12 days of Christmas crafts…day 3.

Fugal gifts to make using dollar store ice trays


So much fun seeing what ice trays the dollar stores come out with every holiday. There are pumpkins during the fall, Easter eggs and bunnies for Spring and I have even seen flamingos and flowers during the summer. This Christmas they had little penguins.


You don’t have to use them just for ice though, you can also use them for plaster molds too. If you do use them for other things like melt and pour soap or plaster make sure you don’t use them for ice afterwards. Buy two sets and with a sharpie write on one food and the other crafts.

Supplies needed:

Plaster of Paris

Assorted colors of paints. I recommend watercolors if doing this with children, much easier to clean up.

button magnets (optional, not for children under 6 though)

Tacky glue

Twine (optional, this is only if you are making ornaments instead of magnets)

Fine tip paintbrushes.

Mod podge or watered down school glue.

Ice tray of what ever shape you choose (I picked penguins)


Step 1- I always wipe a little olive oil down in any mold I am using. I use a little cotton ball. Then I mix up plaster (follow instructions, don’t add too much water) then pour plaster into molds.


Step 2- Before the plaster dried I added some magnets.



I just press them down into the wet plaster.


Step 3- let them dry over night. If your plaster is too wet and you try to pop them out before completely dry they will break. Ice trays are nice to use as molds but some have lots of detail and cracks so they don’t pop out so easily.


Step 4- After they have dried you can coat your pieces with some watered down school glue or Mod podge to seal the plaster. This will make it easier to paint. Once painted I also add another layer of Mod Podge to protect the paint.

This photo is from after I painted everything. Sometimes when we are working on projects that we want to share with others we always forget either the before photo and the during photos. My husband has been trying for years to remind me “Did you get some before photos” and I always answer back “Whoops” while we both stand around admiring accomplished projects. I love sharing with our grown children the hard work we all put into anything we do ourselves, sometimes we forget what it took and looked like before we started, it’s nice to see the whole process when done.

Step 5-Now for the fun part…painting. Whoops, forgot something extra, make sure to dab a little glue around magnet area to make sure the magnet stays in place.


Step 6- After you have finished painting you can add little felt hats and scarfs or tiny pom pom ear muffs. Happy crafting everyone.

DSC_8819.JPGCopyright 2019 Our Little Red House ©

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  1. Love this idea! It brought back an old memory
    Of making salt clay and using gingerbread men cookie cutters then hand painting them for christmas ornaments. My kids, then, now grown and making holiday crafts with their own children. Thank you for sharing and bringing back such happy memories

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    1. I did that, I was always in charge of the salt dough ornaments every year. One year (I have posted this story before) my dad stored my ornaments out by the hay shed and horses. You know where this is going. Those horses loved eating my salt dough ornaments. We were able to save some because my dad discovered it that next day. So fun thinking back on those memories when we were little and our own babies were as well. Thank you Laura so glad this brought back memories for you. You and your family have a beautiful holiday season.

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      1. 💕 Happy holidays, Cheri! Thank you for the memories.

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      2. You’re welcome Laura, can’t believe you remembered my name…so sweet. It isn’t an easy one to remember. I have a cousin named Laura that lives in California, this helps me when out in the world with names because I am terrible with them. Thank you for that.

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      3. Lol It’s is to remember for me because we have been blog friends for so long, you’re one of my fav’s and because I read your blog all the time even when I forget to hit “like” or comment…..I’m always there. ( hahaha sounds stalkerish, doesn’t it! Lol)

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      4. Funny, I always worry about that. When I was young (age 19) I had a stalker. It started because I was really kind to a older woman at the doll shop I worked at. It was my first job as a teenager, I started around 18. Anyway the woman ended up talking about me when she was very sick (on death bed sick, so sad) she kept telling her son about the sweet little girl that helped her shop for toys. The mom died and the son searched me out, not hard since the shop was in the public. He was in his 50’s married, and a minister at a prison here in Phoenix.

        When he found me he told my manager all he wanted was to thank me in person for being so kind to his mother. My manager was an older woman, like a mom to me and she was worried about the whole thing. I walked into work that day and he was all over me smiling and thanking me over and over and telling me about his mom and how she couldn’t stop talking about how kind I was.

        I thanked him back, always being polite. It is a very long story and ends with my father calling me up asking about some minister calling the house asking about me. Somehow he got my old information to where I used to live. I used 3 different addresses when I left home at 18, something my paranoid Swedish biker uncle taught all us kids.

        My dad wanted to know what that man was all about. I told him, I do not know how he got my old house number and address. Then remembered I kept the stalker’s information when he gave it to me that first meeting we had (there were more after that and creepier each time he came into contact with me) so I gave my dad his info. I told my dad he is started to show up in places away from work like he knows my patterns. I was never in situations where I was ever alone though. I always made sure of that.

        My dad took the information and told me not to worry he would call him and everything would be okay. “He won’t bother you again, I promise” a big promise and one I didn’t think possible but then my dad called him and after that I no longer saw my stalker in the mall or anywhere around me. Until over a decade later and he didn’t recognize me I guess, so I wan’t going to remind him. I was working at a book store that time.

        I do not know what my father said to him all those years back. I come from a family of bikers, and ex cons…maybe my father told him that, who knows what he said. Maybe the minister having access to prison records looked up the family names and the Swedish side has the connection to a bikers gang. They were called the Diablos. I grew up around the Diablos biker gangs and my uncle was a member. Maybe he decided this was not the family to start messing with. I will never know, but he did stop bothering me after my dad’s phone call to him.

        Even after that scary experience with the stalker (he got really aggressive when I never wrote him back after he left me his information), even after all that, I still try to be kind and polite. I am always cautious though and am no dummy when it comes to the dangers out there in the world. I know you aren’t a stalker, you are just like me, just having fun blogging. I love your talent of writing. You have the gift of writing. Thank you for sharing that with everyone too. Oh and you also have a good eye, great photos as well.

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      5. Omgosh! How terrifying! Although, you sound like you have a family much like mine. I have both in law and outlaws. Haha Being that, he’s lucky he didn’t end up a missing person! Hahaha
        Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, Cheri, and thank you for all you share with us on your blog. Not a stalker…just a fan. 😊

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      6. When I read your blogs I can tell you come from one of those adventurous families. Not a boring day ever when you grow up in that environment. There are bad days but there are good days too and we learn from our experiences. There is a mix of good and bad in my family and I still love them all. Some people have a hard time understanding that, but unless you grew up in it you never will. Thank you for being a fan, two fans just blogging together and sharing our fun adventures.

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      7. I love this!💕 so true!


  2. (head slap here) Why have I not thought of that before. I always thought the ice trays were so cute, but never gave a second thought of using them for crafts. And I will bet money, that when I go to look tomorrow, they won’t have any. 😦

    They turned out super cute and the magnet in the back is brilliant!

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    1. This one is one from my grandma, she loved plaster crafts and would make a lot for the kids in the church she attended. I loved my grandma’s plaster shed when I was a little girl. She would always remind my dad to fill up a box of plaster crafts for me to take home and paint. My grandmother even made her own molds and taught some of her grandchildren how to make molds as well. She had over 20 grand-babies. Christmas was a huge event. Grandma taught us all that anything can be made into art and plaster was one of her favorite mediums to work with. I hope your dollar tree has something there you can make adorable little magnets with.


      1. I hope they have it too!
        That’s a lovely memory of your grandma.

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      2. She was a fun one. I think she would have gotten a kick out of knowing I am sharing a lot of her creative ideas. She always enjoyed teaching others.

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      3. I’m sure she would be proud! 🙂


  3. These are adorable. I really need to make these with my daughter.

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    1. So easy, you guys will have a lot of fun with plaster crafts. Wear rubber gloves when pouring though because plaster crafts dry out your skin really bad.

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      1. Thank you for the tip! I think the kids will like it. Or at least the youngest.

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      2. Too bad they don’t have Star Wars. I think all kids like Star Wars. Even my adult children still love that but then they loved it because mom and dad were always Star Wars nerds so I exposed them to the old original stories. Now days though, you have to be very careful with what you expose your young children too. Even the movies that are geared towards your children are still hidden with all kinds of propaganda and messages of hate and turning everyone against certain people. In some of these so called “Kid friendly” movies, parents are portrayed as being silly and dumb, so kids watching that grow up thinking they are smarter then their parents. Kids exposed constantly to that grow up thinking that it is okay to look down on parents and laugh at their stupidity…it is happening in television and movie shows here in America. Then they are being pushed to worship characters from some of these movies, scary stuff for sure. It would be so nice if we still had shows on that showed parents being loving and caring like Waltons, Little house, father knows best, Andy Griffin, and many more from the 70’s and 80’s when I was a little girl. Whoops, looks like I went on another rant with your comment. So sorry Lisa, I am on a roll today. Better get back to baking cookies.


      3. My son loves Star Wars! My husband too. And I agree about the kids shows on TV today – honestly too many of them are starting to get agendas and are shoving them on my kids. I’ve about had it. I have a limited number of shows the kids watch now. I made the mistake of letting the youngest see YouTube and she found some woman who is supposed to be for children but she’s really just a glorified sales lady that makes these kids think they need certain games or toys. I wish I could get her shut down.

        The way kids are portrayed as disrespecting their parents infuriates me. No wonder we have so many rude, entitled brats running around anymore.

        And I like your long comments. Lol!

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      4. I am laughing right now because I am famous in my family for long emails. I try and try but I am terrible at the editing part of anything. So happy that I am not the only one seeing this is media with the brainwashing they are trying to do with our younger generations. It is frightening. I have even resorted to watching old westerns on our local channels here in Phoenix because I am fed up with some of the things coming out now from the Entertainment industry. My husband was laughing the other day when he walked by and saw me watching an old black and white western, I used to hate watching these when I was a little girl and my Nana was obsessed with them. The Entertainment industry is angry at the people that stand for family values, and just conservative ways. We are being punished in a way for the values we love. No judgement ever comes from me, I am okay with everyone out there in the world as long as they are not harming or hurting other humans. We are all people and should love one another but these people in the Entertainment industry are putting people in a group and judging them with such hatred just because of their life choices they make. Christians are being targeted right now. The Entertainment and Media had a shock three years back and now their agenda is to lash back with rage and hate to the people they feel wronged them. So cowboy movies, lots of crafts in the garden and board games and books it is. No one can force anyone to take out what they believe in their hearts and make them into what they want then to be. We are all our own unique individuals. If I have to I can live without movies, I will never resort to watching such horrible and evil images they are putting out now, but I do fear for the younger generations if this is what they are growing up on.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I agree. Christians are definitely being targeted. We must respect everyone’s beliefs…but not Christians. I don’t get that. Or anyone who is more conservative in their beliefs. My husband I were just talking about this tonight because some actress was trashing the Hallmark channel because they won’t make movies about gay people – it’s not the LGBT channel…it’s Hallmark. I don’t have an issue with people living their lives but when they start screaming we have to agree with everything they do and shove at us – enough is enough. And then they try to act like everything is “normal.” Boys being told they’re really girls, children being labeled gay before they’ve even hit puberty and then there was this boy who dresses as a girl and dances in gay clubs and he was 10! I’m like “What?!” What is going on? Let children be children! Stop shoving sexuality on them at such a young age! Just let them be kids!! To me it’s child abuse when parents start pushing them to be a different sex than they are. It’s so messed up anymore.

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      6. It is so sad how they are twisting everything too. Everyone is afraid to speak now, everyone is afraid that whatever they say or do will be turned into something bigger then it is. When my husband and I go out in the world people still talk to each other and it isn’t as bad as they are portraying on the news. There are some though that are just full of hate, some of them are even in my own family, Christmas is a whole lot different this year, I’ll say that. It is almost like a brainwashing cult sort of thing. I honestly believe it is from the screens, phones, and social media. I am no psychologist but there are some serious head games and manipulation going on out in the world and I believe it started from some of the government schools and the internet.You are either hating. full of rage and revenge or you are on the side of scratching your head and looking around and thinking “What the heck is going on”. It is like the whole world was sprayed with some hate mist and some of us are immune to it while others are trying to survive the hate zombie apocalypse. It is shocking to me how even family that normally spoke to my husband and I are no longer speaking to us, and then friends that my husband knew in high school are coming back into his life…all of them Christians. Different religions but Christians and my husband was never really that religious until after he met me. It is like some sort of divide is happening and it is scary too. Anyone that has love in their heart is always on the right side…hate always looses.


      7. Whoops I mean some of us are immune to the hate mist just trying to survive the hate zombie apocalypse…while others just become hate zombies.


      8. Being sprayed with a hate mist is right and honestly – maybe I sound like a weirdo – but I believe there is good and evil in this world and the evil doesn’t want there to be any good so they are separating us. In 2nd Timothy there is a verse about these times: “2 Timothy 3:1-5 ESV
        But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.” I am pretty sure this is what we are seeing now.


  4. Emily M says:

    Ah that’s such a good idea!

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  5. Missy’s Håndarbeid (Missy’s Crafty Mess) says:

    I’m saving this idea for next year. I have a little one who loves to paint little things like this. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Manish says:

    Thanks for sharing traditional and inexpensive gift ideas

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