DIY- Stuffed pumpkins


Okay, this was a funny post for me. First of all I was very excited to finally start posting some Fall posts. I was tired of the summer by the time this post got written up. The second thing that was funny about this post was that I was at a blank when it came to picking a title for it. I just had no idea what to call this post, so finally I decided to call it stuffed pumpkins. When my daughter saw the title she laughed and I said ” I know, but that is all I could come up with and anyway it is stuffed with cotton.” so we went with it. The result was that it got a lot of views from just the curiosity of what the heck is a stuffed pumpkin…is it like a stuffed Turkey at Thanksgiving?” This is just proof that those off the wall titles get views just because of curiosity. I mean, do they even have stuffed edible pumpkins?, what would you even stuff in it. I would probably stuff my pumpkin with chocolate M&M’s (not getting candy for this) because I love them. Hope you all enjoy this repost, Halloween is just around the corner.


YES! Finally…time for some fun Fall crafts. I have been waiting all summer for this. Now don’t get me wrong, I love summer but I love the cooler months more. Hiking weather is coming up now, so I am looking forward to that too.


To get in the Fall mood I picked up this old magazine one day while out thrift shopping with my family. It only cost a quarter and it was filled with all kinds of fun folk art projects. I am not getting anything for promoting this second hand find of mine, just thought I share with you all where my inspirations came from to make little stuffed pumpkins to decorate my home with.


The magazine had all kinds of whimsical pumpkins like this one from an artist named Carly Smith.


Or this one, isn’t it cute? I have always had a thing for rag dolls, even had one I slept with when I was a little girl that a family friend made for me. The artists who made this one was Trudy Honeycutt.


These were cute and I have a lot of buttons so I am covered in the eye department. It was hard deciding which style of pumpkins to try my hand out. They were all so cute and this magazine came with patterns for some of these projects.


In the long run, I decided to stick with a very simple design…circles. I mean, I can at least sew a circle. Remember crafts are about having fun not being professional and perfect, at least they are to me. And folk art is right up my alley with it’s rustic and whimsical design styles. But first I had to dye some cotton fabric I had. Pumpkins can be any color if you are a creative artist but I wanted the traditional color of orange for mine.


Then I drew out my pattern pieces. Just simple round shapes and bottoms to add to the shapes so my pumpkins could sit up a little.


Next I traced and cut out fabric pieces then pinned together and sewed.


After stuffing the pumpkins with plastic pellets and cotton (use rice or beans to weigh done if plastic pellets aren’t available) I painted on their faces. It helps to draw in their faces with fabric markers first then go over in more detail with puffy paints and acrylics.


I needle felted some leaves (still trying to work on that new skill of mine and yes, my fingers are a little sore)


You can make leaves with regular felt too. Just cut out some leaf shapes and glue scrap fabrics to the centers using tacky glue for added detail.


To give your leaves a more pronounced shape, fold and sew the ends together.


I added some twigs to the centers of my pumpkins then glued leaves and grapevine twigs around that. I am always about the detail in my crafts. It’s the little details that make your crafts pop and stand out. Plus adding something from nature gets you outside exploring and enjoying this planet of ours.



I thought these little guys came out really cute. I kept my little pumpkins non-scary of course. I wanted smiles to greet me in my home this Fall season.


When creating your shapes for pumpkins think of what they look like out in a pumpkin patch. They grow in all shapes and sizes. That’s the fun part about going out and picking your own pumpkins from a pumpkin patch, just the uniqueness of them all.


This one is kind of wide and sideways just like a pumpkin sitting in a garden.


And I didn’t stop there when it came to stuffed pumpkins to decorate my home with. I added some of these fabric pumpkins as well.


For instructions on how to make these visit this site and watch away. Love YouTube university, what we call it in our home.This is an old design that has been passed down over the years. A simple and easy sewing project that introduces sewing skills to the little ones. Remember with all that you create please include any children in your life, that includes all ages and all levels. Happy Fall crafting everyone.




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