Shopping trip to an old Arizona cowboy town (city).


Thought this would be a fun one to share with you all. Spent the day up in Prescott Arizona a couple weeks ago shopping. So much fun checking out their shops. If you are a follower of mine you will recognize some of the photos. This is such a beautiful place to visit for the day, I could actually do several posts on this place. So much to see.


Our first stop was this mom and pop donut shop. It’s one of our traditions to stop off here every time we visit Prescott. It’s on the way in, forgot the name. I am so terrible at that. I just know it as the donut shop on the way into town.Not getting anything from mentioning them, just enjoy their food and it is always nice to support small businesses.


Next stop is the center of town. They have so many shops to explore.


One of our favorite places is a 3 story building with shops on all different floors.

My daughter always stops off at the bath shop where they have all kinds of pretty smelling supplies for your homes.


I love the variety of soaps they have.


They also have great displays. Reminds me of my days of retail window display designs, shopping in LA California when I was a buyer and merchandising displays in stores. I had so much fun with that.


The store next door was a Christmas shop.


They had the cutest little gnomes. All covered in glitter.


I picked out this adorable little hedgehog.There was no way I was leaving him behind.


Next door is an Irish store, where you can buy all things from Ireland. This takes me back to the time my cousins came back from Ireland one year. They brought all kinds of souvenirs back that included sheep rugs, beautiful sweaters, silver rings, dolls, and a stone from a castle with a little porcelain leprechaun.


The views from the stores are really pretty.


On the way out they have Native American art. I love that about our state, all the artist here. I remember once when I was in Belize city and on the way to the airport our last day I asked our taxi driver to please take me to a shop where the local artists sell their products, this was years ago.I have always tried to buy authentic souvenirs from people who live in the areas we were visiting. I picked up the cutest little clay pigs after the taxi driver took us to what seemed like someone’s home where they used their front room as a shop. That was so creative. Oh, and the taxi’s over there at the time were not American style taxis with bright yellow and white adds. They were just ordinary cars with someone driving it that said they were taxi drivers. Think they were the first Uber drivers back in the 1990’s.


Right around the corner they have an old fashioned ice cream shop.Inside they have all kinds of sweet drinks, coffee and ice cream.


On the walls they had old black and white photos everywhere.


Great place to eat ice cream while looking at old photos from long ago.


Then there is this shop. One of my favorites.


It is filled with all kinds of colorful items. I love how they display this place.


Upstairs they have art for sale from local artists. This is the place to pick up unique gifts for the hard to buy people in your life.


Like these owls, they are trending now, Wait, is it on trend, is that how they say that?. Sometimes my grown kids will say something in slang and I will look at them like they are from another planet. My weird slang from childhood was “Totally” or “So rad” and my older cousins used words like “Groovy” and “You dig it?”.


Look at this. WOW! Who ever carved this has some talent.


This town has some really talented artist.


My son, liked the pottery. We just got rid of our pottery wheel, it was so big. Maybe we should have kept it. Wonder if my son would like working in pottery.


Uh…okay, what the heck is this?. To each his own as they say. Not my style, a little too creepy for me. A flying baby head. Think this might be a style that is trending too.The artists who designed this is very creative, always like that, but why do people like baby heads on everything. No judgement, just asking.


I like this little container.This is something I would have bought if I was taking a trip back to visit family in Italy.


In all my trips to that country I would always buy souvenirs for everyone over there and that included strangers I did not know who clean our rooms in Hotels we stayed at. At the end of my trip I would leave a tiny little basket filled with treats from America.I would never see their faces after we would leave our rooms but I knew they would enjoy something from another country. This is one of those items that would be something unique from Arizona.


Downstairs they have a ton of edibles.


Olive oil.






And in the basement, wine.


And this giant chicken for anyone that is interested.


I especially liked the dishes and art work for sale. So many pretty items to decorate our homes with.




Thanks for stopping by for a visit on this months shopping trip. Hope you all enjoyed it. Happy shopping everyone.

I am off for the summer. Will be back online sometime in September. Thank you for visiting my site. Have a great summer.

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