Shopping trip to an Arizona cactus gift shop.


This month’s shopping adventure is at a tiny little gift shop at a cactus museum here in Arizona. There are actually two little shops in the museum across from each other.


There are so many beautiful cacti to see here.


This is the place to go if you are a cactus fanatic.


The first shop is a little plant shop.


They had the cutest turtle rocks.


Lots of tiny baby cacti in pretty pots.


I loved this, so unique. I would hang this over my fish tank.


These were also a very creative way to display plants. I have some corks at home, maybe I will try to make something like this. I love the door display too.


They are so cute.


Across from the little store was a larger gift shop. It is filled all  kinds of items.



There were some plants but mostly it was cactus themed gifts.


There was a nice variety of  succulents.


I looked at this water fountain and thought how pretty it would be in my garden.Water fountains are perfect for home decor or even outside gardens. Some people even put them inside their homes.


How creative. What a perfect gift too. I have seen mason jars filled with dry cookie ingredients but a terrarium kit I haven’t seen before. This would be a nice gift for mother’s day.


They had another water fountain in the store. I liked this one better because it looks similar to a pond. You could put tiny guppies in this one.


My favorite part to these little gift shops are the fact that they support local artists in our area.


Wish I could watercolor like this. Just need to practice some more. The jewelry was really pretty too.


These were cute but a little too wild for me. Someone with a really big and fun personality could pull these off.


Love all the colors on these beads. Some one put a lot of time into this necklace.



They even sell seeds.


This was a fun little store to shop in. Do you see any items you like? My favorite items were the sea urchin hanging plants and turtle rocks. Happy shopping adventures everyone.


Whoops, one more fun thing to share with you all, this photo below. This wall of succulents was hanging on a wall display on the way out. I thought it was so pretty. This would be such a great art piece in a home.


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  1. Liz says:

    I would enjoy looking around there. Very interesting.

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    1. They also had edible items too and cookbooks for the desert. We cook cactus here for our tacos. Not all cacti are edible, you have to be careful of that and when you prepare them you have to make sure to burn off the thorns.

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      1. Liz says:

        I did not know that some cactus can be edible.

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      2. I know it sounds crazy but there are so many plants out there that you can eat if you know what they are that is, don’t want to get sick and eat the wrong things. It’s like mushrooms, don’t want to eat the wrong ones, that is dangerous. One time my husband and a guest staying at his aunt’s villa in Tuscany made a salad with items they found out in the wild growing. The guest was a chef so he knew what to look for. They had a bunch of people come in and all the restaurants were closed at that time and they were hungry. There was pasta on the kitchen shelves but no fresh greens. It was really good with the pasta. My husband’s aunt never used pesticides around her home so everything was clean and grew naturally. I heard dandelion salad is delicious too but it is getting harder and harder to find natural plants because everyone kills weeds and plants all the time…so sad. It is why butterflies are having such a terrible time, hard to find food when their weeds are being destroyed.

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    1. Thank you Sheree, I think you would love it in person. That door I believe you would like, such a pretty way to display plants.

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      1. Sheree says:

        Oh absolutely!

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    Although I’m not a big fan of cactus, I love pots and plants and creative things! I would love to browse through the shelfs! Didn’t know you would cook and eat cactus! You live and learn! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day 😀 Aiva


  3. You would love our garden nursery here, they have flowers everywhere and lots of other types of plants for sale, not a lot of cacti though. There is also an old adobe home on the property that they have filled up with pretty handmade items for sale. I will have to do a post and recipe for cacti tacos, they are called Nopalitos tender cactus. When you buy them in jars from the stores here they look like green beans. You can also buy them fresh from the produce section and prepare them yourself, or you can grow the cacti since it grows like crazy here. There is also fruit from cacti that we make jelly, candy and even ice cream with. Because these are all cacti you have to be careful to remove all thorns before cooking with them. There are actually lots of plants here in the Sonoran desert that are used for medicine and food, just have to know which ones are safe and which ones aren’t. The natives use a lot of plants from here to make natural remedies with.


  4. I would love to see that store!

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    1. I bet you would love it. I think those mason jars would be a fun DIY project for people who love crafting like us.

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  5. i love all your shopping trips. They are so fun to read and I love seeing the photos, especially because we don’t have those cacti out here. We have little ones they bring in sometimes, but nothing like those huge ones you had a photo of. All these photos always makes me wish I was more crafty! I used to be! Guess I need to get back into it again.


  6. It is hard to find the time to craft but it is therapeutic, at least to me it is. I should have put more photos of the cactus around the stores, there were some gigantic ones. Maybe I will find one and add it to my updates post coming up Saturday, I still need to finish that. The cactus out here can get big and scary in size.


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