12 days of Christmas crafts…day 12

Upcycled garden lights.


Awww…so sad, last of the Christmas crafts. I can’t believe how fast it went by this year. Think it might be from watching that riveting impeachment all over the screens. Nah, just pulling your leg , that stuff is not only boring but incredibly heartbreaking to witness the divide it is causing our country…this is not good everyone, but you all already know that. It is so upsetting that at a time when we all should be celebrating, loving and getting along with each other, this is happening.

Okay, back to Christmas and all the beautiful reasons why we celebrate and love it, because well, you all know. I have another post scheduled tomorrow where I address that. I am trying to keep these DIY posts of mine short and sweet. I am so sorry about the rant. I really want peace and love for the whole world and this comes from a place of love. We all, every single human being on this planet needs to step up and start being kind and love one another.

This is a project from a couple of years ago. One day after a long hot summer here in July I stepped out into my garden to clean up the mess everywhere and had to get rid of my garden lights. They had died and burned out over the summer. They were broken and faded, just a huge mess.


The bulbs were still good though, for craft projects that is. So I cleaned them up to turn into ornaments.


Then I used a box tray (the kind they give out at Costco) and made a drying rack for my bulbs and painted them a cream color.



After they dried I painted them in all different styles. I even decoupaged fabric hearts on some. To add a hook I just added a pom pom to a wire hook and glued inside the bulbs to hang from. You can also glue twine inside the tops. The plastic parts that were part of these garden lights had become broken. They were chipped from the heat and sun eating them away.  I had to get creative with how I was going to hang them up.

I made snowmen bulbs and added little snow caps, then hung strings and hooks from the hats. The hats are so simple to make. Just cut a rectangle shape from fabric, fold over and either glue or sew up the side. Sew a little folded cuff on the bottom, then tie of top and trim. 

The hats look so cute on the bulbs.  Hard to tell these used to be broken garden lights. And to think these would have ended up in the dump.


I even added white and red paint to the bulbs and swirled around the two colors to create pretty designs.These types of ornaments have always been done for decades now, so fun to make too.


I don’t keep all my craft projects.I give away a lot.


I will either add them to my cookie plate packages, donate them to church craft sales, or exchange them for credit at a store here in our city that will except things to sell in their store where you either get cash back or credit. We took credit one year because I needed a camera. We ended up getting two used Nikon cameras along with a camera bag and all kinds of filters. So fun to barter. The camera I use for this blog site came from me recycling projects that would have otherwise gone to a landfill to pollute our planet.


These bulbs helped contribute to our camera fund. They are also easy to make. I even added some yarn hair to some of my ornaments


You can create just about any style of ornament you want.

I cut out little hearts from some pretty fabrics of mine and decoupaged them onto some of the bulbs and used puffy paints to add more detail.

Have fun upcycling everyone.

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  1. ekurie says:

    It’s funny… I just realized the 12 days of Christmas actually begins the 26th and ends on Epiphany (January 6 or Twelfth Night), so you can start all over again! Merry Christmas to you and yours 🎄

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    1. Oh my goodness, I better get busy. You and your family a beautiful Christmas too.


  2. Sandra McCall says:

    So cute! Loving those little snowmen.

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    1. Thank you Sandra, have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  3. Oh my gosh! So ingenious! I would never think of this stuff! Or maybe I would If my brain would slow down! I was so wound up and down about all the impeachment garbage last week but this week I’m taking a break. It’s nothing new anyhow. They all say the same garbage over and over and never get anywhere. They won’t fix any of the problems that need fixing because one party is obsessed with yelling “gotcha!” at the other. It makes me sick how fake they all are.

    Enough of my rant too 😉 I should be working on my blog round up for the week, though I think I’ll do it biweekly from now on. There have just been a lot of good blog posts around the blogging world lately! The end of the year must be inspiring people.

    I’d I don’t comment before Christmas, have a merry one!!

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    1. I still need to visit everyones blogs. Doing this one a day blog makes it hard to visit others. I have a whole table full of wreaths to make and it is getting late and I haven’t even had lunch yet. Just got back from a Christmas breakfast with my aunt, a little early but at least we were able to do it. We still have a altitude hangover from our weekend trip up north to Our Little Red House . We played Santa that night and surprised everyone with baked goods and gifts in that old cowboy town. I needed to get in the Christmas spirit because the political tension is so ugly right now and so sad. I can’t even be around some of my cousins because they seem to hate us right now and I don’t even know what that is about. I do know my cousin’s husband drilled me after the election saying over and over loudly “WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR!” and he just kept saying it over and over because I stared at him in shock not answering because I think he frightened me a bit. It was scary the hate he glared at me. He has never really started conversations with me before that day and then for the first time ever he started glaring at me and asked me that question over and over. When I sat there dumbstruck he looked at my son and started grilling him and now my son looked scared (he was 16 at the time). I never even talked about politics…ever. I guess wearing a cross, being an older woman and living the way we do was enough to trigger my cousin’s husband that day and he went crazy…I have never seen anything like it. That is when I told my husband “What is going on, this is like a cult or something, I never talked politics with anyone…ever” and my husband is also upset with it all. So I understand any rant and hope and pray next Christmas is more peaceful because I never have been one to fight or hate. I just stay away from my cousin and her husband now but if I run into them now and then I am always polite and then my husband and I leave. My aunt seems to be in denial with the way her grown kids (in their 30’s) have been treating us so I think we are all just pretending to get along because we don’t want to hurt her (she is 80 years old). I want us all to be together and happy but it just isn’t happening. Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that I love your new photo with you and your daughter reading together, so sweet. Such a pretty photo of you both. Okay, gotta get off and finish some projects. One of which is tomorrows post which I am afraid I might have a bit of a mini rant to go with it but I always end with a positive. You and your family have a great Christmas

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      1. The way people cut you off if you express a different opinion from them nowdays is scary. We have family who no longer talk to us and I guess that’s why but they never say. It’s hard for me too not to hold a bad opinion of someone because of their politics but that’s not right because i know everyone has their reason for believing what they do. Shutting people out because you assume they believe one way, isn’t right. and the aggressiveness, people demanding you give them an opinion so they can berate you and make themselves feel what? Superior? I don’t even know.

        We had a young girl at our house and there was a video on TV about the president – it was a bit of a joke video – not either way – poking fun in a way but not too bad. She yelled “Why would you put that man on the TV? What do you like him? I’m not staying in this house,” and ran outside to wait for her older sister to pick her up. I have no idea what her mom was teaching her at home but it was totally bizarre. They barely spoke to us again after that I have no idea what she told her family we were all about but she woudn’t even listen that the song is a joke, written when he was running for office.

        Oh well. I shut social media down for the rest of the week just so shut it out for a bit.

        Hope you get all your projects finished.

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      2. Oh my gosh, this gave me goosebumps. It reminds me of what happened at my aunt’s house after the election. My cousin’s husband just started attacking me and all I was doing was sitting at the table reading a magazine and every time I looked over at him he would just glare back at me, it was so uncomfortable. That’s when he just out of the blue just started asking that question “WHO YOU DID YOU VOTE FOR?” I never answered of course because I was just so shock at his hate. I am afraid to say that I don’t think my vote went through because I didn’t mail the ballot in time because it was such a hard election.

        Then fast forward a couple years later and I still get glares, so I stay away. My cousin’s little girl (age 2) tried to interact with me and was smiling and I stooped down to smile back and that is when my cousin started yelling “THAT’S YOUR DADDY, YOU’RE LOOKING AT YOUR DADDY…YOU LOVE YOUR DADDY, YEAH, YOUR DADDY, THERE’S YOUR DADDY,” because she kept trying to distract her daughter from looking and smiling at me, she was about 1 years old then.

        Everyone at the restaurant stared over in our direction because of how loud she was and it was like she was having some sort of weird melt down by saying over and over “THAT”S YOUR DADDY” trying to block the fact that her baby was actually smiling at loathsome me. My teenage son who is on the spectrum came up to me after the birthday party we had for my aunt and said when we were driving home “Mom, Lisa was looking at you, she was smiling at you and I saw the whole thing, we all did.” I didn’t even bring it up on the drive home. My son could see how sad it made me and how embarrassing it was to be played out in a public place.

        That was the day the Josie Smollett thing happened too. Then that turned out to be a lie that the media was just trying to get everyone to hate on certain people. I don’t even know how I got most of the hate either because like I wrote above, I never talk about politics or religion or anything touchy and I am nor never was a racist. My husband has witnessed this over the years too and has said “I see it too and it doesn’t make sense to me either, for some reason you make some people angry and you don’t even have to speak or anything” Now my cousin will physically turn her babies head if she sees her looking in my husband’s or my direction. We don’t see them a lot only once in awhile if we are visiting my aunt.

        The only thing I can thing of is that maybe it’s the wooden cross I wear on a string, not even fancy gold or diamonds. Just wood from an Olive tree from Jerusalem that was made into a cross. I used to wear it outside my shirts but now when out in the world I have it under my shirt close to my heart. I know it all sounds weird but this hate is happening and it is the strangest thing I have ever seen. Maybe wearing the cross sets some people off. My cousins also follow all the trends and social media. My husband’s cousin works in media and is a radio personality on one of our local stations. Where I don’t even have a cell phone, and I never follow social media trends. I just started blogging and so far that’s it. Instagram just doesn’t work for me. That could be it, that could be why my cousins and some people seem to resent me…I am the odd one out, not doing what they are. Oh well…I am still going to stay true to who I am.

        Anyway, there are reasons why I love working out in nature and my garden. It’s because I don’t get hateful glares and attacks there. I hope and pray the next Christmas is a much happier and loving Christmas in the world but I fear not. Some people seem to be getting worse.

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      3. It’s very sad. Some people are just crazy and when they feed themselves with the media they think the world is really an us against them thing. The media pits us against each other and then sells ads and papers when we kill each other.

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      4. So true and very sad. The media does want to sell stories and be popular. Oh well, I just try to stay off and do my own thing that makes me happy. My husband worked in that environment for many years so he has many stories to tell. He probably has PTSD from it all, probably why he also likes to spend a lot of time out hiking and in nature. So much tragedy and stress in the news world. It is nice being away from it.

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  4. Liz says:

    A lovely idea and the snowmen so cute. I can imagine the snowman working with ping pong balls too.

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    1. Thank you Liz, and you are right, you could use ping pong balls. The balls would be a lot safer too because these are made of glass.

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  5. Love your recycled snowmen! Awesome idea!

    I too am so done with the news, the government and all of the childish behavior going on by our elected officials..

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    1. Thank you Robin, and it is so exhausting seeing all that unfold in our history right now. This is a time when we all really need to just celebrate and be happy. Been trying to watch Christmas movies and YouTube Christmas markets in Europe. So fun to see those markets with all the sweets and ornaments everywhere.

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  6. Your creativity is only exceeded by your talent to show all of us how to get out of our shell…not only with crafting, but in life!
    I can thank you enough for sharing this all and making us better people.

    Big hug and stay the way you are 🙂

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    1. I love getting a visit from you, Thank you so much, you will never know how much I needed to read something like this today. Thank you for sharing what you do too. You and your husband are living such a beautiful life. Stay warm over there and have a beautiful Christmas morning with lots of happy memories to keep close in your heart. Big hugs back to you all from Arizona.

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  7. What a great idea. I have thoroughly loved your 12 Days of Christmas craft. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and relaxing break! I am taking a 3 week break from blogging, I’m not sure if you ever saw my new blog https://all-hearts.org but I look forward to reading more blog posts form you in the New Year.

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  8. Omgosh! How super cute!

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  9. Steph says:

    I love your ornaments, especially the snowmen!

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    1. Thank you so much. snowmen crafts are some of my favorite things to make. Also thank you for stopping by my site for a visit, have a Happy New Year.


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