One huge yarn haul = A whole lot of DIY’s




Repost- Time to switch it up a bit. Now instead of my most viewed and popular post I thought it would be fun to add my top favorite post I really enjoyed putting together. Starting with the number one funnest for me and that is this one, my huge yarn haul. Oh my gosh, this was such a fun post. Most of these little critters were done during rainy days inside. This post reminds me that I should get out that yarn and make some more critters. I would love to make a bunny, cat, sheep and maybe some monkeys. Not sure how I would go about that but that’s the fun part about creating, there are never rules and every piece of art is pretty in it’s own way.



I am so bad and I was doing so good. Here I was watching all these YouTube tutorials and trying to make my life more like a minimalist, but hey, it isn’t easy. I am still trying to figure out what is or isn’t important. I have been trying to organize my home and life, then along comes a bargain deal I just can not pass up on. This huge pile of yarn is that bargain I am writing about in this post.


And before I go on…YES!, this gave me lots of joy when I found it and picked it up. Thank you Marie Kondo for teaching me about that. As you can all tell, I have been watching her shows. Look at all this yarn I got. It’s wool and mohair yarn too. Usually these are pretty pricey but these bags were half off their bargain prices. In each bag there were several rolls of yarn. The bags ranged in prices of $1.50- $2. You can’t find one roll of mohair or wool yarn for that price and these bags had at least 4 or more rolls in each bag.


So here is the thing with being a minimalist, so far, from what I have learned from YouTube university, it’s about keeping the things that are important and being very organized with that. Just don’t over do anything. Life becomes easier because everything has a place and purpose.


Well, my yarns always have a purpose in my home.Plus I keep them very tidy and organized.


With a combination of pom poms and needle felting, these are all the items I was able to make. I had so much fun with this project.


I made this little gnome. The cap and body are pom poms that I shaped by needle felting. I needle felted the little arms and wrapped yarn around the tops to look like little sleeves. He needed to be holding something so I added a felted heart.


The whole process was pretty simple to me, but then this is my thing so if you are a beginner please don’t be discouraged when you see this. Keep going for it, what ever you are creating. You will eventually get the results you want…just be patient. If I can teach myself to make these things then anyone can.


Here are some photos of the gnome process. It starts with pom poms, then cutting those pom poms into shapes and then needled felting the shapes for more detail.



This little gnome reminds me of grandpas. Like that old movie with Shirley Temple, the story about Heidi. I always enjoyed watching or reading that story when I was a little girl. Such a sweet story about a little girl and her grandpa in a beautiful village with snow and green mountains.


The soft pink rose colored yarn became this adorable teddy bear. Teddy bears are one of my favorites things to make. This little gal fit perfectly in the palm of my hand.


Next was a blue bird.


Some adorable little hedgehogs.


And this colorful little lama.


But I didn’t stop there with this huge yarn haul of mine. Later that night I made some of my tiny baskets.



There you have it, a whole lot of Diy’s from my piles of yarn. I think these little yarn critters will be so adorable to add to Easter baskets for gifts.


The whole process of designing, felting and creating kept me sane during our Winter storms we got. It rained like crazy here and snowed like crazy in that mountain town up north where Our Little Red House is located. They had to issue a state of emergency because of all the snow they got up there. Roads and stores were closed, and there were many people that were stuck up there until the roads reopened again. I hope everything was bundled up and Our Little Red House will be okay when we check on it in the Spring. So if any of you are stuck inside for awhile, pull those bags of yarn out and start designing away.






And I hope you all get a chance to find bags of treasures yourself that bring you tons of Joy. Happy creating everyone.


Special note: When my kids were little I would make toys and games for them to help with speech therapy and fine motor skills. If you know your child’s obsessions then it is fun designing lessons around those things that get their attention. Your kid’s favorite stories can be brought to life using toys that you design around the characters. It helps if you can sketch and draw. It did for me years ago. I guess now days you can use apps and computers for just about any design. I had to do things the old school way. I guess my point is, is that you can make your own games and toys to help teach your children. Pom pom animals and people are pretty easy and the kids can help you make the pom poms. Just sit down with them, teach them, love them and give them tons of memories to hold in their hearts forever. Those are the best ways to help teach our next generation to truly have empathy, problem solving skills, working as a team and just have good morals. Children who have a good family support system make future happy adults.






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