Arizona adventures part two- Hauntings in Jerome Arizona

Jerome 006

Once again I was back in one of my favorite little towns to visit here in Arizona. I love it because of all the artists that live here. Others love it because of it’s history of Ghosts. This place is probably the most haunted place in our whole state.

Again, I only visit during the day. It’s fun walking through the streets, checking out all the shops. I remember when this town was abandoned basically and only hippies and bikers lived in these buildings.My family would visit this spot now and then because remember my uncle was in a motorcycle gang. He probably had friends here at one time. That was a whole other time and world. Now it’s completely different.

They have a really nice museum here that has a ton of information on the town. I recommend seeing the museum first when we suggest to friends and relatives to visit this place. It’s a fun place to stop off before you head out to explore the shops and restaurants in the area.

Inside the museum is a model of the whole town with all the mines underground. It is an amazing model with miles and miles of underground tunnels. This is the creepiest part to me about the town. All those holes underneath it.

Jerome 015.jpg

The whole town is slowly sinking in and sliding down the mountain it was built on. Along with spiders, sink holes are some of my biggest fears. Think about them for a second…the ground just opens up and eats up whole houses. My biggest fear would be to combine a sink hole with a city of spiders…wait, throw in a couple doctors while we are at, now that is some scary stuff. All of my fears rolled up into one sink hole package.Let’s change the subject.

The museum is in a really old building with lots of little rooms filled with all kinds of history to explore and learn about.

Jerome 012.jpg

Outside the museum there is an old mine shaft to look down into, it goes on and on. way down into the earth. So spooky looking down that hole. My son dropped a rock down and we never heard it drop.

Jerome 046.jpg

Through out the town there are signs warning people about the mines. Hold onto your little ones hands when exploring this place. There are so many steep hills to climb while walking this town, that they  have defibrillators on every street for people with heart problems.

I remember looking at a tourist map once and just about every street had a symbol for defibrillators. I was looking for a restroom for the kids and turning to my husband said “You are not going to believe this, but they have more defibrillators then bathrooms in this town.”

In Venice Italy I remember there was a bathroom shortage there. Actually Jerome has a good selection of public restrooms in case you are out exploring with little ones and need to know that. I guess searching for bathrooms and being around buildings on the side of hills reminded me of Monaco.

Jerome 033.jpg

Another reason the town reminds me of Europe is because of it’s curved streets and narrow roads.

Jerome 141.jpg

Jerome 074.jpg

Lots of opportunities to take fun photos in this place.

Jerome 101.jpg

The creepiest place here is the hospital way off in the distance up on a hill. I have only been in this building once as an adult. I remember this old building from my childhood visits to this town but it was always boarded up back them. Now it’s a hotel. It is pretty creepy, even the drive up to it is spooky.

Jerome 112.jpg

Right before you get to the main hospital building you will drive by a white building where the doctor and his family used to live. People staying up here have said they have heard cries and screams late at night. For years people have complained about the noises that come from this old building, even when it was boarded up.

Jerome 117.jpg

I did not have any ghost encounters in this town, just a lot of fun shopping for unique artsy items. Of course I did stay away from the haunted buildings so I wasn’t looking for any trouble with the dark things as they say. My dad always warned me when out exploring old buildings to stay away from those dark things. I will never know if he was kidding or serious, so I just stick with serious. It has been working for me all these years.

Jerome 123.jpg

For more info on Jerome there are tons of stories out there, link below are just a few of them. It is a fun place to visit, in the day time that is. Happy adventures everyone.

To be conn….part three will be a visit to a  couple haunted hotels in Prescott Arizona.

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  1. masgautsen says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time!

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    1. Hard to find the perfect flower when you want to take them all home.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Whoops, I did it again. I was posting a comment from my flower post…sorry. That is so funny though when that happens. I am sure your are scratching your head trying to figure out what I was writing about. Yes, it was a wonderful trip. I love all the little shops everywhere. They have all kinds of beautiful hand made jewelry, clothes and home decor items. My favorite is a little Christmas shop that a grandson bought for his grandmother so she could have something to do. She love Christmas so she sells all kinds of pretty little ornaments.


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