A week of photos at Our Little Red House.

I have officially completed a whole week of blogging everyday. This is not so easy you guys, so for any bloggers out there that do this, I don’t know how you keep up with it all. I guess I picked a very busy month to try to do this. I can now at least say I have accomplished a weeks worth. Day 10 of blogging will cover some photos I took this past week. I will try to share with you all more photos of the Besh Ba Gowah festival of lights, just too much beauty not to make that one it’s own post. We always go every year. So here they are, a weeks worth of photos. It covers what we been up to, what I have been working on and just a whole lot of Christmas spirit. Hope you all are well, staying safe, healthy, and happy out there in the world and you all are having a beautiful holiday season.

Making Apple Cider
Chicks have new feathers now
Working on some DIY
Preparing olives
Christmas shopping.
Stopping off for some holy water
 I can totally fix these up
This would be a harder fix but it’s doable.
Craft sale at the old court house
Time for some exploring.
Over 5,000 little scented candles
Taking a walk back through time.
Just hanging out with thousands of luminaries.
Whole lot of hand made.
Working on some art
Decorating trees out in the garden
Making ornaments in the garden
It’s raining again! Come on, this is Arizona, what is this about?
– It’s still raining but I am still out there creating between the drops.

That’s it, hope you all had fun with this weeks photos. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Little bit of extra info. on the photos for this week. In the photos titled Over 5,000 little scented candles, if you look closely in the background you will see what looks like a drop off. This is actually a pit, so if not careful you can fall down into it. The photo titled It’s raining again was taken on one of my work tables outside, it is a mess with all kinds of different colors of paints all over it. Photo titled a whole lot of hand made- my husband helped out an Apache native when she couldn’t reach something, she was shopping for art supplies for outfits she sews and creates herself using beads and leather. She designs all her son -in-laws ceremonial dance clothes. Turns out we have seen her son-in-law performing before at one of the museums in the city. He has also performed over seas and even the white house. They live up on the Apache reservation, one of the most beautiful areas on this planet in my opinion. So much wildlife and beautiful creeks and water. Such a small world we all live in, eventually we all connect and run into one another throughout life. In the photo titled Time for some exploring, when I went back into the ruins after dark to try to get some more shots I almost ran into a bat. It flew down across my face and freaked me out just a little. I turned to my son, thinking I had imagined it but he said he also saw something fly down in front of me. Then another one flew out. Guess some bats live there and as soon as the sun sets they start slowly coming out. Little secret- I actually don’t mind Arizona bats, they eat mosquitoes and anything that helps with that I am okay with.







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  1. OMG!I want to be your neighbor and hang out with you! Love the luminaries! The photo is stunning with all of the lights. Love your garden table area! Love you seed ornaments. Love your nature crafts and decorations. Love the old windows and doors! Love thinking you have olive trees! 🙂

    Love . . . Love. . . Love!

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    1. Wow…THANK YOU, this comment deserves a big thank you. If you were my neighbor I would totally take you out and show you our state of Arizona. We have Olive trees all over our neighborhood and dates, lemons, oranges, limes and all the neighbors on our street are so sweet because they share everything. We share burrito’s, items we no longer want, and watch out for each other when we go on vacations and road trips. There are some scary things going on around the city and close to us here in the city like additions and drug problems but all in all we are very happy to be surrounded by beautiful things. I always tell my grown kids that the world is filled with beauty, go out there and find it, never allow your hearts to be filled with misery and sadness otherwise you will miss all those beautiful moments that are always there.

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  2. mel says:

    Congratulations! Great job! It’s hard to be consistent.

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    1. Thank you Mel that is so true.

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  3. Athira says:

    What an amazing photos..

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      1. Athira says:

        It’s my pleasure !


  4. What beautiful photographs! Those luminaries! Wow! So awesome about the Apache dancer’s mom too.

    I have been blogging every day lately but only because I had a bunch I had started but hadn’t finished yet so I just finished them up. I couldn’t keep that up very long, that’s for sure! I think quality suffers if you try to blog every day for too long, unless you have guest bloggers to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa. It was so beautiful. I am going to try to get a more detailed post out later on that because it was so much to take in, just stunning. I got there a little early and was there when the volunteers were out hand lighting over 5,000 candles. They were scented candles too so they smelled wonderful. It was a very subtle fragrance so not over powering for us sensitive types (Me). You are right about blogging every day and quality of content, just too hard to keep up. I think where I am falling behind mostly is visiting other sites when I blog everyday. I knew something would slow down and now I discovered it was reading other sites. I try to when ever I get a chance. I will have to stop by your site to check out what you have been up to, always love admiring your photography.


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