Taking a blogging break



Happy August everyone. It’s time for me to catch up on things. A little writing break for the summer. I will be back sometime in September. My daughter will be posting a few scheduled post along with some re-posts from the past. Hope you all are having a great summer. Happy blogging everyone.

Coming up for August-

Arizona adventures- walking in the woods. (I forgot to share this with you all last month)

DIY-Plaster sea turtles.

DIY- Rock art


Recipe-baked zucchini


Shopping in an old Arizona cowboy town-


A week of photos


A bouquet a day


My top 5 favorite post and top five most popular posts

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Have a good summer – missing you already!

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  2. simplywendi says:

    Enjoy August! I love that you are doing this! I think I may take a month blogging break this year too! Thank you so very much for the idea……….

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  3. clarejk2014 says:

    Hope you have a good summer. 🙂

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  4. You’ll be missed. Have fun !

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  5. ekurie says:

    Enjoy your time away 🌺

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  6. kat says:

    Have a lovely break!

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  7. krc says:

    enjoy ur break!

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  8. Enjoy your break. ^^

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  9. Chandra Lynn says:

    Have a good blogging break!

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  10. Michelle says:

    Enjoy your break!!! 😀

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