DIY-Plaster turtles


For awhile there I was posting a fun DIY to do with your children over the summer months. I am going to try to make an effort to stick with that and post at least one fun kid friendly craft every month.  Hope you all enjoy this one along with the kids. Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about spending time together creating memories and being creative.


Supplies you will need-

Plaster of Paris

Something you can use as a turtle body mold. Anything round.

White school glue watered down or Mod Podge (not getting anything for suggesting that brand, just the brand I like to use)

Poster paints or watercolors


Green felt or fun foam

Black acrylic paint for eyes.

Tiny seashells (optional)


Found my mold in the recycle trash at a department store when I was walking through it.  I can’t even tell you what it was used for because I don’t know. I just looked at it sitting there waiting to be trashed and thought it looked like an interesting mold, so I took it home with me.


It had holes in the bottom where plaster would leak out so I taped the holes to prevent that from happening.


You will need legs and a tail for your turtles. I made baby sea turtles to paint at a mermaid themed pool party I threw for my kids when they were little. Use felt for the turtles legs and tail.You will need all these things ready before you mix up your plaster before pouring into your molds.


Mix your plaster according to box instructions. Sometimes I add too much water which makes the mold very weak and takes much longer for it to cure and dry. So follow directions carefully.

After you have mixed your plaster, pour into molds. Before your plaster gets too hard make sure to push in the little felt pieces into the round shape of the turtle bodies.



I let my molds sit overnight before I pop them out.


Look how cute they are, ready to be painted and decorated. Baby sea turtles are so adorable to me. I paint over plaster (to seal) with watered down school glue, otherwise plaster powder does come off when you touch them. They are much easier to paint when sealed.


Happy crafting everyone.

Special note-

With the older children you can have them help you create the turtles, even drawing and cutting out the legs and arms for the turtles. The younger ones can enjoy the finished turtles to paint. When you are working with plaster some children with sensory sensitivities may not like to touch them because of the chalk like texture. Just paint over plaster with some school glue before they paint them and they will have a smooth texture (see above). If you have children with ASD then you probably have a sensory table. Maybe I will do a more detailed post on sensory tables later. Actually all children could benefit from a sensory table. I had a huge container that I bought from a hardware store that I think was used for mixing cement. Then I bought an old coffee table to sit it on. It was the perfect height for my toddler and preschooler to walk around. I filled that bucket with sand, shaving cream another time, Easter grass one month, and water the next. We mixed things up. If you have a sensory table and it is filled with sand, rice, or beans, then these little sea turtles are perfect to hide and play with at those tables. There are so many ways to keep those babies of yours away from those little screens. They will spend hours at the sensory table, especially with water play.

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I am offline until September but have several of these pre-scheduled post . Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Hope you all are having a great summer. See you all later. Stay safe, happy and healthy out there in the world from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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