Friday family fun day paper craft project- TP crafts


Whoops, forgot to post this Friday for you all. It is my husband’s birthday this weekend and we were out having our own fun. Guess life just got too busy for a post. Anyway, better late then never like they say. So lets rename this post Sunday Fun day. Hope you all are have a beautiful Sunday morning. Have fun with this little craft project where ever you are out there in the world.


Now that summer is here and the kiddos are out I figure some of you might need some fun projects to keep them busy. I kind of got off track there with my craft post for kids and that was a major goal of mine to share with all of you when I first started blogging. I started out with a lot of kids craft projects in my early blog post but you will have to go way back to check those out.


For the next couple of months, every other week, I will have a Friday paper craft to share with you guys. Kind of make it into a Friday family fun day. To encourage everyone to get off those electronic devices and sit together either outside or inside making beautiful art and memories together.

It is so important to spend quality time with your children, all ages, all levels and just create things with them. Those memories you make together will be the best gifts that you can give them. So put those phones and Ipads down and lets do some fun crafts together.


Supplies needed:


Paper TP roll. If you use an empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll, just cut up into smaller pieces.

Twine, yarn or colorful strings

Tacky glue or Elmers glue (any generic school glue is fine)

Glue gun (optional)

Buttons, faux flowers, beads, embellishments to decorate with.

Ribbon (any color)

Spanish moss


This is not one of my original ideas, what I am about to share with you guys. It was years ago that I saw this craft somewhere and thought it would be perfect for a craft class. Sometimes up north I will teach arts and crafts to the children in that small town where Our Little Red House is.


In the city there are all kinds of programs for kids to sign up for that cost money of course. But up in those small mountain towns where ranchers live, those children don’t have programs like that.


That is when I decided to bring my own supplies and create art with them. I try to keep the cost down because supplying everything for everyone can get expensive if you aren’t careful. TP roll crafts are an inexpensive way to create art with.


First step is to glue the bottoms of your TP roll. Just add some glue inside and pinch to close.


Hold in place with a clothespin.


Once that is dry, start wrapping twine or yarn around your TP roll. I used a dab of low temp glue to start the wrapping process. I used tacky glue every now and then while wrapping the rest of the way.


You can use yarn, twine, colorful embroidery threads. The creative world is yours…create away.


Let that dry, then add a ribbon to the inside of your roll. This will be used to hang your roll up.


Fill the inside of your TP roll with moss, flowers, prizes and whatever you want. They make great little treat bags to hang on doors as a surprise gift for people. Or they just look pretty hanging in your homes.


I filled one of my rolls with this tiny teddy I made from an old coat. It is string jointed, so it’s arms and legs move. It fit perfectly inside with a bunch of flowers from my garden.


You can leave the outer area plain.


Or you can decorate it by adding flowers, buttons or ribbons.


This is a fun project to do for Christmas as well. I might try to do this as a Christmas in July project if I am up north. Think the kids up there would love a little holiday cheer during the summer.

DSC_6294.JPGThink how adorable these would be filled with mini bottle top trees, chocolate covered foil treats, and a pretty little handmade ornament.


Special note- Children with Autism Spectrum disorders, depending on their sensory issues, should be okay with this craft project. This is not a messy craft, although the glue might bother some and it takes some fine motor skills to wrap the TP roll. Even if you have to hand over hand this with your little ones that’s okay because you are working together to create something pretty. Use whatever they love in their lives, their obsessions, to fill their TP rolls with. It could be their favorite super heroes. There are stickers everywhere for that. Or maybe they have a special treat they love eating. Hang this on their door and every now and then put one of those treats in it. If wrapping twine or ribbon around the roll is a little hard for their level then have them paint theirs. Turn this craft into a speech lesson on prepositions. Remember, whatever level, everyone should have the opportunity to learn and create.


Happy Crafting everyone.DSC_6297.JPG

Next paper craft will be a star banner…this is a fun one to do together as well. With all my paper craft projects I will include something from nature, either being in it or using something from it. It is not only fun creating together but also exploring out there in nature.

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