Busy bees


This is my second favorite post I put together. I remember the morning I took these photos and as I watched these bees for the longest time, I realized I needed to record this live action bit of art happening right in front of my eyes. So I jumped out of the pool to go get my camera. I am sure all you photographers out there, whether your a amateur like me or a professional will understand what I am writing here. The moment we see something so beautiful and we just have to capture it. That moment last forever. Nothing wrong with wanting to share that with someone else to see and enjoy as well. Hope this repost makes you all smile, it’s always a beautiful thing to see nature in action. Thank you to all you photographers out there for sharing with us all the beauty you see through those artist eyes of yours.


The other morning while out doing my early morning swim I noticed my favorite cactus by the pool had two new flowers on it. I love these flowers because they are so huge.


They only last one night, then they slowly drop away and then leave a fruit behind.


The birds love the fruit once ripe but it is the bees that I love watching the most with this flower.


They crawl in and out of the flower working together.


I wonder what it looks like inside at their level.


I bet it’s amazing up close inside a flower like that.


I could watch these little creatures for hours but the sun was coming up and that meant the heat here in our city, so I finished my swim and watered the garden.


I wish there were more trees and green things in our city to keep the temps down but they are always building more and more streets and buildings. It has made our city a heat trap.

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Anyway, just wanted to share some of these beautiful flowers with you all. I have taken photos of them before so if you are one of my followers you will recognize them.


If you live in a city, please plant something. Our planet could use more of the green things. Enjoy those beautiful busy bees everyone.


Coming up next week…Dollar day do over. Just like the chickens it has been awhile since I had one of these projects. This is a project from my garden and a different way to use grandma’s old teacup and saucer set. I will also have a fun little paper project for the kids to add to your teacup garden project, hope you stop by for a visit. Have a great weekend everyone.


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  1. Tanya Kohl says:

    I love those flowers!

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    1. Thank you, have a chance to check in for awhile. I wish I could send out these flowers to everyone, they are amazing in person.

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  2. Wow, this post is like a nature lesson……love the close up photos !!!
    Hope you’re having a good time at the little red house and are recovering ?!
    All the best to you and your family and a big hug from Nova Scotia 🙂

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    1. Thank you, just got back from a trip up north (post on that later) it is so peaceful and beautiful up there. I will have to have surgery on my thyroid, which to be honest is freaking me out. I am over that viral infection though, so I am very happy about that. I already feel 100% better. Hope all is well over in your part of the world. I will have to visit everyone’s sites later when I have more time.

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      1. Sorry to hear about the surgery and understand your feelings……but if it gives you the chance to live better afterwards and make sure you’ll get to enjoy life with your family for many more years without having the stress of knowing you’re sick…….well, it’s worth it to be brave!! All the best and hugs from here 🙂

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      2. Thank you. Surgery always freaks me out, thank goodness I never really had any problems in my life but I guess some people have thyroid issues. If they remove the whole thing I will have to take medication but that is okay, I am fine with that. I was wondering why I was so tired all the time…well now I know. We are going to try to head back up to the little red house before that hopefully. It is so peaceful and quiet up there. I bet you guys love that where you live as well. I have always loved the woods. My husband always jokes that it comes from my DNA memory since my grandfather came from Uppsala Sweden. I don’t look Swedish though, although my kids do. I take more after my father’s side, which are all German but they came over to the USA in the 1600’s. Anyway my perfect place would have a beach with a forest.


  3. Your pictures and post are amazing. Hope you are having a great time off.

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    1. Yes, I loved our trip up north. We are back now, but hopefully will be going up again soon. So glad you like the photos. Bees are so entertaining to me. I am always saving them from our pool.

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  4. Jane Gealy says:

    Beautiful photos, makes me think about getting my camera out again!

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    1. Oh, I love the photos you share with us all, you have some good ones. I will have to stop by your site later. Just got back from a trip up in the woods. So happy you like the photos, thanks.

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      1. Jane Gealy says:

        I haven’t visited your blog for a long time, but hoping to fall back into visiting my favourite blogs on a more regular basis.

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      2. It is hard keeping up with everyone and then I find new people to follow. Blogging is a fun hobby for me.

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  5. beehumblewithme.wordpress.com - My Journey as a Housewife... says:

    I’ve always loved bees myself! 🐝 I always make sure Ieave plenty of water out for all of them! I got stung by a wasp last month first time ever. We’ve found quite a few nests around our porch. This wasp got me by where we hang our waterhole and yes they had a nest going in there. Lucky me!

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    1. I do not like wasps, love bees, but wasps are mean little devils. My son got stung by one once up at the creek at Our Little Red House and I was so worried for him because some members in our family are allergic to bees. We were in teh middle of no where. My son was okay, thank God but ever since then I never liked wasps.


      1. beehumblewithme.wordpress.com - My Journey as a Housewife... says:

        It didn’t leave a stinger they say they have to sting 4 or 5 times to leave one. It stung me in my back and the next few days my hand swelled up. I told my Dr. She prescribed me a couple epi pens. I’m very allergic to bees and them Id say. First time ever and boy did it hurt.

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      2. Yeah, I hate getting stung too but I love bees. Bees don’t usually sting people unless they are provoked somehow but wasps on the other hand are mean little buggers.


  6. mel says:

    Those flowers are beautiful! and I love the china 🙂

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  7. clarejk2014 says:

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love bees, always a joy to see one in my garden. And they make delicious honey! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, it is so much fun watching insects and animals doing their thing. Sometimes by the pool there will be a line of ants that lead to one of the trees by the pool and I will be at the edge of the water watching these little creatures climb around carrying giants pieces of whatever back to their nest. It’s a nature show in person and always so beautiful. Even doves will fly down at walk around the pool while I am swimming to see what I am up to. I think they like watching us humans from time to time waiting for food scraps of course. We had honey once from wild bees that showed up at a hive box my husband set up and that it was the best honey I ever had in my life. It also helped with my allergies that year.

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  8. simplywendi says:

    thank you for sharing this beauty with me this morning.

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    1. You’re welcome Wendi, so glad you liked them.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        abolutely I do!

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  9. This post called out to us, we do bee keeping and consider ourselves busy bees too!

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    1. They are so fun to watch.

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