Checking in at Our Little Red House.

“Don’t wait until you have reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.”


Drove up to check on Our Little Red House. We had to check on the solar that was installed up there. The electric company is renting Our Little red house for a solar energy project where they put solar on your homes and then pay you for the energy it collects.


We need to get to painting up there, the poor house took a beating during the last Winter storm. This is an old photo from a little snowstorm one night, not the one we had this year, that was bad.

young snow.JPG

It is nice when it snows up there. We have an old cook stove that keeps the whole place toasty. We also leave a heater on at night inside the bathroom for extra warmth for those early morning wake ups.

aaa warming up.JPG
My daughter and husband warming up by the fire.

One year we made a family of mini snowmen. I stayed up the night before sewing tiny hats and scarfs for them, knowing that there would be snow the next day for my kids to build  snowmen.

snowmen 1.jpg

Last years snowstorm was so bad we were not able to get up there because the roads were closed.  Seeing how beat up the paint on the outside looks, tells us a lot of what the poor house went through.When the temps cool down we will have to do something about that. Looks like there is some painting in our future. We also need to replace the tiny shed door on the side.

Also clean out and make a mud room in the back where we added a screen door. We found this old screen door from the 40’s at a habitat for humanity store.

It was perfect for the back door and it fit the time period the home was built which was 1945.


We no longer have horses on our property. If you remember my last update you will remember the neighbors using our place for some horses they rescued. The poor things were left to starve and were abandoned by their previous owners. They have been adopted out to a nice family now.


The back yard looks so empty without them.


We also drove up thinking we had a big plumbing issue to take care of and when we pulled up we found a note on the pipe. Remember it was broken from a hard freeze over the Winter season. The note had our neighbors signature on it along with the words fixed.

When my husband went over to thank them and offered to pay they refused. They wanted to give back a little kindness for all the years we bring food, just paying it forward as they say. So sweet of them.


I remember when we first bought the place and bow we didn’t know anyone. The neighbors up there were all very kind. Some helped with the yard, and others brought fresh veggies from their gardens to us. One even baked a whole blueberry pie for us, then delivered it to our back door.

Another neighbor let us use their bathroom when we were fixing our place up. Leaving the door unlocked for us while they left town so we would always have access to a bathroom. This just goes to show that there are good people out there.


Our kids helped to rebuild the little red house. Alley Cat helped in her own way by watching everyone work really hard. Maybe she wanted to help. She is the cat that just doesn’t understand she is a cat not a human. I had to raise her when she was abandoned in our alley or someone threw her away by accident. Someone did some illegal dumping one night behind our home and Alley cat was found on the ground next to a pile of garbage. At first my husband thought she was a dead rat among all the trash but then she cried this horrible sound and my husband jumped back in shock. That is when he realized it was actually a little live kitten. Poor thing didn’t even have her eyes opened yet, that is how young she was. She was barely alive when my husband brought her in because it was one of our extreme heat warning days. She is all grown now. I remember we had to hand feed her formula every three hours to keep her alive when she was a kitten.


The bathroom was one of the hardest parts to do, it was a mess.


Now everything works. My daughter sewed pretty shower curtains and window curtains for the room using old sheets and second hand blankets. The old door was really beat up so I hand painted and stenciled tiny flowers all over it.


Usually Alley Cat hangs out by the front door. It was filled with webs the first day we got our keys to the place. She would stay there all day waiting for spiders or lizards, protecting us all. I saved a lot of lizards from Alley,


After a hard day of watching us work and keeping guard over home invaders she would crash. We had no furniture in the early years up there, so the nearest fold up chair was just right for a long nap. Every time we would walk by we would all secretly wish we were small enough to stretch out on a fold out chair and sleep all day. No naps for us, there was so much work to get done in the early stages. Lazy cat. I loovvvvveee her so much. We make each other laugh when we say that about our pets. Even though there was no time for naps for us, we always had time for a quick rub behind Alley cat’s ears. Our cats are so spoiled.


Packing for our trips up north was a job all on it’s own. We would pile up everything on the couch. Getting up an 3 am to pack, water and prepare food for the trip. It would take a couple hours before we would finally be on the road at 5 am. By the time we made it to our Little Red House we were exhausted and we still had to unpack and clean up a space to sleep that night.

We did not have a working kitchen when we bought the place so I prepared casseroles to cook later in a toaster oven. Our cooler packed with ice kept everything cold for us. This is why Our Little Red House got the nick name “Cement Tent” from our kids. They said it was like camping in a big cement tent. The place is made of wood but the floor is all cement.

No hot showers, only ice cold water from the well…yeah, it was roughing it. But those memories of us all working together to bring that house to life will always be with us. I look back at that time and am just so grateful it is all behind us now. We still have little things to do here and there but mostly it is done.

When my husband says he wants to find another fixer upper I just give him a look like he is out of his mind. After three home make overs my body just doesn’t have the energy it did. We aren’t rich either, not like we can hire a bunch of people to do the work for us.

Everything we did to make the houses we got into homes, were mostly done by our own two hands. There were many tears and blisters that came with those goals. Not sure I want to do that again but my husband does.

My daughter’s cat is like ” I am coming with you guys, hey where you all going anyway?” she didn’t move from the spot the whole time we were packing.

Because there are no stores up where we were, we had to bring everything from the city with us. Food for however long we would be up there, building supplies, cleaning supplies, bedding, tools, medicine, home school books and curriculum, and any furniture we found to use up there like this old cabinet in photo below that someone was throwing away here in the city.


And now it is in the wall painted red on one side and white on the other. I had pretty little knobs on the doors that had flowers on them.It’s one of those cabinets that goes through the wall into the other room. What would you call that?, maybe a two sided cabinet. I don’t know the correct term for this vintage cabinet someone in the city decided to throw away.


I used left over red paint from the outside of the house to paint the cabinet along with my husband’s old childhood dresser. The kitchen table was one of the first pieces my husband and I bought as a couple many years ago. When you are up in the middle of no where, you use everything you have on hand. Every last drop of paint was used and old furniture was brought up. We saved a ton of money this way.


The kitchen table has seen many happy days of playing board games, coloring, cooking, sewing and eating meals together as a family.


That room was a mess when we first got it. It is such a relief that it is finished finally.


I love going up now and just throwing my bag on the bed and relaxing, I don’t have to worry so much about messes to fix. We have a kitchen to cook in and a working bathroom. I can concentrate on just enjoying the break.


I work on a lot of craft projects up there. We read, explore the woods and creeks, watch old movies and take much needed breaks from the stress of the city.

After a long day of working we would head down to the swimming hole to cool off.

The city is nice but escaping to places where you don’t have access to computers or cable television just old VHS and DVD’S, is a nice escape every now and then too. Plus it’s so quiet. Listening to those silent sounds up there that the city drowns out  here, are so peaceful. You can even hear the wind up there.


Here are a few Fall craft items I worked on this trip, mini scarecrows, tiny pumpkins, and owls.  The owl kits are made from an old coat.These are all part of the craft kits I was working on for the month I was offline. I did not accomplish my goal but as always, I had a whole lot of fun going for it. I am not stopping, it is just taking a bit longer then I thought.



On the drive back to the city we saw a row of elk on the side of the road. It was such a beautiful shot but as luck would have it, I would miss the shot because my camera battery died. I was able to get this last shot of the sun rays coming through the trees. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hope you all enjoyed this little trip back to Our Little Red House with us.


God bless you all. Stay safe, happy and healthy out there where ever you may be in the world from all of us at Our Little Red House. Remember what ever your goals may be, however hard they are, never give up because it will be worth it in the end to see all you accomplish. It could be as small as cooking a little meal, organizing a cluttered room, teaching a child how to read, or rebuilding something, you will love the end results if you stick to it.


Check out these bloggers for more home building adventures. Michelle from Blessings from me and Restless Roots over in Nova Scotia So much more fun watching this process unfold through their photos and words. Now I understand why Alley Cat liked watching us rebuild Our Little Red House. Sure is a lot easier.

“ You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”


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  1. Sartenada says:


    How beautiful house and its surroundings. I am glad that I had possibility to see all these. Thank you. In my country red color is traditional color on countryside!

    Happy weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All your photos are always so beautiful. You and your wife have such great adventures together. I especially love the churches you visit. It is very pretty up north here in the mountain areas of Arizona. There are lots of cabins, creeks, lakes and red houses everywhere. It is a nice break from the city. We are going to try to head up for Fall photos this month. You and your wife have a beautiful weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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