Shopping trip to a real Arizona trading post.


Oh boy, do I have a fun one to share with you all this time. Out here in the old west we used to have trading posts in the middle of nowhere Arizona where natives, cowboys and pioneers would get most of their supplies.

There was a lot of bartering that went on too. Sometimes gold or money was exchanged and sometimes it was one good for another. Everyone had something to trade or sale and share with one another.

You will still run into some local businesses that practice this bartering type of buying goods and services. I don’t think it is talked about a lot though but even neighbors and friends kind of do a bartering type of business when they help each other out sharing foods and giving each other a hand.


The store I am going to share with you all today did not start out as a trading post though. It used to be a warehouse that stores mining equipment for the old Dominion Copper mine. The building was built in 1905. The building has been in business for over a 112 years.

Pickle Barrel Trading post is one of my favorite stores to shop in with 8,000 sq. Ft. of items, that’s a lot to take in. When you first walk up you are greeted by all kinds of yard art and sculptures.



I tend to spend a lot of time outside exploring and forget that the inside is also full of colorful and fun items to see. I loved this little bird house that was outside sitting on an old wooden bench just waiting for someone to pick it up.


Also really liked this display cabinet of theirs that was mostly empty at the time but with it’s chipped green paint I loved the rustic style of it.


If my husband ever does start on an adobe house in our future this is the window I would put inside somewhere.


The pickle barrel trading post is located in Apache country. There are all kinds of beautiful pieces of art created by not only Apache Indians that are local in the area but also Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santos Domingo.


I love the Zuni fetishes they have in the store. All kinds of hand made little colorful critters made from local stones.


When you first walk into the store there is a huge drawing of Geronimo, all done in pencil on canvas. It is huge. Titled Geronimo’s one last ride.


The warehouse has several rooms everywhere to explore.


I love, love, love baskets. Remember I am a bit of a basket fanatic. Growing up in Arizona has helped supply this need since there are basket weavers all over this state, including me (I still have a lot to learn). So much fun making baskets.


They also had some adorable and colorful little ponies for sale.


I thought these were really pretty with their bead work.


There was a lot of detail to them and I love trees.


They also have a huge selections of local stones which include copper, ore, fire agate, Amethyst, Apache tears and Petrified wood. Little tip about petrified wood, do not remove any from the petrified wood forest. It is protected there and people who have removed it have mailed it back from other countries and places here in our country because they at first do not believe in curses but then bad things start happening and they look at that wood they stole and ship it back to the park with a nice little note saying they are sorry. Look it up, there are many stories about that. I remember finding Apache tear drops all the time when I was a little girl. There are all kinds of rock hunters here in our state.


At the pickle barrel they supply a lot of craft items for the natives in the area that make ceremonial dresses for dance festivals and ceremonies through out the year.


Most of the time when I decide to do a shopping post I just randomly take photos of everything in the store to give everyone a feel for the place, like you all are also there in a way. I try though to make sure I don’t offend anyone by getting photos of their faces but sometimes someone will walk into a shot.These are real hides so I wouldn’t normally post a photo like this because it might offend some people. The Apaches buy hides here at this trading post and also they trade with the Hopi for hides. These are for their ceremonial dances.

We ran into a local artist there from the Apache tribe that was shopping for supplies for the ceremonial clothes she makes for her family. Turns out we have seen her family performing before. They are well known in the area and have even performed at the White house plus all over Europe. These dances are passed down from one generation to the next. What a small world we all live in. Of all places to meet up and hear a little extra bit to their story they have to tell, from their mother of all people…that was so cool to me. My husband ran into her first when she asked if he would help her put one of the hides up, which was a little out of her reach. I am also short, so happy my husband and son can reach those out of place areas in the stores, otherwise we have to call someone over all the time.

The store also has Apache baskets, beading, wood carvings, and medicine pouches from all kinds of natives in the area. Lots of artist sell their products in this store.


You can check out some of their items here  and best of all they ship outside the country too, plus they have a lay-away plan to work with anyone who wants to make small payments until it is paid off.


I am not getting anything for promoting this store, like always, these little mom and pops I share with you all don’t even know most of the time they are on my blog site. Just love sharing with you guys some fun places to shop here in our state. Just in case you ever stop by for a visit. Always better to shop local shops. Buy from people in your area, it is better for our planet. Encourage and support those artist out there in the world and always teach your young to never lose that creativeness that we are all born with. Happy shopping adventures everyone.


For more information on Pickle Barrel click here  I tried to share as many photos of their products because their online store only covers a fraction of what they have available. Always nicer to be there in person. Still fun to check out what they have online too. Lots of art to see.





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  1. This is amazing! I can only imagine how much fun it is 💗

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    1. I always love stopping by this store on our drives up north to Our Little Red House. So many unique items and I always love supporting artists.


  2. Dandelion B says:

    What an amazing place. Love all the artsty farsty eye candy. Hubz maternal grandmother was native, their pieces have been some of my fave long before I met him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have always had a love for the native people and how creative they are. I would love to do volunteer work some day in the future on some of the reservations teaching art to the children. It is on my bucket list of course.

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  3. The items in these shops are amazing! What beautiful crafts and dress and pottery. Thank you for taking the time to do these posts because I don’t know if I will ever get out that way..or for a long time anyhow.

    I’ve discovered your blog is like comfort food to me. I had been missing posts after I added some new blogs and this morning I went looking for your blog to find one of the first blogs I started following when I got more serious about blogging again – it was a comfort in the familiarity 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is such a kind thing to write…thank you so much. I feel the same way about your posts too, there are some bloggers out there that are so much fun to search out and see what they are up to. I like that too. Kind of like visiting nice family members. We all could use that, especially with some of the ugly going on in the media, nice to take breaks from that and just enjoy normal life moments.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s exactly it. I’m feeling off today and I think that’s partially because I made the mistake of watching the news. 🤢

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      2. How can anyone help it, there is a lot going on right now. I watch the news sometimes but they are quick clips on YouTube from around the world. Because my husband used to work in media he stays away from it because of PTSD I believe. He also worked in California for awhile as a movie editor and that showed him some pretty scary things. I can’t really write about it because my intentions with blogging are to just have fun and share positive things with others. Sometimes I can’t help it and I start writing about things that are upsetting me. I think it can be dangerous to blog in a time like now because everything in written form can be taken in several different ways and things can be twisted . It is easier to communicate face to face so people know what you are saying always come from a place of good intentions and straight from our hearts, at least the people who still have empathy for other human beings. I am not talking about entitled ones that you will never be able to have heart to heart conversations with, they are just too wrapped up with themselves to care. Some scary times.

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      3. Very true. I try not to get political on my blog and keep it as light as I can to give people a break from the depressing news.

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      4. Wise thing to do too.

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