A walk in the clouds…hiking an Arizona desert during a storm.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Vivian Greene

Repost- I had so much fun writing this post up. I remember the day we planned a hike in my old neighborhood and the disappointment I felt at not being able to find a parking spot so we had to leave. We drove to another mountain and a special treat was waiting for us there. Besides a nice parking spot we got rain. I remember thinking to myself how I just wish I could have bottled up all the smells and textures along with the bright colors to send out to the world so they could experience a desert rain storm too. It is that special. I did the next best thing though, I tried to share the experience through words and photos. This is also the most popular post of mine that I have written up and I have posted a bunch but this one still gets visits and it continues to hold the number one spot. So thank you for that, again, I wish everyone in their lifetime gets to have the opportunity to  walk in a desert storm.


Alright everyone, what I am about to share with you all is rare. Rare because usually when I post one of my hiking adventures it never and I mean NEVER happens during a storm.


This adventure I am posting today comes with a freshly covered desert with thousands of rain drops everywhere. I wish I could share the fragrances along with this post to give you all the whole experience. The Creosote bush puts off the most wonderful fragrance during and after a storm. This is the plant that always smells like fresh rain.


I have posted about hiking after a storm but to hike smack dab in the middle of a storm while you walk through the clouds, well, lets just say it is AMAZING. I am so happy I get to share this with you all. Most people stay inside when the clouds come out, but ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved feeling rain fall on my skin.


Okay, time to hit the trail, hope you all enjoy coming along with me on this one.


Every year we try to get out to that giant old mountain I grew up on as a little girl. It is in memory of my dad and I try to visit it at least once a year. I have many found memories of walking that mountain while growing up but sadly this hiking adventure would not be the trail I am sharing with you today.


You see, when we got out to it, there was absolutely no parking anywhere and there was a police officer in the parking lot as well. Then, the closer we got, we noticed several people hanging around and they were angry.


They had on the same t’shirts so it looked like a protest of something. Once I was able to read the shirt, I saw it was in memory of someone that had died. I am not sure but it looked like the kid that was shot by an officer here a few weeks ago.


That incident involved a teenager, who was being chased by a police officer after breaking into a home. It was reported that he had a fake gun on him and the police officer said he pointed it at him.

Anyway, the original trail we drove to was not looking good. There was a cop writing tickets for people who were illegally parked in the area. Then there were angry people staring at us as we drove up.

So besides not finding a spot to park, there was a lot of bad energy and tension in the area. We decided to head to another mountain. I hope to share my childhood hiking trail with you in another post.

When we arrived to another trail there were plenty of parking spots but they were filling up fast as well. There was a storm in the area but for anyone who loves to hike this doesn’t scare them off. They just get wet.


We covered our camera with a plastic bag and headed out for one beautiful hike.


This was so breathtaking to me. The drops of water everywhere were so beautiful.


Oh, and the green. I have to mention all the green everywhere. Again, I have written about how the desert looks from a distance but don’t let that fool any of you,. Park those vehicles and get out and explore up close, you will be amazed at this art gallery of natures wonders.


When everything is soaking wet in the desert you discover brighter colors on all the cacti.


Then the sun pops out behind a cloud for a bit and the cacti light up like a crown of gold.


The flowers are so delicate and tiny. It is hard to believe they can withstand a single rain drop, little lone hundreds.


We don’t get snow in our desert (usually) but our tiny drops of water in a way remind me of miniature snowflakes, ever so tiny, just waiting to turn into snow.


I think this is why as a child I would take off once I saw clouds coming in and head out to that mountain I grew up on. Our storms don’t last long and our temperatures are usually not too cold, especially during the summer. You can dance in the rain here if you like and that’s your kind of thing.


Alright, back to the hike. There is a lot to cover with this rare treat.


You would think that people would stay home during a storm but not here, they were all kinds of hikers out this day.


Off in the distance I heard a family with several kids laughing and yelling once a cloud of drops opened up on them. They were having a ton of fun walking through the clouds themselves.


We couldn’t see too far ahead in some areas because of the clouds and yes we got soaked, but what fun it was.


Here is a hiker just waiting out part of the storm, taking it all in and enjoying the views from high above.


Heads up on some safety tips if you are not from this area…please be careful around our huge Saguaro cacti. If they are old and ready to fall, they will crush you. They are so heavy with water, especially during storms. So walk a wide path around them during wind storms or any storm for that matter. I haven’t heard of anyone getting hurt this way, so it’s rare but still be careful.


Actually you should walk a wide path around all the cacti. Their thorns not only hurt like crazy but they itch like crazy too. This cacti here does not fool anyone, even with a tiny and delicate looking flower at it’s tip. These flowers are not to pick, it’s owners will bite you back hard.


Even the cute and tiny cacti will sting if touched. This tiny cactus will eventually produce the tiniest and brightness pink flowers I have ever seen.


This is what they look like in bloom. I had to go way back in my photo archives to find these photos.




The desert will be blooming like crazy soon and it will be a wall of these pink tiny wonders.


There are so many wonderful things to see out in nature, especially if you brave a tiny storm. You will leave wet but it is worth it in the end.


Hope you all had fun on this hike with my family and I. Stay safe, happy and healthy out there in the world and enjoy all the wonders it has to show you.


“ Where a beautiful soul has traveled, beautiful memories remain forever.”

This post is in memory of my dad. Thanks dad for all the wonderful memories, even though we didn’t get to hike that mountain we loved together, that storm was a special treat at the other mountain. We miss you but carry you with us in our hearts forever.


I am offline for the month of August. Will be back sometime in September. Have a wonderful day and happy blogging adventures everyone from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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