Arizona adventures- A Haunted hotel room part 3

DSC_4734.JPGIf you are a regular follower of mine then you know we travel to Prescott Arizona a lot. Not for ghosts though, for fun. It is such a beautiful place. This is one of those places I would love to live. They get four seasons here. In the desert we really only get two seasons. I love the desert, probably miss it if I moved. Better just to visit Prescott for now.


This is one of my favorite places to shop. The buildings are very old so they come with basements and lots of different areas to shop and explore in.They also have a few haunted places here and there.


Sometimes walking around in these old buildings you don’t really know about the hauntings. There are lots of spooky stories told by the employees that work in these places late at night closing up. They are the ones that hear those scary noises in the dark far off rooms when everyone else has gone home and the shop is closed, when they are all alone. If you ask, everyone seems to have had some story they either heard or experienced at some time in this town.


Some shops were replaced because of a fire they had a few years ago. That was such a sad thing to hear about. Everyone in this state loves Whiskey row in Prescott. Whiskey Row is even visited by celebrities like Bruce Springsteen. My own celebrity experience was with an old Saturday night live comedian.


I was sitting by the gazebo at the courthouse and all of a sudden I recognized a voice I had heard before. My children were sitting next to me eating a snack when I said out loud “Hey, I know that voice, where have I heard it.” then turning around to look up in the gazebo I saw Victoria Jackson ( You know, the one from Baby Boom. I love that movie. Victoria Jackson is better known as a Saturday Night Live alumnus (1986-1992).

She was being interviewed by someone talking about politics. I will not get into too much detail on the subject matter I listened in on because that is some touchy stuff right now in the good old USA, anything you say WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. It may not be at this moment, it could be years from now, but it will be filed away for a time to use against you later…maybe. Even repeating what others say will be enough to use against you later…like you can’t say anything. That’s some paranoid stuff, I know, but come on…doesn’t it seem like that?.

Okay back to my movie star encounter. I did not approach Victoria or ask for any autograph, just not my thing. I think this has always bothered some people about me, the fact that I don’t get super excited about the stars. I mean it’s a little fun to see them in person but lets not get carried away. They are just people after all, just like all of us.

My husband was around a few in the business he worked in at one time. I always reminded him that they are people just like everyone else.Now he says that, he understands what I was telling him all those years ago, now that he has left the business.

When you wear a cross, the movie business does not treat you the same after that and my husband wears a cross, he left the business and is much happier now. No jealousy here, just honesty. Those movie stars really are just like us, just on the screens…oh, and most are super beautiful, I will give them that. Beautiful on the outside that is. We need to get to know people a little better in order to see the beauty inside of them and stars have to be distant from their fans, for safety reasons that is.

I shared my celebrity encounter with my husband later and we both had a good laugh at how weird it is to see the screen people in person. They always seem smaller and not as bright and shinny. My husband was in the same area but off a distance walking when I sat down with the kids and heard Victoria Jackson’s voice.

I wasn’t about to chase my husband down and start screaming about Victoria Jackson sitting behind me venting about our then president, Obama. It was a bit strange. Here I was listening to a voice I remembered as playing really comedic silly girl scenes talking about some heavy intellectual topics…it was weird everyone.


After my kids finished their snacks we continued walking around the beautiful old Victorian homes in the area. In one neighborhood we came across a cute little coffee shop. It used to be someones old home. It was at this coffee shop that we would also run into a little hotel next door that had a haunting of a woman and her pet cat.

We got some refreshments and headed over to explore the place. Again, this is daytime stuff everyone. YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME THERE AT NIGHT. I am a big coward or maybe just smart. I am not playing around with that stuff. Remember that warning from my dad, “ Stay away from the dark things.”.


There is one room in the hotel where the sightings have been reported and that is room 16.


People love staying in this room, hoping to experience something, they even leave little gifts for the ghost.


Down the street a little farther there is another famous hotel called the Hassayampa inn that has had many visitors over the years, including famous stars. In this hotel there have  been many sightings.


You can take an elevator up to their haunted room. The elevator even looks a little haunted. NO thanks, I will take the stairs.


The stairs are kind of dark and spooky too.


The lobby was nice and they had several articles about the haunting for guests to read. Nothing better then stepping into a hotel to rest and walking up to a framed article on the wall about your room coming with a ghost. I would turn around and ask for a different room. I need my sleep.


Happy adventures everyone.

For more info. On hauntings of Prescott Arizona click here

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  1. I’ve heard Victoria before … I can figure out what she was talking about. And you are so right about people using things against other people years later. It has gotten so out of hand and crazy! I’ve never really met anyone famous (William shatner once when I was working for a paper but it was brief and awkward) but I feel the way you do – they are people like we are. I’m not overly impressed with them.

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    1. I fear for my kids future and the direction it is headed in if this keeps up. People should be free to speak. Some scary stuff going on in this world. But who even knows anymore what the truth is. I always joke with my family that I am sure I am on a lot of “lists” out there with the books I read from the library and just social media and the paper trails I leave behind me in life. I was raised to question everything first then make decisions. That way of thinking is a hard one to break, especially if someone has been doing that for decades and there are some people out in the world who do not like that way of thinking.

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  2. Suvi says:

    What an interesting place! I love ghost stories but only during daytime. That lift looks ancient!! I’ve been on two ghostly tours in Helsinki – the guide tells you about the ghosts that reside there. For example, if you stay behind in one old theatre, you can hear “thank you” in different languages by the cloakroom…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Creepy, but these old homes are so much fun to explore.

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  3. Tanya says:

    I really enjoyed the little ghost video at the end of the post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tanya, my daughter sent that to me and I thought it was so cute, little ghost out singing.

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