A week of photos-

This post is dedicated to the people of Prescott Arizona. Most of the photos were taken in that little cowboy town. It has a ton of history. Prescott Arizona put out a lot of heroes.

One was Kialia Mueller, she sadly lost her life after being taken hostage by Isis years ago. She went to Turkey to help refugees trying to escape the Syrian civil war.


Prescott is also home to the Granite Mountain Hotshots of the city of Prescott firefighters, who lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill Fire. The sixth deadliest American firefight and the deadliest in Arizona history. http://archive.azcentral.com/yarnell-fire/#bios

All beautiful souls and all heroes to my family and the state of Arizona. I hope you get a chance to read their history.

A lot happened in this week I am sharing with you all.

We did our traditional shopping in Prescott for vintage Christmas ornaments. Mostly it was a day of shopping for fun inexpensive and unique gift items. Vintage clothes and new ones.

Sunday morning at church (not photos of my family). Early in the morning out at the pool, working on some future Christmas DIY projects.Some of my regular followers will remember the baby cacti in the photo below from an older post of mine. It has grown some arms. It is so cute.

One of the photos was taken when we were walking downtown and we came across a Trump rally. I was looking at watches in an old Arizona bank when I saw a group of people through the window across the street holding flags.

It was peaceful when I first spotted it, but I didn’t stick around for long because there is a lot of tension out there with politics. It’s the main reason I stay away from the news as much as possible, it just gets sad, so much hate out there.

I wish everyone would just hug it out. I almost didn’t include those photos but they were part of our week. I thought some of you out there would like to see what it is like in my part of the world. So no judgement or hate please. Yeah, it has gotten that bad you guys. People are starting to become afraid to share their lives with others because they fear they will be attacked either in person or through social media.

There was one incident that happened at the Trump rally where a group of young teens were on skateboards and went over to the Pro Trump rally group to yell out how much they hate Trump. Just everyone expressing their views. For now in this country we are still allowed to do that.

My favorite photos this week were of a grape leaf that was floating in the pool, one of my handmade basket I made filled with early morning jasmine I picked in my garden, a little baby bird my husband rescued from the pool and a happy accident of a photo where a little boy was walking out of one of the shops we were visiting.

I was checking to see if my camera battery was low and accidentally hit the button on the camera. When I got home that was the photo that I was surprised to see. It is like the painting and the kid are connected in some way. Just glad my camera was set on automatic instead of manual, otherwise the shot would have been out of focus.

It is rare to see photos taken by me of people out in public. I try to give them as much privacy as possible. I always try to have them in the back ground and never record children without a parents consent, if that is possible. Sometimes there are moments at festivals where this can’t be helped. I have always loved recording the beautiful things I see, maybe someday my kids will look through moms old photos and it will take them back to that time for a moment.

I think it is fun looking at old photos from decades ago. I took so many photos this week. It was hard trying to decide which ones to share with you all.

Oh, and I can’t forget the photo I took of the wall of sex offenders. Not that, that is a great photo but it stopped me in my tracks when I was on my way out of that old bank turned jewelry store to see what the noise across the street was all about (Trump rally). Looking up by the door I saw a board filled with mug shots.

It’s not good to act up and break laws in Arizona, everyone looks out for each other in these old cowboy towns. Can you imagine trying to shop around there knowing that your mug shot is up as a sex offender for everyone to see. Maybe those sex offenders only do their shopping online.

So here they all are, my photos from a week in July. I added titles at the bottom of each photo. Always fun to name our photos.


Gold in the pool


Peek a boo, I saved you.


So big


A new day


A little DIY in the garden


Hidden jewels


Hidden protest


Hidden shame


Out in the open


From the past


For the future


Grandma’s web


A bundle of love


Crawling with cows.


Tiny garden gifts.


Happy surprise.

Hope you all enjoyed a week with us all over here in Arizona. If you have some favorite moments and a photo you would like to share, I would love to see it. Maybe a photo right now that you take at this moment after reading this. Wouldn’t that be a fun post of photos around the world at this moment in time. Just leave a photo and link down in the comments below. A giant link of photos. Maybe someone should start that up on Instagram. Seems to be a more popular site for photos. Wait, have they already done that? Okay, I am off, this post is getting too long again.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit to our site. Have a wonderful summer and God Bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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