix, we celebrate Christmas in July. It is a smaller version of the real deal of course, but something we look forward to every year. We bake a cake, roast a chicken, decorate a tiny Christmas tree, exchange handmade and small inexpensive gifts and watch Elf together.


Before we celebrate though, I make up a few little items to decorate with, nothing too big or complicated. I make a small wreath of pine cones. Making wreaths to decorate with is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays and that includes our mini summer Christmas holiday too.


Just glue pine cones onto a grapevine wreath or Styrofoam wreath that you can purchase from the dollar stores. Then add a pretty ribbon. I needle felted a bunch of balls to add to mine.


The small pinecones (which work better with wreaths) were from a tree next to Our Little Red House up north. Our place up there is in a valley but there is one little pine tree next to our house that has the perfect little cones to decorate with. I will be making hedgehog critters with some of them later.


Since we bought chickens this year, we have tons of straw available.




I have so much straw in fact, I figure why not use some to make ornaments with. I like to keep things cheap or being frugal would be a better term.


Glue clean strands of straw onto a piece of paper.


You can glue strands of straw on both the front and back of your card stock. Once dry  cut out shapes.


Keep your shapes simple. I just did hearts and stars.


Add ribbons, buttons and other embellishments.


The last project was tiny Swedish Tomtes. I collected aspen branches up north at Our Little Red House for this project.


Cut your branches down to about 3 inches. These will be the bodies for your gnomes.


I ended up doing a variety of sizes but the 3 inch twigs work the best in my opinion.


Take an old sweater and make hats by cutting out triangles, fold over and sew up one side, then turn right side out.


I used wool and faux fur for their beards.


Add a little wooden bead for their nose and felt shoes (optional) You can glue the shoes to the bottom of the twigs.




Merry Christmas in July everyone.

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