3 DIY frugal Christmas decorations using supplies from nature.



Time for some cheap ways to decorate…whoops, I mean frugal, does sound so much better. What ever way you call it, it is fun saving money doing things ourselves with supplies we have on hand. Hope you all like these 3 easy and fun projects to make your homes beautiful this Christmas season. Happy decorating everyone.

Seed flower ornaments-

I have posted on these before. I love flowers and seeds are perfect shapes to create flower petals with. You will need bakers twine to glue a little hang tag to hang your ornaments up after putting them together.


You will also need cardboard or card stock to cut into little circles. This is what you will use as a base to glue your seeds to. I am using pumpkin seeds. You can use other seeds if you like, just make sure they are clean and dry.


Pretty simple to make, so get the kiddos involved with this one. Get the whole family involved in fact. If you do not have a large family or you are estranged from them (so sad, no humor with that, this is happening all over the world right now) then volunteer making crafts like these with senior citizens in a rest home, hospital situations, private or public schools, churches, just about anywhere and anyone would benefit from creating art and making memories together.

First step after you have all your supplies ready and cardboard circles cut out (use aspirin bottles as templates or small lids around the house if you aren’t comfortable drawing your own circles) is to glue seeds to cardboard base to create a flower. You can even layer the seeds by gluing on the tops of the bottom seed layer. Layering makes it much prettier in my opinion.




Add little red beads or tiny pom poms to the centers.


Don’t forget to glue hang tags to them.


Allow to dry for a few hours.


Woodland Christmas trees:

These are also another really easy decoration to add to your holiday decorations. Lately we have been having a lot of grey and wet days here in Phoenix so my garden DIY days are not fun when I can’t go outside to create. The day I worked on these trees rain was coming in so I had to pack everything up and head inside. I rather be outside when creating.


Some of my faux supplies got a little wet.


The nature supplies you are using with this craft are tiny pine cones. You can buy them or find them out in the woods. So fun when I come across itty bitty cones. I have some in my supplies somewhere but for this project I used some tiny cones I bought at a church sale.


You will need Styrofoam cones to use as a tree base or you can make your own cones using cardboard. You will also need a bag of faux moss and some tacky glue.


Just glue moss around the cone and once you have completely covered your cone let it dry over night them add decorations like mini pine cones.


I bought some strange little trees at the 99 cent store last January. They were marked down to .25 cents each so I bought a bunch. I knew I could do something later with them.


Holiday centerpiece:

This last project is also really easy to do and just like the other two projects does not cost a lot to make. This is my favorite project out of all of them because it is so planet friendly. I am not perfect but every little thing helps with healing and keeping our planet and world as clean as possible. If not for us at least leave it nice for the next generation.Okay this is what you need to do for this project:

First go out either in your garden, the woods or find some fresh pine tree clippings at your local grocery store. Right now there are pine tree branches and bouquets at most stores and they run about $5. You can even check Christmas tree lots for any scraps they are throwing away or selling.


I have a couple of pine trees in my garden so I just walk out there and collect things to make. This is from years of  discounted live Christmas trees that they mark down after the holidays. My husband is always buying trees to plant.


I also have some little red berries in my garden to add to my little bouquets, the non edible kind of course.


Wrap some bakers twine around your vase to finish it off.


I love making bouquets to add to my kitchen table.


Happy frugal decorating everyone,


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  1. mel says:

    Great ideas for Christmas!

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  2. Thank-you for sharing! 💕🌲

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  3. Nicole McKay says:

    So cute!

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    1. Thank you, you’re so sweet.

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  4. Sam says:

    Absolutely love this!

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    1. Wow, thanks. So glad, especially since it is so easy and everyone can find these supplies. Nature has so many gifts to give us. Hope you get to make some.


  5. masgautsen says:

    They look lovely!

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    1. Thank you and they are so easy to make. Have a Happy New Year.


      1. masgautsen says:

        Thank you and the same to you

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