12 days of Christmas crafts…day 10.

Day 10-DIY-Tiny handmade ornaments


It is so much fun giving and receiving little handmade ornaments.


Over the years we have made baby hand print ornaments.


Tiny baskets with little embroidery thread balls and toothpicks with black beads as knitting needles.



Besides making our own we also buy from other artists out in the world.


This little paper angel was my favorite hand made ornament I bought this year. I bought it from the Scandinavian festival. The woman I bought it from told me her friend makes them and they take a long time to make.



My most recent purchase was a little walnut mouse from the children’s theater. It’s half a walnut shell with little whiskers on one side and a Santa hat. All hand made by tiny hands.


We make a new ornament every year, it’s a tradition. Usually what ever ornament we design for that year gets added to cookie packages and gifts we hand out to others. This year I used cool whip lids that we would normally throw away (in our recycle bin for the city that is) and I turned them into ornaments for our tree. Not the first time I have used packaging as an art supply.


Oh, and I also made this pine tree from a cool whip lid. I glued an Aspen branch from up north on this one. I have been using my paint pens I got last year for everything, they are so cool.


There are so many ways to be creative when designing your own ornaments.


For a really simple and inexpensive ornament that the whole family will enjoy making, try making little log pile ornaments.



You will need these supplies:


Assorted sizes of twigs from nature.

Pipe cleaner or green twisty tie from grocery store

Faux holiday decorations (optional)

Bakers twine

Red twine (optional)


Step 1- After you have collected your twigs try to find a few to bundle together that are similar in sizes. You can always break off ends to even things up. Use your pipe cleaner or twisty tie to tie them all together.



Then wrap bakers twine or red twine around the pipe cleaner.


You can keep it simple by just wrapping with twine or add more detail. It’s all up to you, you’re the designer.


I added a little faux holiday twig with berries to mine.


These look so adorable hanging on trees and anyone can make them.Besides, the kids love looking for little sticks to use for their ornaments. It’s good getting them out there in nature.


Start your own traditions as well and hand out a home made ornament every year along with your Christmas cards.


Happy crafting and shopping everyone.


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  1. Sheree says:

    Wholly charming

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  2. Sharing your creative natural ornaments on my site today! 🙂

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    1. So sweet, thanks Robin. Just got back from an overnight road trip, I will check it out later. I have to write tomorrows post too. Another busy day. Hope you and your family are having fun this weekend too celebrating the holidays.

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  3. Reblogged this on Haphazard Homemaker and commented:
    Here are a few quick and easy natural ornaments that you and your family still have time to make. I absolutely love this blog and all of the sweet things this family makes, plus hearing about the tales of the Little Red House. 🙂

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    1. Oh my gosh Robin…a big THANK YOU. This makes me so happy when others love the crafts I share. I was gone for yesterday, delivering gifts to friends up north where Our Little Red House is. We played Santa last night and surprised everyone with a quick drive up before a storm hits the area in a couple days. Looks like they will be getting a White Christmas this year up there.

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  4. You have a natural talent for making items out of natural items! 😀 These are all adorable!

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    1. Thank you Robin. You should see what I picked up yesterday. I have lots of pretty clippings from nature to make pretty little wreaths. I didn’t have time to do a post this year on wreaths and I am not even sure if I will have time later tonight to make one for my aunt who I am having breakfast with tomorrow. Oh, and Yoda is on hold. Told my daughter I will have to slowly work on him because I am not getting the nose and mouth right.

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  5. You are so very creative. These look great.

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    1. Thank you so much Jeanne. You can add these easy ornaments to all those cookie baskets you made with your family. That looked like so much fun too.

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      1. That’s a great idea. I will pass it along. 🙂

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  6. Emily M says:

    Such lovely little ornaments! I especially love the tiny basket of yarn! 🧶

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    1. Thank you Emily, here is a link to how I made them https://ourlittleredhouseblog.com/2017/12/20/12-days-of-christmas-craftsday-9/ they were one of my 12 days of Christmas crafts a couple years ago. Have fun making them, they are not hard at all. You might be able to find the baskets online of at a craft and hobby store. My neighbor gave me a bunch of tiny craft supplies one year and baskets were in one of the boxes.

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      1. Emily M says:

        Thank you for sending me the tutorial! I definitely want to give this craft a try sometime! 😊

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  7. Tanya says:

    I just love every one of your sweet ornaments. The angel is really pretty, I love it.

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    1. Awww…thank you. I would love to learn how to make that paper angel. They have the most beautiful paper angels from Europe.


  8. All these crafts are so neat. I can never figure out how people think of such things!!

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    1. Thank you Lisa. I am always amazed when I come across artists out there in the world and just the beautiful things they come up with too. That’s why I am always up for a craft or art festival.

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  9. Dandelion B says:

    That paper angel does look like it takes a long time! As soon as xmas is over I am making halloween and xmas ornaments to give away. Love.that little tree you made

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    1. Thank you, glad you see you are back. Hope you having fun this Christmas season. The tree is so easy to make. Take a plastic lid from a food container like an empty oatmeal container or cool whip container. Draw out the shape you want of your tree then cut out of lid. Trim the edges of the tree and add a twig from outside and glue in place. You can decoupage fabric on your tree to add color or use paint pens and color in. Have fun. I will have to catch up with everyone later with reading posts I am way behind on. That’s what happens when you try to post something everyday. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


      1. Dandelion B says:

        Merry.Xmas.too! Our USA friends are back home,our first of 3.xmas is done..was able to follow email.to yoir post lol.as I had a few moments to myself tonight..i love.that is here but look forward to the downtime.that is in the new year

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      2. Good to hear, now you can rest and enjoy the holidays. I am so busy this year but sadly not as much family around like last year, remember when I wrote about the cookie exchange and the hockey game…well, not this year. A lot of tension in our country and some separation and depression is coming up in our family it seems.


      3. Dandelion B says:

        Awww im so sorry to hear. I have a large extended family but we keep our xmas to just our kids parents and siblings. Fie the first year we are playing xmas games and gift exchanges with hubz sister and my brother and his parents…including all the kids i am most excited for that we are hosting and i hope they have a blast ive been working and planning for months on it

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That is so sweet, that right there makes me so happy, at least your family is connecting and getting along. Over here in the states we are having a lot of tension with politics and there is some history in my family from past things that kind of effect how we all interact, so add a little political hate to it all and that’s the straw that broke the camels back.. It is like a really bad soap opera that involves, all kinds of ugly too. It would make for an interesting book but I would have to do it anonymously. I would never want to hurt anyone in my family. I am not sure anyone would believe it even if I did write it all down and got it all out. I even believe a murder happened years ago but there is no proof and again…people would think it is all made up especially with fake news being promoted everywhere. All the people that played a part in that ugly pass are no longer alive. I always told my husband that I want to do a good book where I share the things that make me happy, just a day dream. Think we all have that one. At least I have good neighbors and a couple really sweet aunts that I keep in contact with…oh, and my cousins over in Oklahoma and Arkansas, they are so sweet. Gotta count our blessings where we have them. Have fun with your family and have a wonderful Christmas too.


  10. Sandra McCall says:

    The little stick bundles are adorable. I can see them decorating a long garland too. You are right, looking for the little sticks would be a perfect way to get the kids outside.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and it is so nice outside when the weather is nice of course. Even in the snow you can find little bits of nature to decorate with.


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