Summer time second hand shopping-


When it heats up here in Phoenix we go shopping. Because we are a sunny state and tourist destination we have a ton of places to shop at. There is no shortage here in this state when it comes to the entertainment of shopping. My favorite kind of shopping is always second hand. I LOVE bargains.

DSC_0205.JPGMost people will head up north to the cool pines to cool off and shop all the antique stores up there during our summer months.This tends to be a little pricey because it is in a tourist area but there are still opportunities to find bargains.

You can still find unusual items at really good prices, even better then thrift stores. You just have to know what things are worth and what to look for.

I tend to go for vintage toys, fabrics, kitchen items,books, old craft supplies and yarns, baskets and sometimes I will even buy jewelry if it is the right price. I never really wear jewelry, sometimes earrings but that is just about it. Oh, and also furniture. I love old furniture. My weaknesses are always chairs.

Some of my favorite bargains at the antique stores I bought were a tiny clay Native American piece $1, a felt doll that reminds me of an Italian Lenci dolls $1.65, red pot $2,and a toothpick cow $3. I am going to add a little faux succulent to the toothpick cow. Get creative with your vintage finds. Even that old red planter can be used for something other then a plant, like a paintbrush holder.

Whoops, forgot this…a  tiny cast iron Amish woman that sits on a shelf. I paid a little more then what I normally do for items like this, it was $3 but it was so tiny and super cute.


Another place for great bargain shopping is at a church sale. I have picked up a whole house full of supplies at church sales. When we had to stock Our Little Red House after rebuilding it, it was church sales that saved us a ton of money. We bought an iron and ironing board, sheets, toaster, bowls, plates, utensils, furniture, lamps etc….you name it, we found it and it was all at those lovely little church sales all over our valley.

Here are a few items I picked up at the church sale last month. They ranged in prices of .25 cents to $2. I am shopping for Christmas decor at the moment. I will buy little toys to tie onto packages and I also tend to love buying little woodland animal figures.





Second hand shops are fun places to visit too and they are all over the city. We have so many that it is hard to pick a favorite. Everyone gets into a rhythm of which ones they like the best. At Savers they have half off days every Monday. At Goodwill they have dollar days every Thursday, those are my favorites. Sometimes it is just entertaining to go out and walk around these stores seeing what others have gotten rid of.


There have been some pretty crazy things on those shelves over the years. We have laughed a lot at some of the stuff out there.


Here is my favorite second hand purchase this week, a tiny hand made basket for $4.


Happy bargain shopping everyone.



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  1. mel says:

    Super cute!!! I love the toy planes!

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    1. They were really pretty with all their colors, just sitting a box on a chair in the middle of the isle. I looked down and thought, that is so pretty. I love toys.

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  2. John says:

    Sure, it’s fun to look at old things.😊 When I see the model plan, I remember that I built them as children.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those stores are like museums. You can buy any kind of gifts but my favorites are toys from childhood. It is the place to go for unique one of a kind gifts. They are fun to visit.

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  3. Michelle says:

    I love thrift shops and church sales! They have the best stuff. Now I really want to go thrifting! I haven’t been in a while. 😉

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    1. I watching people shopping for second hand products at Thrift stores on YouTube. It is so much fun. I think one of the shows is called crazy lamp girl or lady…crazy lamp lady. She has a best friend named Susie. It’s a fun show to watch.

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      1. Michelle says:

        I haven’t see that! I’ll have to look it up and watch them. 🙂

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      2. Makes me want to go second hand shopping every time I watch.

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  4. I enjoy thrift stores. Interesting things.

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    1. I have to be very careful, I don’t want to fill my house with too much stuff,


  5. You can really find some truly unique items this way.

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    1. I know and it is so fun hunting for one of kind items from the best. I love how your kitchen is coming along. I need to stop by for another update on that.

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      1. Thank you. The house is finished and almost everything is back in place and back to order.

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  6. Second hand shopping is so fun! You never know what you’ll find!

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    1. It really is like a treasure hunt. I have to be so careful though because I want to buy everything. We just downsized and there is more room in our home now.


  7. I have 2 bears similar to the one in the picture. They belonged to my grandpa that I never met because he died before I was born. They were his as a child! They have to be about 100 years old. I love second hand shops too!

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    1. I love Teddy bears. It is kind of sad they are not as popular as they were once. I still love a good bear now and then, if the price is right. There is no way I could afford that bear in the photo. It was over $300 dollars. Keep your bears, they are worth a lot, not just in value but memories too. Even though you never met him, you still get to have a piece of his history, so cool. I am so sentimental.

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  8. Mommy Me says:

    Looks like you had a very interesting day.great post!

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    1. I have so much fun in those junk shops. Think I might have a bit of a tiny addiction developing. I am taking a little break for this month. Just git through organizing and decluttering our home.

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  9. Mommy Me says:

    I can totally understand why you are getting addicted. The toys truly are so unique and very special. Experiencing the thrill of finding something that nobody else can own is awesome 😉

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