Shopping for vintage Fall decor.


Another thrift store shopping trip for you all. This time I was on the hunt for a couple little Fall items to add to our garden area. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted but you all know how the junk shops work. It is so hard to stick with a list.

When you walk through those doors there is a very high chance you are going to come across something that is just too cool to leave behind. Any item on those shelves is a one item deal and that is why it is so dangerous to shop in them.

I just wanted a couple things. I  always try to stick within a budget. Some people may call that being cheap. Then there are others that know it isn’t about that at all. Some of us are either trying to get out of or stay out of dept by saving money.

Or we are saving money for other more important things. Things like education, food and living expenses. Do those people that tease us “cheap” people have a secret tree in their back yard that grows money or what? Because I don’t, Hey, where do they sell those trees anyway?

There is nothing wrong with sticking to a budget…nothing at all. Never ever feel bad or guilty for just being you. Anyway. who doesn’t love the hunt of finding a bargain.

So I went hunting for some Fall decor for my garden area. I am always out back redoing furniture or working on some sort of project.

There are lots of choices at the thrift shop.

I wasn’t going for the scary but there were some really nice scary items that would be perfect for anyone doing up a haunted house theme. I get a lot of tiny kids at Halloween out trick or treating. They  mostly dress up as Disney themed characters or super heroes. They are so little that the scary would actually scare them away. So it’s scarecrows and jack’o lanterns for us.

I thought this skeleton was different, but then I do tend to go for the more whimsical type of decor.


This was unique. I might try to recreate this with an actual squash from a garden. A chicken squash, isn’t that cute?. Guess you have to love chickens.


Sometimes I will find colorful pots to put plants in around the house and add holiday themed pieces to them. These pots are all nice colors for the Fall.


Owls are trending right now. I see them everywhere. This would look nice in the center of a Fall wreath on the door.


Oh no! Look what I came across, this vintage quilt. These fabric pieces look like they could be from the 70’s.


And another one. This is exactly what I am talking about with leaving the store with something other then what you went to buy. I passed on this. I have too many quilts at the moment.


I came across too many distractions to count. I Like this vase. I already have a couple vases too many. I have a rule now. If we bring something in then something else needs to go out. This has helped us cut back on clutter. I tell everyone we are basically just renting things the way we shop most of the time. When we get tired of something we either pass it on to a friend, neighbor or family member, or it goes back to the second hand shops.


I liked this pile of vintage Halloween ceramics. My favorite was the cat with the hat.


There were all kinds of pumpkins out for sale.


This was also kind of nice. I didn’t buy it though, not sure why. Guess it didn’t give me enough joy. It would be perfect for a tiny succulent. It would also make an adorable gift to give to someone for Halloween.


I Love wooden items. One of these was hand carved, then they painted them into a totem pole of pumpkins. All vintage decor from the 80’s it looks like. Had a very country sampler feel to it.


OOOOOH. Look at this…Love it. It is a wooden pumpkin head. I like the folk art feel to it. It was only .69 cents. This one came home with me.


On the way out I ran into some more items that were too adorable to pass up but most had damage of some sort so they stayed behind.


Had a ton of fun looking around at what was out there in the vintage department. I will share with you all later what I ended up buying in another post. Need to clean them up and decorate with them now. Happy thrift store shopping everyone.



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  1. David and I are huge garage Sailors we love love love it and you can find better prices at garage sales cuz most of the time the people are going to throw the stuff away at the end anyhow so they’re willing to bargain sometimes at thrift shops I find that they want a half a leg 4 something

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    1. So true. We have found great deals at garage sales. My all time favorite are church sales because they will say take a big box and fill it up with whatever for $10. I find all kinds of fun vintage fabric, threads, paper…all kinds of art supplies. That is mostly what I buy.

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      1. Oh yeah, Church sales are the best, or last day of an estate sale. Before I met David, I could count may 25 things in my entire house that were not from a sale of some kind, but then when we moved in together, we had to merge all our stuff – so we still love sale shopping for sure, but being careful to stuff our house.

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      2. That’s the hard part of course, keeping our homes clutter free when we love second hand shopping.

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      3. For sure Red House, we try and host a garage sale once/year to help out with that.

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  2. Librarylady says:

    Fun ideas, I bet your house looks cute.

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    1. Right now, at the moment, it’s a bit messy. We have been busy cleaning up our summer garden and haven’t had a lot of time to work on inside projects. Our home was built in the 50’s so we are always fixing something on it. We still have a tile back splash to add to our kitchen. We have a pile of tiles waiting on our dryer at the moment for that big project.


  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you for taking us thrift shopping with you! That was fun. 😊 I love that wooden pumpkin. It looks primitive. The vintage quilts are so pretty! I wish we had more thrift stores near us. Every time a new one comes along it never lasts long. So sad.

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    1. That is sad. Here in Arizona they seem to be on every corner. We get so many visitors for the Winter from all over the world we get things from all over the world. Fun looking at the donations these second hand shops get during our Winter season.

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  4. Dandelion B says:

    Your 69cent pumpkin is great! What a steal. And we all should stick to somewhat of a budget in all aspects of life, even the dollar store and thrift stores (im working on those lol) for me thrift shopping now I am picky because we purged a few year ago and i am determined to not clutter again (dont think the worse lol, I just enjoy mostly minimalist living now…trying anway)
    Cant wait to see what you got

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  5. I loved this so much! Vintage Halloween is one of my absolute favorites!! The quilts are beautiful.

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    1. Thank you Lisa. So much fun going out there and shopping for products from the past. They made things better back then, at least they last longer.


  6. I agree about the “cheap” comments. I want that money tree in my backyard! Dang! I fell in love with that quilt, maybe because my husband and I have a couple of quilts – one made by his great grandmother and the other by my grandmother (who didn’t really sew that much. Huh… now I have a story idea…)

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    1. I am regretting not getting those quilts but I do have so many right now. I have such a weakness when it comes to old things. Hand made and hand stitched anything always has my heart. Guess someone needed those quilts more then me, sure they are lovingly displayed on a bed somewhere.

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      1. I know what you mean…I have a weakness too, but usually not the budget 😉

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      2. Me too, sometimes it is just not in our budget, we have other things that we need first. Just got through writing you a super long post about our homeschooling adventures when our kids were little. You are going to have so much fun and so many happy memories with your kids homeschooling them. The best thing for us was that there weren’t as many colds/flu every year when they were in the public schools.


  7. Your decorations and home look so cute and festive. We love the vintage decorations we have purchased from second hand stores/sales and the decorations we have made. They are the best and are sure to last a lifetime. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you. I think Fall is such a fun time to decorate.


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