Updates and favorite bloggers for the month of October.


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”

Napoleon Hill


Yoyo dolls from some fabric scraps I didn’t know what to do with. Every little thing can be used when creating.

I wish I had a machine to start slowing these months down, wow are the days flying by. October is already gone, just gone. Happy November everyone. We had a busy month in October. I’ve been working on lots of DIY projects for my book but I still did not finish it.It’s becoming a project where I have now officially not put a date on it. It’s better that way, there is no pressure, just all fun. Imagine if you never put limits and pressures on yourself with anything in life and just went for it…what would you do today? You can still go for what ever dream you have, just go for it. Okay, here is what we were up to this month.

I have been working a lot outside now that the temps are cooler. I did not realize all the work involved with updating the garden. This is actually what has been taking up much of my time. To keep cost down I am repairing pots and transplanting plants I already have.

Had an old wreath in the store room and decided to hang it up in the garden gazebo. Then I added a leaf garland that my daughter had in her donation pile for the month. I want to add fairy lights later and maybe some succulents and faux flowers.

I finished painting the cinder block aloe garden my kids made for me. I painted little green vines with yellow and pink flowers. I still need to add more plants to the garden but that will have to wait till later.


We had to change our fish  tank’s pump this month. Our tank’s filter wasn’t working very well . I have been putting this off for awhile watching as each month went by and our tank each month that passed was looking so sad, not at it’s best. The fish are much happier now and the tank is back to being clear again. I have had my gold fish for over a decade now and the acrylic fish tank I bought many years ago. It deserved a little make over this month. I even added a couple new plants.

There is a secret about this tank. Over the years I have always bought souvenirs for everyone when ever I would travel to fun places. My souvenirs were not the kind you can buy though, mine were plain old rocks, shells, and little pieces of sea glass that I would pick up where ever I stood. Italy, Central America, Mexico, and many other places that held a special place in my heart to me. There are a lot of memories in this tank. It holds the best souvenirs in my opinion,.

We went up north to check on Our Little Red House. We were able to make the trip up there once we found a truck to replace our old truck. Remember it was ruined in an accident.


It is so beautiful up north. I know my regular followers have read this many times but here it goes…it is such a nice break from the city up there. I will try to do a more detailed post about that later when I find some time. Also, if I don’t get back to comments right away, then I am probably up there in the woods, out in the middle of nowhere.

We have no computer or satellite for news or anything up there. Sometimes my daughter’s cell phone works but mostly it doesn’t. Out in the middle of nowhere it is beautiful and private with creeks and waterfalls, wildlife and acres and acres of trees. It feels like you are the only ones on the planet at times because there are no people around you like here in the city.

Pockets of color showed up now and then, Yellow and bright orange with tints of red made everything look so pretty.

While up north looking at property we came across another little free library. This one was so cute out in the country surrounded by pine trees. The one we have here in our city neighborhood has a chalk board.


I picked up a book for my aunt, an old cowboy romance. The Rustler by Linda Lael Miller. I think my aunt will like it. If I have time I might even read it. At the moment I am reading Martha Inc.


Lisa has a good book recommendation and just in time to get us ready for Christmas. It’s called Cowboy Christmas redemption.

Also Jessica Belmont always has great reading recommendations. please check out their sites, they have some great posts about books.

While up north I went searching for acorns but couldn’t find any. Mary did a fun post on some acorns that she decorated with scraps of fabric. She got the idea off of Pinterest. I saw that and thought how fun is that, I want some of those, so cute. So I went out exploring for acorns but all I found were some little bitty apples that look like pears. Very beautiful place to explore though.

While searching for acorns in this field I heard cows off in the distance and not far. I always worry about bulls out when exploring or wild pigs and mountain lions. I am such a chicken but this is an area where the Mountain lions come down to hunt looking for meals. It is beautiful out there in nature but always stay alert.

There are fields and fields of yellow flowers everywhere up there right now.


We stopped off at the creek for a picnic like always.


My husband bought some Bar-b-Que ribs for our picnic by the creek. I picked up some chips and dip, grapes and cheese. We added my husband’s home made baked bread from that morning and ate away. We also had some hummus and flat bread to add to it.


I love being near water. Hearing the trickle of water hitting the pebbles is so relaxing. There was a family down the creek from us speaking a foreign language that my husband said was Russian. They had their children with them and their boys were having fun trying to catch fish. It was such a happy moment seeing a family out enjoying time together. In the city everyone is always on their cell phones.That is another thing I always post about…those cell phones. Such a nice change from seeing everyone looking down at cell phones and not paying attention to each other. I used to wonder who all these people were talking to all the time, and now I know it’s just eye entertainment of pretty ads and funny memes…no one is really speaking to anyone on the phones anymore.


I tried to clean up the inside of Our Little Red house the best I could before I unpacked the bedding for the night. Things get dusty up there. There was a little moth in the doorway that my kids kept reminding everyone to watch out for “Don’t hurt that month, watch where you step” was said over and over by everyone. It was so pretty…I mean come on, look at it, that pattern is amazing. So many unusual critters up there.  To be honest, some of them freak me out a bit. This was a big moth too. Looks like it’s from another planet.


My thrift store purchase this month was bought up north at a second hand shop, here it is, a little bird planter. It was .50 cents.

Notice the paint on the table…yep, you guessed it, we were going to do a little painting that I posted about in my updates last month.

We had some time to see what our talented neighbors and friends were up to since last we saw them. Robin showed me the guest house they finished for family and friends to stay in when visiting . Karla puts the finishing touches on everything. It came out so pretty.

The door and window on the far back wall used to just be a wall. The widows give this room a lot of pretty light.  I have some before photos of this little cabin somewhere in my archives. I really liked the soft green our friends painted the room, it is very calming.

They added extra windows to the guest house because the view out back is just too pretty to block off. The elk come down off that hill early in the morning. You can watch them from your window.

Looking through the window you can see down the hill in the background of our neighbors ranch. The views go on and on. It is so pretty seeing elk out grazing early in the morning and evening hours.

Outside is a little barn that Robin said he is working on at the moment. I can’t wait to see how that turns out too. Here is a before photo for now.


Then we all headed to the old museum to see what improvements were made with that. They will be moving into the museum soon. How cool is that, to live in an old country store museum. Robin wants to have ice cream socials where we all get together eating ice cream sundaes.


It is such a unique building with so much history.

Our Little red house is right across the hill. Sometimes we will sit out on the old wooden porch in front of the store visiting our neighbors and horses will come down the street just like the old west days of long ago.

There are old products everywhere to see in the store. When Robin and Karla first bought the place they came over to our place with the keys. We were all excited to walk into a store that had been closed to the public for over a decade. It was just sitting there all boarded up on that hill. Once we stepped inside we were amazed at seeing products still on the store shelves.


I have old photos from that day in my archives somewhere. Under the store there are catacombs where they used to store the ice. It is scary and dark down there in those cave like rooms. That first day we went down, there were webs everywhere and we all held onto our flashlights waiting for the batteries to go out, which they didn’t…thank you God. Now it’s all cleaned up and and dust free with no webs.


The kids were younger then. They loved exploring that place while it was being cleaned up. It was a history lesson on the past and what products used to look like. When you decide to home school. sometimes opportunities seem to come up where your children get exposed to things they would otherwise not be if sitting in a room all the time. They are in college now so that was a long time ago.


They even have old candy behind the counters that was sitting up there for decades waiting for someone to buy them. They are way past the expiration date now. Fun looking at them, takes you back to childhood. The place has so much history. The Apaches used to come down and trade goods with the store. The White Mountain Apache reservation is around this part of Arizona and although a little far to travel by horses long ago, they still came down from the reservation to do business at this little country store in the middle of no where.

Old candy from the past.

I really need to do a more detailed post on that visit, just too much to share with you all. The museum is closed to the public so these photos I am sharing are a rare look inside to a part of our history here in our country. Our friends are trying to get on that show Pickers. Then the whole world could explore inside if that happens. That would be so cool. I hope it happens for them.

Robin and Karla’s DIY project they are working on is this old wagon wheel. They are going to turn it into a light fixture for their kitchen they are adding to the museum. I will share a photo of this project the next time I head up. More then likely it will be finished. Those two together are worker bees.


It is so fun taking our country breaks now and then. When we got back to the city I had a whole bunch of art supplies from the woods to create with. Every time I go up north I always go out in the woods to collect art supplies. With Christmas around the corner I have a lot of fun projects to do with all this.

The aspen branches in the back were turned into little gnomes (photo below) and the Morning Glory vines that grow around our home I weaved into a little nest basket. With some of the flowers I made a mini dried flower bouquet.

I started on my Swedish gnomes with some of my nature supplies. I like to make little things for the Lutheran church down the street. Every year they put on a live nativity for the city and neighborhood and afterwards they give out cookies and sell little handcrafts for the holidays. I will donate a basket of my crafts and a ton of my home made cookies to share with everyone. It always feels good to give to others.


Oh, I can’t forget my needle felting project for the month…this.


I had a nailed it moment with my little hedgehog and that was when I was trying to figure out how to add the spikes. I started sewing and tying embroidery thread first but that just ended up looking silly.


Then I decided to try yarn and just poke the yarn in with my felting needles. Bingo, that was it. I fell in love with the little guy. I think he is so cute. I also needle felted a little mushroom for him.


Healthy recipe for the month is a a fruit smoothie I make for my family when they get sore throats. My daughter got strep this week.

2 frozen bananas

1cup of frozen peaches.

1 cup blackberries and raspberries

2 tablespoonful of honey

1 cup of milk of milk substitute

Blend all together and scoop, sip and eat away. This will sooth those sore throats.

Okay now onto my favorite bloggers this month. So many good ones out there and there are just not enough hours in the day to read them all.

Favorite photo-

Jamie gates has a really cool vintage photo–  I had a chance to go shopping for some vintage photos this week. I found a really cool photo of a family having a picnic.


Favorite recipes- There were actually a lot this month and I am sure I am missing some of my favorite home chefs out there. I follow a lot of you and you all do such amazing jobs. Please leave a link if I am missing one of you. I love sharing your recipes with everyone. Here are the ones I do remember

Sunup to sundown. Italian subs.

Abbey– french toast

Suz– Garlic chicken

Lisa– German apple cake at the Oktoberfest.

Koolaidmoms  apple sauce cake.

Diane– Blueberry treat.

Favorite spiritual post-

Beautybeyoundbones– She has such a gift with writing, Very relaxed, like you are there having a conversation with her in person.

Pure glory– – Thank you Pure Glory. Every time I read one of your post it is exactly what I need at that time in my life.

Favorite art posts-

Christian Mihai– paintings on books

People matching art– Don’t miss this post. I understand I have a lot of favorites every month and you can’t visit all the sites but this one is just too fun to miss.

Dominikakorunic– tree ring pour, I want to try at least one piece like this, now if only I could find the time.

Bloggers I follow that are now authors of their own books…good for you, that is so great. I always like hearing about people following their dreams and going for it.

Boondock ramblings


Ihagh G.T,– positive thinking

the alchemistspottery- A potter’s dream https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/89610069/posts/2469109363

Favorite reads-

Robin’s re-post from Jouney2nu

Favorite mom post-

Well O’faith–   Pinterest perfect life doesn’t mean best life. We all could use this advice. I love your advice about how not to focus too much on appearance. So many fun memories for us to create with the ones we love, who cares if there are dirty dishes in the sink.

Favorite quote of the month-

Drjurisharma– Beautiful people do not just happen.

Favorite walks-

Ruth’s Halloween walk-https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/92701152

Library lady–  A beautiful Spring walk. I believe your friend Melinda would have loved those flowers as well.

Tanya- wildflower walks-https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/113062792/posts/6372 – so pretty and I love anything with stones.

Favorite new follower this month-

Holly G from Wholeness Haven–  What a sweetheart. Thank you for stopping by to visit my site. You are so full of happiness, you can tell just from your posts alone.

Yay! two of my favorite followers are back to posting. I was missing their posts. I was starting to wonder if everything was okay in their part of the world. One is from Hong Kong and we all know what’s going on over there and the other is from Nova Scotia. Welcome back you two.



Prayers this month go out to Margaret from soulfood  Please keep Margaret and her family in your prayers and well wishes. Her and her family are having a hard time with home repairs and living conditions from the hurricanes. Margaret is one of the sweetest and kindest persons in this blogging community. I always smile when I see she has stopped by my site for a visit. She has been very loyal and was one of my very first followers. She also leaves the most heartwarming comments. God made a good one there when he made Margaret. Actually there are all good ones out there because God doesn’t make mistakes.

Also send prayers and well wishes to Simply Wendi and any followers of hers that are living with chronic health conditions. Wendi started up a monthly question post, check it out, she is a sweet soul as well

Update on our friend. He is doing better everyday after his heart surgery. He is healing nicely and back at home in his own bed. Thank you so much everyone who kept him in your prayers and well wishes. I also want to congratulate our neighbors on their new baby boy. He is so cute and a BIG THANK YOU for lending us your vehicle when we didn’t have one for three weeks, that was very kind of you.

Thank you everyone for your likes, visits, follows and comments. Have a wonderful November and stay safe, healthy and happy out there in the world. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Coming up this month-

Itty bitty treasures at the art museum

Dollar day do over

Back to Our Little red house

Shopping trip with my daughter to a HUGE mom and pop fabric store here in our city.


Mini baked pies

DIY-clay Fall leaves.

In the garden-DIY mini scarecrows and garden updates.

Happy blogging everyone.




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  1. I just figured out what it is about your posts that I like so much! It’s like reading a folksy letter from an old friend across the miles. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Robin, that one made me smile.

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  2. What a beautiful way to start my day. I love the updates. Not that I didn’t like the haunted house(parts 1,2,3,4) Because I love old houses, all the character, and details, and history BUT your trips to the little red house, and the craft updates, always just warm me to the core. Everything is looking good too, from the garden freshening up to the yarn project. Oh my that was so cute, and love the felt gnomes. You couldn’t find any that look any better in the stores. So happy you got a replacement truck. Is that a picture of it? The white one? So, happy your friend is recovering nicely. Praise the LORD for that and all your blessings. Now, I am thinking about homemade bread, and hummus hahaha THANKS!!! Oh and speaking of thank you’s thank you for your kind words, and your asking people to pray for us. We really are coming along now. I feel like we are almost done hahaha although…I know thats not quite true. BUT we are certainly closer. Much much, closer as a matter of fact than any one said we would be. I say the LORD knows when it will be done, and thats what I get for listening to myself, and what”man” tells me. God has shown me over and over He will get this done in perfect time, not when “man” says.

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    1. Thank you Margaret, I always get happy goosebumps when I hear prayers are answered. Our friends up north just gave me another update and he is healing nicely at home with his wife, she is so sweet, another homebody like me. Her husband had cancer two years ago and we all prayed he would get better and he did, the doctors keep checking on him and so far a year later no more cancer is showing up. This recent health scare was his heart. I love sharing answered prayers with everyone. The doctors and nurses were all part of helping him get better as well. Some good people out there. I am happy that your home is coming along as well, before you know it, you will be back in it and everything will be cozy again. You and your family all have a great weekend and God bless you all.

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      1. Whoops…yes, that is our new truck. The white one. Our old one used to be grey. We are all trying to get used to the color change, it is so funny when we come out of a store and walk to the parking lot forgetting we have a white truck now.


  3. Ingrid says:

    Fun catching up with you and love all the blog shares.

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    1. Thank you Ingrid, been trying to stay updated with everyone and as you know it does get a little hard keeping up. I love seeing your photos from all your road trip adventures and hope your YouTube adventures are coming along and you will have beautiful things to share with everyone there too. Have a great weekend and take lots of photos. The Fall has hit here in Arizona, up north that is and it is so pretty,


      1. Ingrid says:

        As much as I’ve been antsy to get up to Flag for fall photography, I’m so over driving right now. I’ve spent enough time in that drivers seat.😆 If you ever feel like meeting up, let me know. I’m in Anthem until May and keeping an eye out on the construction of that new IKEA. (My car mechanic is near the 101 and Indian School, west valley and I’m always going to Arrowhead)

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      2. I understand, just find a spot and relax, My cousin lives out around Arrowhead. At the moment my schedule is crazy, but I will let you know. That is going to be so cool to have another Ikea that is closer to us. We want to move eventually to Payson or Mesa, because Phoenix is getting a little hectic here. We still have a couple years before that even happens, if at all. Nice to day dream.

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      3. Ingrid says:

        I totally understand why you’d want to move to Payson. We’re always looking at housing here in the valley, but can’t get excited. We love the White Mountains but don’t want to deal with winters. One day, we’ll figure out our direction.

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      4. I know, it is hard. I remember being up north after a snow storm and our pipes were frozen the next morning. We had to get back to Phoenix because the kids had school the next day, they were little then. They are in college now. Anyway, we were not prepared for that storm. Our neighbors from Deadbroke inn followed us up that road on the rim until we got to safety since the night before the roads had been closed. We were worried we would slip off the road on the way out and our neighbors have 4 wheel drive for situations like that. Snow is hard, so I am in total agreement with you there.

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  4. simplywendi says:

    I am just in awe of the vast amount of beauty that surrounds you in nature and all the beauty that you have created within and outside your own home……..looking at your pictures is like taking a deep breath of fresh air! 🙂

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    1. Wow, I don’t even know how to reply to such a beautiful comment. Makes me happy that you enjoyed this one, it is so beautiful out there in the world, even little trips to our back yard have beauty to share with us. Thank you Wendi.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        it is truly my pleasure…….. 🙂

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  5. Chocoviv says:

    Those hedge hogs are so cute!!

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    1. Awww…thank you. I want one for real, for now I guess I will just create little faux ones.

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      1. Thank you. I would love to have a real one but I know my little cat would be so jealous.

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  6. Oh my gosh…so much in this one. I’m going to have to read it twice. So many great photos by the Little House and so many other posts to read from other bloggers! Thanks for mentioning me, as well. I have a funeral to go to and then plan to come up with a cup of tea, curl up and read through your post again and click on some of those other links. This post may keep me busy all weekend!

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    1. Thank you Lisa and so sorry to read you have a funeral to attend, that is sad. I hope the funeral brings everyone together sharing the happy memories of the one who passed on though. Yeah, this one was a long post. There are so many good bloggers out there it is hard to keep up. I do love sharing the fun ones with you all. I hope all the links work, sometimes when in a hurry to post something, mistakes happen. I usually have my updates posted at the end of the month but those days were taken up by Halloween ghost stories. You and your family have a great weekend.

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      1. The woman was 90, my husband’s great aunt. It’s very sad since it is the last of my husband’s family he has any contact with (other than his one cousin, who is a lot older than him.) The rest of his family doesn’t speak to him. I have to go back and read your last ghost story. I saw it last night but tried to get some rest because of the funeral today. It didn’t work since we had high winds all night that kept me awake, but it was worth a try anyhow. Haha!

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      2. That is so sad about family not speaking to each other, this is so common now days. So many family members separating, it is horrible. 90 years. that is amazing, she lived a very long time.


  7. As long as you keep that moth at your house, I’ll be happy. Just don’t let it fly over to England!

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    1. So funny, I take it you don’t like them. They are a little freaky sometimes, especially when reading a book late at night and they fly down into your face to be near the light.

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  8. Dandelion B says:

    Your scrap dolla remind me of dolls my nana use to make with me! Ive never seen an acorn not even sure if they are native to my part of Ontario. Plenty of cones around tho and sticks lol. Wow ten yr old gold fish! Mine was 6 when passed and i thougjt that was amazing lol. We got 2 babies now and a few year old fancy gold fish. Love how u added souvenirs to it. Your gnomes are so cute..i wish i could find a place to donate my crafts…i have a place for my home made cards. Adorable hedgehog…im too afraid to pick up felting again lol..im terrible at it haha

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    1. Thank you, and sometimes it is nice taking a break from felting, our fingers do take a beating when we first learn this skill. I am still sticking my fingers. None of my Goldfish ever had babies but then the store I bought them from ( big corporate store) only sells one sex. I found another store that does sell both sexes so I might start up another little tank with fan tail guppies.


  9. You are so creative. You make everything look so charming and inviting.

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  10. Tanya says:

    I love the flower field and picnic pictures. It’s so beautiful there. BBQ ribs sound perfect for a picnic, my hubby would love that. Thanks for the idea.

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    1. Your very welcome, and my husband loved those ribs so much he wants to go back to get some more. It is always pretty out in nature, that’s why I love it so much.

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  11. Suvi says:

    What a great idea to store your memories in a fish tank! It does look lovely. The concept of a little free library is so cute. Your friend’s guest house looks so inviting. The Swedish gnomes look familiar to me (I’m from Finland) but oh my, those hedgehogs are just something – you are very talented! Thank you for all the blog recommendations, I happen to be looking for new ones to follow. Happy November!

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    1. Thank you Suvi. I had alot of fun making that hedgehog. I usually give my little creations out once finished to cut down on clutter but that one helps me with my craving for a real hedgehog. They are so cute to me…the real ones. The gnomes are made from little aspen branches up north where we have Our Little Red House, which we mostly use during the warmer months since the snow makes it difficult to get up there sometimes. Aspen looks like Birch branches. I bet your country is beautiful. My grandfather was from Sweden and he came to the states many years ago from Uppsula. We have some family traditions he left with us before he died but we know nothing else about any family that was over there. It is difficult to find information when the name is so common over there. My grandfather’s name was John Lundgren. I think there are thousands of John Lundgrens in Sweden. Hope you find some good blogs, there are a lot of really nice bloggers out there. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by my site too.

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      1. Suvi says:

        I think hedgehogs are so cute too, sometimes we have one visit our yard ❤ I didn't see one this year though, such a pity. John Lundgren does sound like a very common name for Sweden. I have understood many Americans have succeeded in finding relatives in Finland and Sweden but I have no idea how they have managed it. John was quite adventurous to travel that far! Some of my mom's relatives had tickets to leave Finland back in the day but they chickened out when they got to the ferry and never left. A cousin did manage to leave and settled in Maine. He sent packages to Finland with all kinds of goodies that weren't available here at the time. Now we can get anything via Amazon 😛

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      2. I will have to tell my cousin that because when I searched there were lots of Lundgren’s around but that is just what we get over here I guess. I love researching family history. There was a fire in our family when my mother was a little girl and lots of papers and photos were burned up. I remember my Nana telling me (she died a long time ago) that my grandfather came here in the 1930’s and he lived in Superior Arizona for awhile working in the mines. He hated that so he eventually became a plumber and moved to the city here. His brother (my great uncle) would always bring me bags of hard candies at Christmas time when I was little and sing Swedish Christmas songs to me. There was an old casset tape of me as a little girl singing along with him at one time.

        I also grew up on pickled herring and it is one of my favorite Christmas treats to eat during the holidays. My husband (he is Italian) used to think it was weird that my family celebrated Christmas on Christmas eve, opening all our gifts. I just told him “Doesn’t everyone do that.” Now we do a little of both with our kids and every Christmas I have a table of all kinds of foods to eat throughout the day.

        That is another thing my husband wasn’t used to from his family. I just said “We have meats, veggies, cheese and all kinds of crackers displayed for everyone to enjoy when they want. We also did ham and turkey. I love the different family traditions during this time of year. Maybe we will learn more about my grandfather, I would love that. His name was on the registry at Ellise island when another one of my cousin tried to research his history. I could go on and on with this comment, I have always been fascinated by old history from our past.. That would be so cool if there were distant relatives over on that side of the world too.

        So funny, the world has gotten smaller that’s for sure. Now we can buy just about anything online.

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      3. Suvi says:

        You should do a post on your grandfather and all the history behind your family, it’s so interesting to read about.

        We also celebrate Christmas on the Eve here in Finland. But herring – no thank you, I cannot stand it, hehe!

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      4. My husband and kids hate herring, they think it is so gross, but I grew up on it. I guess I got used to the taste. I love them on rye crackers, have since I was a preschooler. That would be a fun post to do on my grandfather.

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  12. Librarylady says:

    I loved this post. I now want to visit the country, have a picnic by the river, and stay in your friends’ cute guest house. I feel like I’ve been reading Country Woman Magazine. Also, will check out your favorite bloggers. This is a good idea. I might try spotlighting some of my favs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, you are so sweet. This blogging community has a lot of fun bloggers so that is so nice of you to keep this going. Sometimes it is hard keeping up with them all. I always complain there are just not enough hours in the day. Have a great weekend.


  13. Chandra Lynn says:

    Thank you for all the blog links and your update. I love your little hedgehog (and everything you make, really). I can probably set up a little library in my neighborhood (maybe in the shopping area not too far down the road) with all the books I’ve boxed to be donated or given away.

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    1. Those little libraries are adorable. When ever I see one out in the world I have to stop and check out the design. There some really pretty ones out there.


  14. OMG….I have so much catching up to do and when I was working my way through your blogs I just saw that you had mentioned us…..you are just the sweetest and I’m so sorry that I hadn’t kept up with blogging regularly again after that one in October 😦
    I’m trying to get one out this weekend, although things are still crazy and my priority right now is getting my new business going.
    But anyhow……..I wanted to let you know that I think of you and your wonderful blogs, tips, photos and information a lot and see what I was missing out on all this time.
    I’ll try to do better…….and until then……..big hug from Nova Scotia and keep on doing what you do so well and make our days a lot brighter and happier 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh….You are back. Happy to read you are busy and getting your business going. You have so many beautiful things to share with others. It is hard though keeping up with it all, so I know you are super busy. I hope you are all well too and Emmy (although I have a feeling I am getting it wrong again and it’s Emma. I am terrible with some words, might be a dyslexic thing…who knows.) Can’t wait to read an update on what you been up to, but no pressure. Stay safe, healthy and happy over there and hugs back to you all as well. Have a beautiful Christmas and holiday season.


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