Arizona Adventures- Ghost towns part 1

This one is a long one you guys…I really need to work on editing some of these pieces down. Not sure what I can cut out, so if you have time, read away.

globe and others 028.jpg

Usually ghost towns out here are old mining towns, with abandoned buildings and dried weeds everywhere, along with lots of dust and dirt. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are haunted places, just abandoned. No one walks their streets anymore. Sometimes people will run into a ghost or two when visiting these old towns from the past.

They are spooky places to visit and dangerous places in the middle of nowhere. Some even come with open pits, and places people can fall down into.No place for families with small children to explore. Great place for photo shoots though.

These next 4 posts of mine are about haunted places here in our state, according to stories from several witnesses. Ghost towns are just abandoned towns not necessarily haunted places.

I have explored enough of these old towns to know that there are times that things happen that just can’t be explained. That’s why I stay away from night time tours. I am not searching for spooky things.

When I am out exploring old buildings I am not looking for ghosts.I go for my love of old things from the past. I always make it a point to only visit during daylight hours. You will never catch me in these old buildings after dark. Unless I were ever to buy one that is. It has to be super cheap too. Then maybe, you will catch me in one after dark, painting and repairing at all hours.

Older buildings and homes have good structure, they built them well back in the day. The tours I take are about construction and antiques.Once in awhile a ghost story will come up during the day tours, even though it’s not part of the package.

globe and others 023.jpg

It was my father that got me hooked on exploring old buildings. We would all hop in the old pick up truck and drive around looking for beautiful old things. Old houses were always my favorites.  I would ask the same question over and over “How much do these old buildings cost?”. Everyone thought it was so cute but I was serious.

“How much of my allowance would I have to save to buy one of these old buildings?” but I would never really get an answer, just laughs.

I wanted to buy a bunch of buildings in one Ghost town we visited. It was mostly inhabited by hippies and bikers at that time. Everyone just seem to have picked a spot and never left. The buildings became theirs.No one else was living there because the whole town was haunted according to some, so artists took over.

Jerome 007.jpg

This was back in the 70’s/80’s. That town I am talking about is Jerome Arizona. I will be covering that town in another post. An old mining town in the middle of nowhere.

Jerome 006.jpg

It’s a big tourist spot now, with beautiful shops everywhere. I will never forget trying to talk my dad into buying a giant school building there once. I was a teenager on that visit.

Jerome 032.jpg

Real estate was super cheap back then, before it became what it is now. As a child, every time I would start asking about buying a building, everyone would just give me a look like what was I thinking, why would a kid want an old building anyway. I’ll tell you why, because I would have built a giant artist studio, with lots of bedrooms to share with others. Also a giant green house with glass doors and plants everywhere, plus a huge kitchen to bake lots of cookies in. Remember I am always giving those cookies out in our neighborhood.

There was also a time when I wanted to turn a huge building here in our city into a homeless center for families. There is a church here that did that, they used to be called Phoenix first. They have a different name now.

A lot of  buildings in old mining towns are huge.I would have been able to do all those things in my fantasy world of make believe. Nothing wrong with dreaming. I forgot something, I would add a little gift shop too. I would invite everyone to hang out in my building just to have fun. Kind of like the hippies were doing anyway. I of course would not allow drugs and drinking though, those two never mixed well in the world I remember.

Jerome 025.jpg

Sometimes when out exploring these places you will come across an occasional ghost encounter. This first post is all about Globe Arizona. A mining town that has a lot of abandoned buildings in some serious need of a little TLC.

Jerome 031.jpg

I have moved up from my childhood 1-10 camera and now carry a Nikon around to shoot when out exploring. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that daydream of mine of having a little business in one of these buildings. Now when I want to know how much something cost I just get online at all hours of the day and look it up. How times have changed.

Every time I tell my family I think I found a really cool building to fix up, my son always looks at it and says “No way, it looks haunted.” He’s probably right. I think Our Little Red House from the 1940’s is haunted sometimes.

Every single one of us has heard the steps late at night in what we call the big room where we watch old movies and play board games at the table. My son says “Oh yeah, I hear the steps too…sometimes”. My daughter and I have heard heavy boots walking back and forth, waking us up in the early morning hours.

Then one night my husband heard a woman’s footsteps in the kitchen area early in the morning. When he got up to see what I was doing, he could see I was not walking around… I was asleep.

I told my husband “no it’s boots”. I tried explaining to him it was a man’s boots,  that our daughter heard them too but my husband kept insisting it was a woman’s footsteps he heard.

Our son looked up from his cereal he was eating during that early morning conversation and said “Your both right…it’s a couple, they are married and he is from the military, world war two era” well that one stopped us in our disagreement. The whole room got quiet while our son continued eating his cereal.

I decided to blame it on a mouse. Yep, it was a tiny mouse making all those noises at  different days and only at night/early morning. I sleep better this way. Those country mice are so loud but so adorable. My husband has since boarded up the attic area and all the little cracks are sealed now. I haven’t heard any footsteps in a couple years since then. See…it was a mouse all along. Guess we only heard the mouse when we were coming out of a dream and you all know how that works. No ghost…just a mouse and a dream.

I can’t help it, I love vintage things from the past. I go back and forth with wanting to fix up an old building. For now I will just enjoy exploring them. Can’t really afford one anyway, prices keep going up on everything.Remember though, it is nice to daydream and dreaming is free.

This adventure starts out as a home tour package. To raise money for special events in the town, they will do yearly home tours, inviting people in to explore their homes.

globe and others 008.jpg

The rooms are made up and everything looks so pretty.

globe and others 015.jpg

I love the old quilts and minimalist style these rooms have. There are not a lot of places to store things in most of these old homes. People back then did not have dollar stores and thrift shops on every corner. There wasn’t a lot of temptations to fill their homes up with clutter.

Back in the days of long ago, no one had time to shop as much. They grew their own food, cooked their own meals and made a lot of things by hand themselves. They were busy people.

The tour we took in Globe was so fun. We got to meet a lot of people, hear their stories, as well as some old stories from the past.

globe and others 007.jpg

I did not take a lot of photos because I got caught up in conversations and the enjoyment of being there and seeing the insides of old homes that we normally just drive by and admire from a distance.

globe and others 016.jpg

The buildings that gave me the heebie jeebies were the old high school, Masonic lodge, and the courthouse. I did an older post on the courthouse . A very spooky read that even comes with a photo my son took and video link to the story behind the ghost that haunts the place.


It took a long time to go back to that  courthouse after that encounter. It is a town that is on the way to Our Little Red House. Sometimes I like to stop and see what the artists in town have been up to. They have art exhibits inside. Hand made quilts, and paintings along with beautiful photos for sale. All the art work is displayed on the bottom floor, that’s mostly where I hang out when visiting.

Of all the places, the courthouse is the spookiest place in this town, at least to me it is.It is also one of the oldest buildings in town. The town used to have a lot of people living there. It’s not like that now.


The stores are still around and it is fun to shop in the 21st century in old buildings that are filled with items from the past. A great place to antique shop. You mostly have the whole town to yourselves because it doesn’t get a lot of visitors it seems. Every time we have stopped by, the streets and shops are empty. Except the little mom and pop cafes, they get very busy. They know how to cook in this town.


I have also noticed that these old buildings always seem so dark every time I walk through them.


Even some of the little shops are dark inside. It’s hard to see the products that are for sale.The electric and light fixtures are very old. Globe is still functioning as a mining town. You will see a lot of items for sale that have copper in them. Copper is everywhere around here.


The courthouse is connected to the jailhouse from a little bridge on the second floor. It is on the second floor where my son and daughter had a spooky encounter. All these haunted places seem to be haunted mostly around the stairs. You can read more about that encounter with the link above. I only stepped into the jailhouse once on one of my visits. Just curious I guess to what an old jail cell from long ago looked like. I have no need to go in again. Some of these old places make me feel very uncomfortable, even in the day and the jailhouse is one of those places. People suffered back in the old west cowboy days.


It is upstairs where the sightings seem to happen the most in the courthouse.


When we first explored this building, my son stayed back a bit to explore the stage room. I left him upstairs with his older sister while he took photos with his new camera his Nonna had just bought him.

It was up in that stage room where he had what he calls a ghost encounter.  I was very surprised when he came running down the stairs complaining about a ghost in the stage room.

We were in the courthouse to look at art work and a quilt exhibit they had there at the moment, we knew nothing about any ghost encounters in the building.


Another spooky place is the old High school in town. Again, we did not stay long in there. They were having a antique show and everything was going fine until my daughter and I went searching for the restrooms. Walking down dark halls and searching around corners we started to get spooked for no reason. The school is still running with hundreds of students that attend during the week days.

We found the bathrooms and they were dark and creepy. You know, like those old 80’s horror movies. There were lots of creaky noises in that bathroom. I just told my daughter sometimes these old buildings make a lot of noises and doors never work well. Sometimes you can hear noises echo from another room and that is all that you are hearing.

The other building was the Masonic Lodge, built in the early 1900’s. It had not been opened to the public before. I think the year we took the tour was also the only year they opened it to the public. I don’t think they do that anymore, but I could be wrong.

At one point during the tour a nice man came up and asked if he could show my son the balcony above us and I said sure because it was right in the room with us so I thought I would see him the whole time but when I noticed I could not see him from where I was standing I took off after them.

My son was being led to the next floor. Not sure why I thought the stairs were in the same room but I was wrong. I never made it a habit before to let my son go alone with someone I didn’t know, even if they were part of the tour and in uniform…we are not talking about store clerks and police officers here.

I was definitely off my mommy game for a second there. I stopped talking to the nice older man that was telling me about their club, when I looked around and noticed my son was gone and no longer in my site. The tour guide reminded me that my son went upstairs with another man to see the little balcony in the center of that huge dark room we were standing in. It was such a strange room with rows of chairs against the walls and that little balcony in the center of it all.

I took off for the stairs and as soon as I saw my son headed into the little balcony room I went after him and told the man with him that he doesn’t do well with heights and we all left that building. I thanked the men who were there to show us their place and we politely walked out.

When I told my husband we needed to leave, I whispered it. They were really friendly there, I just didn’t feel at ease. I felt very uncomfortable in that huge building. The building is very large and dark with a giant staircase that goes up to different levels. Some old buildings just have that effect on me, even when I was a little girl. Those buildings are the ones I just leave.

My husband has always been good about leaving when I say we need to leave. This is not a pattern of mine. Only happened three times in the 30 years we have been together. Another incident where I told my husband we had to leave was out in a field during the evening, that my husband was photographing. We were all alone out there in that field.

A spider or something had bitten me when I got that scary feeling and right in the middle of his shoot I told him “We need to leave” and without saying another word he swung his camera over his shoulder and we started walking back to our rented vehicle.

We were both very young then. I just out of the blue told my husband we had to get out of that area and now. Later that night he would tell me he felt really spooked all of a sudden in that field too and when he heard me say we had to leave he was already ready.

When my husband saw my leg all swollen from an insect bite he was wondering why I wasn’t complaining about it. It did bother me but I was more focused on my fear at that time. I just told him lets just get to our rental car and away from here.

Think that spider bite was another way to get me out of that area just in case I didn’t listen to that inner voice that is actually inside of us all.  That spider bit me or something to get me out of that field. Everything happens for a reason as they say.

This is another reason why I have a strong belief in God. Too many times in my life I believe I have come  close to some scary situations that never happened. I will never know if this is true of course because I listen to that instinct we all are born with. I stress to my adult kids all the time “In life there will be times when your gut will tell you something…don’t ever ignore it..”

The first time I told my husband we had to leave an area was in that  farmer’s field, in Los Cruces New Mexico. We were there to shoot a doc. for my husband’s final exam in his film class at the university he was attending. A short documentary on Hatch Chilies. This was in the early 90’s.

Nothing terrible happened that night, except that when we walked back to our rental car, which had California license plates, it had been spit on all over the place among other things. It was gross.

We rented the car in Arizona. You know how rental cars work, they go back and forth from place to place. Maybe there were some people there that didn’t like outsiders from California, even though we were actually from Arizona. We were parked at the chili fest that was going on at the time. The field was across the street from the fair.

Ever since then when ever my husband and I talk about that town we always laugh, a nervous laugh that is. We tell the story about how when we went back to our hotel room we were too afraid to fall asleep. I think we took turns sleeping a little at a time. I even stuck a chair under the door for extra blockage…that is how scared I was out in that field.

The hatch family who run the green chili farms are very nice though. In our our hotel room I would watch that door every now and then, making sure everything was always locked and wondering…what was out in that field.

It was the spookiest area I have ever been in. Out in the middle of a farmer’s field at dark, in Los Cruces New Mexico. Years later I would hear about a connection with that area and the railroad killer Angel Maturino Resendiz. He was a migrant farmer that went back and forth from Mexico to the United states. I think we were about an hours drive from Mexico, just around the border, in the area we were at.

That was an area Angel Maturino was known to haunt as they say.  That was around the time when he would start killing people, hoping from train to train and traveling back and forth from Mexico to New Mexico where he had family. No one knew about serial killers out in that area when my husband and I went out there by ourselves to work on his final exam.

Maturino was a very evil man that no longer walks our planet. They finally caught him and at his trial he said the devil made him do what he did. The real life monsters are not ghost or made up campfire tales, they are living breathing  people, those are the ones I always tell my kids to watch out for.

Anyway, my point is that since that experience my husband always listens now. So when I whispered to him in that Masonic lodge “We need to go” he walked out that big scary old building with me and our children.

When I asked my son what they were talking to him about in there, he said they were very nice and just told him that maybe someday he would like to join their group. There are lots of important people in their club. I don’t know, guess some buildings just give me the creeps and that was one of them.Unfortunately I did not take photos of some of these larger buildings. If I ever walk into a location where I don’t feel comfortable I always stay very alert and put all distractions down, that camera is a big distraction. It closes out the world when you are in it focusing on that shot.

Even with these spooky encounters I will always make a stop to visit Globe Arizona when ever I can, it is a fun little town with friendly people and lots of history. I would love to buy one of their old buildings to fix up. I really like the ones with balconies that overlook the streets down below. It’s like an old west town from a cowboy movie.

The last time we were there they just finished up on the old church in the town of Miami which is right there next to Globe. The caretaker let us in to see the beautiful updates in the church, it was stunning. If I remember right, the church was celebrating 100 years of service. Nothing scary there, just beauty and peace and that is why I stayed inside that old church for awhile just taking that all in.

Happy exploring everyone.


27 Comments Add yours

  1. I loved reading this and the descriptions of the places you visited.
    I had a few ghostly encounters in my younger day, and felt a sixth sense and the urgency to leave for no apparent reason. In the end, it was usually for good reason. I don’t talk about it, for fear of people of thinking I’m wacko. 😀
    Anyway, I often wish I had deeper pockets to rescue and restore old homes and buildings to their former glory.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Robin, you made me laugh with the wacko comment because that is so true. I just tell my kids to always listen to your gut, it’s usually never wrong. So many times I know I have gotten out of bad situations because of our basic animal instincts, you know that sixth sense. My husband and I never play the lottery but we always joke around about what we would buy if we did and I always want antiques and beat up old houses to fix up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww , , , kindred spirits! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Librarylady says:

    Wow a series on ghost towns right before Halloween – good timing. I loved the one bedroom with the multi colored quilt. I could move right in. Fun post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, so happy to see you back. I am leaving a link to your Spring walk in my updates coming up Friday. I love that bedroom too. I wanted that handmade quilt, it was beautiful. All those colors stand out in that white room.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome and thank you. I really enjoyed that post.


  3. Tanya Kohl says:

    Great post for around Halloween! I read this entire post before going to sleep lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, I should have warned people to read it during the daylight hours. I hate the dark and still have little lights on that are programmed to come on at different times of night. It is such a long post, got a little carried away with this first one. Thanks Tanya, have a good nights rest.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dandelion B says:

    Ive always wanted an old home. When i purchased this one 22 yrs ago my dad was my handy man and he said no 1800s homes…not unless i did the plumbing and electrical myself he chuckled…he would not. My dream if i won the lottery would be to buy an old farm home and save as many animals as I could. We have several haunted places in our old town. They are doing a ghost walk this week in one i have my iv treatments the same day and its sold out but id be right in there. The kids dont remember or believe me but hubz and my brother n SIL who lived with us briefly know something or someone haunted this house for a few years. Also my car accident was in front of a old hotel from the early 1800s thats been empty as long as I remember.and a “waitress” or “nurse” all dressed in white sat with me even covering me with her white sweater until the ambulance came. We had a full conversation I thought she was a waitress or nurse on the way to or from work. I never asked ironically, just vividly remember her all white outfit even shoes and telling her no please dont use your sweater it will be covered in blood…her replying its ok as long as i get it back for work….the lady didnt exist…once emergancy personnel arrived no one had a clue what i was talking about! Even creepier my father in law rolled his car into a ravine and a man in all white carried him up to the road were he was found…no man in sight….long before hubz and i met

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goosebumps, I am reading your comment at night too. At least they were nice ghost. I have heard several stories like that where people see things and then the person is gone. I would also buy a farm if I won the lottery. I love animals. I want goats and sheep, plus bunnies. We had goats and bunnies when I was a kid. They were being raised for meat but one day my dad walked out on me sharing a carrot with one of the bunnies. I would take a bite then I let the rabbit take one. I still love carrots and my favorite cake is carrot cake. My dad sold the rabbits after that, he just didn’t have the heart to butcher them after he saw me sharing meals with them.


      1. Dandelion B says:

        Awww. I share all my veggies with our pet rabbit. I just had spring mix salad today and before I sat to eat up I went to give her a huge pile…they are the cutest when they eat…id want owls bunnies pigs cows and lots of cats and dogs.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I forgot dogs, I do love them so much but since our little dog died I haven’t had the heart to get one again. He was the sweetest little dog too, just goofy all the time.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Dandelion B says:

    Awww our little Chihuahua will be 10 in December..we all hope he lives to 20

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our neighbors dog lived to 18 years old. They also had a cat past that age. I hope your little guys lives to be 20 too.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That’s really a big article post!!
    But it’s quite interesting to read. Even I always think that somehow if we can use these big mansion kind of big ghost buildings. I believe people might be using them for their illegal activities and just create some horror stories to keep the crowd away.
    But it’s quite spooky to visit such places.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Deeksha, I believe some stories are made up too, to keep people away. The buildings are so beautiful I guess that is just a way to keep people out of them because they will destroy and put graffiti everywhere. Also drugs get used a lot in abandoned buildings.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Chandra Lynn says:

    I love old, abandoned places too. My camera and I would have a field day in a ghost town.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is so much to see and explore, so much fun. I love photographing rustic things too.


  8. Robert Smith says:

    Amazing writing. I really appreciate your blog

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Geri says:

    I love stories about ghost towns. I guess it is because Halloween is my favorite holiday. Thanks for writing something that made me smile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your welcome, so happy you liked it…thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Geri says:

        Actually, I just revisited these photos and love the green! Finally, have a color for my house shutters. Thanks so much for those photos. Take care.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Geri and you’re very welcome. I can’t wait to see the color on your home shutters, always fun fixing up a new home.

        Liked by 1 person

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