A quick trip to the woods.


Thought it would be nice to share another mini walk in the woods with you all.


If you liked my older post on walking in the worlds largest Ponderosa pine forest then you will also like this post. They are both from the same area. Sometimes when we are up north we will eat outside and take a little walk afterwards.


They have picnic tables everywhere set up in the woods for people just wanting to have a little outside time. I would use these picnic tables surrounded by nature when my children were very little and we home schooled them.

When ever they needed to get up and play and explore they had a whole outdoor playground to learn from. We would read books we picked up from that huge library in the city, bring crayons and paper, then spend hours drawing leaves and anything we wanted. They had math, science…all these subjects were covered out here in these woods. Afterwards they could run around stretching their legs and play.


We all loved exploring around the creek. That is where the real fun was and is.


The trees come in all sizes and colors. It’s the perfect classroom as long as you don’t mind hauling some books around with you to study later.


When you look up you can become a little dizzy with how tall some of these trees are.


I told my husband that this shot I took was for all those tree huggers out there. Doesn’t this look like the perfect tree to hug?.


I just like the patterns of nature that the trees and wood textures have. I get a lot of ideas for my art when out here.


Then there is the water. So much fun looking at all the tiny fish and insects around the creek. No cable or internet up at Our Little Red House means we have a lot of time to watch nature. We don’t have a phone either, and my daughter’s cell phone doesn’t work well up there.

Up north we use the time to decompress from the city. Sitting by a creek and watching all the life around us, is one of my favorite shows to watch. Who needs cable shows and scary news. Sitting by a creek and watching and listening to everything is a story that is never the same. You will never get bored watching that movie and if you do there are always a thousand good books out there waiting to be read by a creek under a beautiful tree.


Everything is green up there from Monsoon season. But Fall is coming (may be here once this pre-scheduled post is on) and the leaves are slowly starting to turn a little.


I have always been fascinated by moss. This was such a pretty little plant  growing out of a patch of moss.


It was crowded this day when these photos were taken in August. It was hard finding a parking spot since it was on a Saturday. Everyone was out walking their dogs and hiking.


The last couple weeks of August had heat warnings to stay indoors as much as possible. I was shocked to even see it up in town where our Little Red House is. It was nice in the woods though, always a lot cooler where there are trees. This is why I always push for people to plant, plant, plant. If you live in a low water area there are still desert trees that will tolerate that and thrive and grow to produce much needed shade. And it keeps the air cleaner too.


So, if you are in our neck of the woods, pack a lunch and head to the nearest picnic table for some fun outside time. Bring a good book and hang out with the cows a bit. Remember this is ranchers country so there are cows everywhere. A nice hammock between the trees would also be perfect.


Hope you all enjoyed this little walk in the woods with us. Have a beautiful weekend where ever you are out in your part of the woods. Happy exploring everyone.



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  1. Binte Bashir says:

    A walk in the woods! Amazing. I was almost there when I read it .
    Thanks for sharing. Simply loved it. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Binte Bashir says:

    Looking forward to more trips to the woods with you.

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