Thriftstore treasures- vintage plates


Throughout the year I love sharing freshly baked cookies with everyone, so I have a collection of pretty plates I have put away for occasions when I feel like baking and sharing.

If you are looking for pretty plates to give out cookies on remember that some vintage plates are for decoration only. They were never meant to use for food, like this little plate I picked up for .69 cents.


It is so pretty, with a little bird on it surrounded by holly and leaves.


The plate is Bavaria china. When you hold it up to the light you can see the light come through it. The bird and flowers are hand painted. On the back is an area where you can hang your plate up to display.

The back stamping on it has a shield without Thomas above it which indicates it was made before 1930. I am thinking 1927 because of the three points in the shield. It isn’t quite antique yet, but pretty close. I think it’s value would be between $20-$25 but I am no expert so I would have to research some more. There are no cracks and it is in very good condition so who ever had this way back in the day loved this little plate.


Antique is considered anything 100 years or older but some dealers sell anything 50 years and older as antiques. Collectibles are items that are less then 100 years and vintage is less then 25 years old. None of these labels has any effect on value of an item. It all depends on the demand of something. It is always better to buy antiques because they seem to be better made items and last through time.

Don’t even get me started on Mid century modern…wow has this exploded. It is trending everywhere. And just like the subject of politics this seems to be a touchy subject with some and everyone is an expert now in all things Mid century modern it seems.

I would stay away from this subject during the holidays, that and politics, especially if you live here in the good old USA. It is getting mean out there and the divide is growing. I don’t know about you but anything that can lead to an argument now seems to be what some people want. It’s like they are just looking for anything and I mean anything to hate. Some say Mid Century modern is anything dated 1933-1965 and others will argue it is 1947-1957. There are so many experts on this trend of mid century modern that I just tend to stay away from this subject. Because of it’s popularity our neighborhood of 1950’s homes here in the city have exploded in value. So scary how fast trends can take over. I always stood out growing up because I either didn’t have enough money to follow trends or I didn’t know something was trendy and went my own way with things. Probably why I am the black sheep of the family, guess I am a little odd.

I learned to make my own trends I guess and what ever we couldn’t afford or save up for, we either lived without or we learned how to make a copy ourselves. I just like collecting what makes me happy. Instead of using what the big corporate stores promote to buy for gift packaging I tend to look around to see what I can use and re purpose for different things.Like this pretty plate from Japan down below. I would add a bunch of costume jewelry to it and wrap that up with cellophane and a big bow. This is another plate to use as decoration only. This plate would also be a fun way to package up a variety of beads and jewelry making supplies for the person who loves beading.


I love the soft colors of this plate. I would probably use it as a little tray for small bottles of beauty cream, lotions and perfumes. Another hand painted beauty.


I think it would be so pretty to have one of those farm house cottages with a kitchen wall filled with pretty plates, arranged in a way that doesn’t look too busy of course. Us collectors have to be careful with over doing things.


This little dish down below would be perfect for cookies and candies, wrapped  up with a pretty red bow and ornament. Oh and don’t forget the candy cane.That is usually how my cookie plates get delivered.


Long ago, our grandparents used to do that, going around from door to door in their neighborhoods, passing out wrapped banana bread loafs, cookie plates, cards and holiday greetings. It is that time of year, continue that tradition from long ago.

If you decide to become a plate collector know there is a lot of research involved with looking up the history and value of plates and dinnerware. I tend to stick with collecting only the things that make me happy, it’s a great rule to follow.




Happy gift giving and collecting everyone,

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  1. I love all these too. I don’t know if you knew this or not, but all the plates, cups, etc. that have the “made in Japan” stamps are pretty rare and could be worth some $$$$. The reason is because they were made in occupied Japan after WWII, and the Japanese hated that they were occupied and that they were forced to work for the enemy, so they broke most of the pieces on purpose. It’s worth getting them checked out by someone who knows antiques.

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    1. Thank you Jeanne, I will have to do that. I have a cute little cat in a shoe that I just picked up a couple weeks ago and ot was another really cheap item, it was .50 cents. I will have to share a photo of that later. I think it is a little planter. I like it because I love little cats and I was thinking of putting a succulent in it. On the bottom it says made in occupied Japan. It is so cute.

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      1. If it says “made in Occupied japan” it is worth some $$$$.

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      2. It’s a stamp though, wonder if that counts. I will have to look into that. It is so cute. I will have to share a post on it next month.

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  2. All of the dishes are so pretty,but I am partial to the the bird plate. Hmmm,I wonder why. 🙂

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    1. Cute, birds are the best.


  3. simplywendi says:

    You found such beautiful treasures! 🙂 About a month ago I went to a local thrift store to find dishes as we have so few and I was thrilled to be able to purchase NO dishes from China but beautiful ones from Japan and the US – such a blessing….

    1. I bet you had fun and picked out some really pretty ones too. I even like plain white plates because they go well with everything. I try to go thrift shopping at least once a month if I can.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        I really did have fun…….nothing matches but at least we have plates and bowls. 🙂

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      2. That’s what is important, having fun and it doesn’t matter if they don’t match. I bet they are beautiful.

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      3. simplywendi says:

        you are so right…….having a little fun is such a precious gift, thank you! 🙂

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  4. What a lovely post!

    As one black sheep to another, black sheep are the best! 😊

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    1. Awww…thank you Linda. Nothing wrong with us black sheep, we keep the world unique. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

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  5. What a great find!

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    1. Thank you, thrift stores are filled up with so many cool things. I have to be so careful because I want to take it all home and here in Arizona we have thrift stores everywhere.

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