In our garden- repainting garden gnomes, hanging bird houses and decorating trees.


This month I worked on garden gnomes. They were a little faded from baking out in our summer garden.


I painted them.


And added some little caps for the winter displays, just having silly fun with that.

6906 (75).JPG
The paint job is a little sloppy but then the original paint job from the manufacture was sloppy so I tried painting over those mistakes and it just turned into a bigger mess. If I would have had time I would have primed them all and started completely over. I will do that when these fade again…because it’s coming. Phoenix sun is harsh. I am trying to not  replace old items by buying similar items when all that really needs done is a little TLC update. 


We hung up some of our feeders that were on the ground.

We have two sides of our yard here in the city. The pool area has a security fence around it that was put in when our children were toddlers. This side of the garden has several pots filled with plants under the gazebo area. Aloe, grapes, jasmine, gardenia, peppers, several cacti, about three trees, house plants, and several succulents. We also grow herbs and onions on the pool side in pots too.

The seeds we planted are still alive and growing. That always amazes me when something starts growing and producing. We have tomatoes, banana peppers, basil, oregano, jalapenos, yellow peppers, mint and sweet potatoes growing on one side of our garden, the area where we keep our chickens.

We use up every space in our yard. Right now our garden is not so full. We are going into weird weather here in the desert where it is very cold in the morning and late at night, then it warms up during the day. We layer a lot with clothing here in Arizona because we are always taking sweaters and small jackets off while the day warms up. Those layers are once again back on when the cold comes in. It is not great for growing things in conditions like that.

The four chicks that hatched in the incubator are growing so fast.We had to move them to a bigger container. That green in their box is fresh cilantro.


They are so cute and seem so much more healthier then the store bought chicks we get at the stores. These chicks were given to us from a farmers eggs for our incubator.



We cut back our grapes for the Winter.


My neighbor even added some more life to our garden by bringing me some clippings from her garden.


I added a bunch to some pots my aunt gave me.


Now that we are in cooler months here in Phoenix everyone is out cleaning up their yards and gardens.

6906 (83).JPG

This pot I picked up at a church sale for .50 cents. I liked the glaze on it.


I decorated our live Christmas trees out in the garden.


I added some of those tiny vintage glass ornaments to one tree. These tiny ornaments were in a grab bag of wooden ornaments I collect throughout the year. My yearly post on that is coming up soon. I purchased some really cute ones this year. I can’t believe a year has passed.


And some lights.


Then made pumpkin seed flowers to add to them both. We had lots of pumpkin seeds left over from Halloween.


We even took photos out in our garden for our Christmas cards this year. We normally do this family photo up north but we cancelled our Thanksgiving up there because of the storm coming in. The roads were going to be too dangerous to travel on.


Then cold and wet weather came in and the garden was closed for awhile.


6906 (8).JPG

That’s it for our garden updates. I hope we don’t get too many storms this Winter. It is strange getting so much rain here in the desert. I prefer sunny days over wet and cold. Happy gardening everyone. Stay warm and dry our there.



A little extra update- That storm blew in at 3 in the morning, Roads were closed up north and snow was everywhere. We love being up north when it snows, always fun waking up to a Winter Wonderland but we still have to head back to the city afterwards. It is a hard road up on the rim to get through when Winter storms head in. My favorite quote from a friend of ours up north is “If you ain’t here you ain’t getting here and if your here…you ain’t getting out.” I still laugh at that.

We stayed here in the city and when I woke up after the storm the news was reporting tornado warnings in Apache Junction and Scottsdale…that is insane everyone. I haven’t heard about tornado warnings since I was a little girl and lived in Texas and even North Dakota. The news showed photos of giant mature trees uprooted that had fallen into beautiful homes creating damage.

I walked out to the garden, my side that is, and this is what I discovered…The bird feeder fell off and broke, a french door of mine that I was getting ready to paint was broken and there was water everywhere. Our electricity went out for awhile but not long. Guess my son will be getting a lesson on how to replace window glass. I hope Our Little Red House weathered the storm well. We will see when we head up.

6906 (7).JPG

6906 (12).JPG

Shock of all shock was that my Gazebo branch idea held up really well in that storm, remember that from last months post?. ( My mother-in-law down the street swears she was hit with a tornado because she has broken pots and trees everywhere around her house from it. My cousin emailed me and told me her son woke her up at 3 am and said there was water coming from the ceiling into his face while he slept. It was a big ugly storm.


Then our neighbors across the street texted my husband to tell him they were stuck up north for awhile at a cabin until the roads cleared to get back to the city and they didn’t have electricity either. They had their 2 year old and 2 month old with them too. They were okay, just waiting everything out in a cabin surrounded by ice and snow.

I bet it is gorgeous up there but snow is no fun when there is too much. And to think, the day before my husband and I were outside looking around wondering where that big storm everyone was talking about was. It was so bright and sunny out there, we were way off on the time. I feel for people who live in the dangerous areas. My cousins live in Arkansas and Oklahoma and they get tornadoes all the time. I am always praying they stay safe. So stay safe out there everyone.

This was our garden a few hours before the storm hit. The next morning when I woke up there were branches, sand, leaves, all kinds of things blew into the pool. It was a like a pond.


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14 Comments Add yours

  1. FromTheFringe says:

    That little gray gnome hat is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…thanks. Those little hats are so easy to make too. Just cut out a triangle shape, fold in half, sew up the side and add some decorative stitching to the bottom or on the hat. I added itty bitty pom poms to that one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. masgautsen says:

    Good job on your gnomes, they are cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s always heartbreaking when weather wreaks havoc on our hard work on the home front. Luckily you weren’t at the cabin and snowed in. I always prefer to be home during a storm.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me too, it gets scary out there. One time we did get stuck for awhile and another storm was coming in so we had a pocket of time to drive out of there and get back to the city before we were really stuck. Our friends and neighbors up north had to follow us out to make sure we got to the main highway which was closed the night before from that storm. Our friend used to be a truck driver and his vehicle had four wheel drive. He followed up all the way up that cliff to make sure we got out okay. I wrote about that storm on one of post that was quite the adventure. I did not take photos of the drive up on the cliff because we were all scared from the ice. It was breathtaking though because there was now everywhere from the night before.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll have to go back to read it. I was stuck in a blizzard with my 3 boys at our little cabin when they were young. It was miserable. The next blizzard a few years later, we were safely at home in the city. Much better, in spite of no heat or running water. But we had all of our camping gear and a kerosene heater. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is so scary when that happens and those storms come in one after another it seems. I had never experienced frozen pipes before. We were not prepared for a storm like that. Now we stay away when storms are coming in. We need to buy a generator and then I will feel much better if we were to stay up there full time.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. simplywendi says:

    oh my goodness, the hats on the gnomes are just too cute! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendi and they are not hard are not hard at all to make.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simplywendi says:

        they sure look super cute either way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I love the gnomes! they usually freak me out so that’s saying something.

    Getting stuck in the snow would be stressful. We had a snow storm this past weekend and it kept us in for two days – one of ice and one with the actual snow. Luckily we didn’t get the 15 inches they called for. The kids had fun playing in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa, I don’t like scary gnomes either. I want everything to be cute and happy. I love the snow and if we didn’t have to go out and drive in it everything would be fine. I bet you guys had so much fun when it snowed and I know you took some gorgeous photos too. Anyone that loves photography either as a professional or as a hobby, always has their camera out with snow blankets everything. It reminds me of millions of super tiny diamonds sparkling everywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

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