Pinterest inspired confetti from nature


My daughter told me about natural confetti one day when we were walking into our home and walked across a pile of leaves that needed to be raked up (we are not known for keeping up very well with that part of our chores).


I thought what a cool idea and collected a pile of leaves to experiment with.


Then I got out my paint pens to add some color.



I used several styles of hole punchers to create my confetti.


Sturdy leaves that aren’t too dry work best.




If you don’t have paint pens then look around for really unusual leaves with patterns and multi colors on them.


This actually works everyone. Think of all that paper you are saving…and trees too. Although I think most confetti is made from plastics now. Remember my goal for 2020 is to try to cut back on plastics as much as possible. Now that I am looking around I am noticing that here in my country at least, we use plastic for everything. This is a lot harder then I thought.


I will try to share some ways I am trying to illuminate plastics in my life. As well as what to do with the plastic items you do have to try to keep them out of the landfills and oceans by re-purposing those items into other things. No judgement though, just suggestions. I know how hard it is to make changes in our lives. Just me sharing what I am learning about plastic and other things that concern that area of pollution.

This was a really easy and fun project. I loved how simple it was too.


My daughter told me this natural confetti is all over Pintrest. I am never on Pintrest because I don’t have a cell phone and the only time I am on the computer is when I am posting a blog post, or checking in with all you guys. I used to read the news online but stopped years ago because it was mostly negative news, hate propaganda and constant news about stars. Anything to keep me afraid and scare me away from being happy just living my life, that’s the media for you. Now I try to just live everyday the best I can.


Anyway, my daughter showed me some really pretty photos of all kinds of leaf confetti on Pintrest and here is what I came up with. If I had more time I know Pintrest would become an addition to me, it’s defiantly a place where my kind of people hang out. There are some amazing people and artists on that site.


All you artists out there will enjoy this one. Since I had my paint pens out and was out in my garden anyway I decided to paint some rocks I collected at the creeks up north.


It was the perfect day to get some Vitamin D sunshine therapy, peace therapy and art therapy for the soul.


Happy crafting everyone.




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  1. simplywendi says:

    the natural confetti is absolutely cool! and the painted rocks are adorable! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Wendi, so happy you are back now. It is nice taking breaks now and then. Have a great weekend.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        🙂 thank you so very much for your kind words! 🙂 may your weekend be blessed too.

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  2. I love this idea! What would you do with the confetti afterwards? I guess anything at all. We got snow today so our leaves are buried under about six inches that fell fast and furious. I the storm is over at least. But I will keep this project in mind when spring comes!

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    1. Thank you Lisa, I think your children will love this. You have some great trees over there too. We have a lot of cacti here unless we plant our own trees that is. I was thinking the confetti would be nice in a Valentine letter. Or another fun project would be to get a glue stick and create designs with the glue then drop confetti leaves all over. It would become a mosaic of colors.

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  3. What a great idea! I’m also trying to reduce plastics. I was asking my husband why there is so much, and he says it’s bc it’s so cheap to make. Like you, I haven’t been watching the news bc of the negativity and disheartening politics on both sides of the aisle. So when ppl started talking about the corona virus, I was like, “What’s that?”

    I really like the leaf confetti. Great work!

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    1. Thank you, you are so sweet. Don’t let that negative stuff worry you too much…like I am one to talk, I am always freaking out about things and that is why I have to stay off. This Corona virus worries me. Now we are in an election year and I told everyone it is going to get ugly out there, so pass on as much kindness as possible. I don’t talk about politics here in my blog, at least I try not to, but I am telling everyone to register to vote by mail…just in case there are problems and deliver the mail to the post office yourself, so you know it gets there. The face mask are sold out in most places but you can still get them at swap meets (painters) home depot had some safety mask still available. Rubbing alcohol (90% and above, careful it is flammable) rubber surgical gloves, and at least 2 weeks supply or more of dry foods. Not trying to scare anyone, just better to have these things on hand in case there is shortage coming up of these items. Oh, and bleach. This virus does not do well in the heat, so summer time will give us all a break. Hopefully by then they will have found a way to beat it, but it is a virus after all and those things are wicked things to keep up with, always changing and getting better it seems. Stay safe out there and thank you for stopping by my site for a visit. Good luck with the plastic challenge, I am right there with you on that one. They are actually adding it to our foods now,


  4. Really pretty and a great idea

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  5. theresaly520 says:

    Cool leafy hole puncher! I love it!💚😊

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