20 things we are doing to keep the Coronavirus away from Our Little Red house.


“ Take one day at a time. Today after all is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

Billy Grahm


.  It is March 11th and while I sit here and write this I think about how it rained all day today. It is like the earth is crying tears. We are in a battle now. We all are the same soldier fighting the same enemy.

My husband took his 85 year old Italian mother to the base today to get her medication. They were given the choice of if they wanted to be misted or not. and they both said yes. My husband asked what the mixture was made of,. He was told it was a combination of alcohol and bleach. They scanned their heads for temps and did a tongue swab. The test was not for Coronavirus but it was a test to see if they were fighting an infection I guess. My husband and mother-in-law both came out fine. They were given a bottle of some sort of disinfectant for free to take home…because our president is a germaphobe. Let me tell you something about germaphobes, you want one on your team during times of a pandemic. Us germaphobes see all opportunities that these little monsters get into us and invade our worlds. My son and I drive my husband and daughter nuts with how we point out all ways germs get in and we both have been doing this for years.


I don’t know if any of you guys are worrying about this red monster (my nickname for it) but I am. Not to scare anyone but just being honest. I will try not to make this about politics. I am going to try to be as safe with this subject as possible. It is so disgusting to me how there are some people that are trying to turn this into a political opportunity in their favor, just so gross.

Every time I leave the house there is a scary red monster out there in the city playing a sick game of tag that no one really wants to play.

This is how my family here at Our Little Red House is watching this unfold, and what our guts are telling us. I have been reading some of your post out there and I am picking up a similar theme with some of you out there and that is that for awhile now some of us are feeling moments of sadness. Some of us are dealing with family/friends and even strangers turning against us for political hate that we don’t want to be a part of. It is like one side is being bullied and the other side is just trying to live as happy a life as they can. We are all about to fight a battle.We all have a storm to weather together. I fear for this country because we are not united and we need that desperately in times like now.

I will continue praying and sharing fun posts and advice (the good the bad and all the ugly that comes with honesty) as long as I can. With a monster like this on the loose, none of us know what one day leads to the other. I hope the ones that come out of this start appreciating the beautiful side to things, and start understanding that it is always the little things that mean the most. I don’t have to worry about visitors here at Our Little Red House. All my visitors are always so kind.Stay that way, we are all in this together, what ever country you are from, we have many things in common but the most common thing is this…this virus is our enemy. We all need to fight it together.

Thought I share some things we are doing differently in our home to keep our chances as low as possible in catching this highly contagious virus that seems to not effect children so much but acts like pneumonia in older people. It uses children as incubators to pass onto their families and others…the perfect weapon. This is my gut and opinion speaking. There are centers you can contact online for information daily, one center is for the whole world to follow, and I will leave out what my gut is telling me about that institute.

Every month we get through not catching this, is another month the experts have to figure out how to fight it. This is all I am trying to do for now, is get through every month. I know there is a very high chance it won’t be that bad if we catch it but the stories I am hearing from Italy are frightening to me and point in another direction to what is being reported in some places. I am just treating this as something my family and I just can’t get. One more tip for all the young and healthy ones out there, viruses mutate, sometimes in favor of us, sometimes not.

I was around 13/14 years old when the Aids epidemic started. I watched as people started to blame, to hate, to point fingers. Then things started changing and everyone got it. Children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and all nationalities died from Aids back in the early stages. Some of us thought we were safe, but we weren’t. So to the ones who are not really being effected like the older generation and the weaker ones out there, please, please think of them and follow all guidelines when it comes to this monster because we really don’t know how this will end.

Okay, now onto some of our changes here we started since late Dec/early January. I am a fanatic when it comes to watching signs around the world. We have been experiencing shortages here in our country for awhile now, but only at stores that get most of their supplies from China. I even turned to my husband in late October and asked him why so many shortages, he said he was noticing it too.


“What’s going on in China?” I asked and started to worry. This is what happens when we, all of us, put too many eggs in one basket. This is what happens when we look the other way. This was eventually in my opinion going to happen. How can a world sustain itself when we keep hurting it, it’s animals, it people, it’s everything.

How excessive we have  become in trying to keep up with each other, when all we need to really do is simplify and love life, and each other, living it the best we can by being kind to all the living things we share it with.

I really hope that doesn’t trigger people what I just wrote above but I have been worrying about this for awhile, it is why I try to promote a simpler lifestyle here on my blog site. I am not suggesting we go back to no electricity times but we need to pull things back a bit.

I write this because the bees are suffering, the animals are suffering and the people. Now you throw in a pandemic, which we will get through and maybe it will be really mild, maybe we will be able to keep things at a even pace so we can stay ahead of it and keep our hospitals organized. Anyway, this is just a rant. It is my way to relieve stress I guess.

I do not want to think about any living person suffering…nope, just don’t want to go there. I rather be helpful. The list below may seem a little extreme for some and that is okay, I have been judged all my life for being a germaphobe. I am now on your team, use that that to your advantage. I want you all to get through this.

Even though places everywhere in my country are running low on toilet paper, shop around to less popular stores and you will be surprised. The more test results come in our country , the more panic will happen. If we run out of toilet paper there are always showers, I mean come on…why is it that toilet paper became the hot item during a pandemic?, what about medicine and food?

So this is what we started doing from January to now:

  1. We use a small spray bottle filled with 90% alcohol for knobs, light switches, and any packages that come into our home. To save money we bought a couple of small peroxided spray bottles from the dollar store and filled those with alcohol. They work great and it is very convenient to spray each other down when we come home from outside in the city. It is easier to spray down things and also packages that come in.


2.We take our shoes off as soon as we step into our homes. We spray those with alcohol and leave them in a big plastic bin by the door.

  1. We no longer share food with each other. I used to give all my pizza bones to my husband but now the chickens get those bones. My husband and daughter used to have no problem sharing food and drinks with others. My daughter used to tell me she would share drink sips with friends at High School, she got a “What, even after I told you never to do that, you do know there is mono and that lip herpes you can pick up” I reminded her. She laughed at my over the top fears of germs and my son standing near me just shook his head in agreement with me. I feel for both my husband and daughter, this new world with the Coronavirus is a hard one to understand.
  2. We shop early to avoid crowds.It is getting kind of spooky out there with how empty everything is.




  1. We stopped eating out. We are now very strict about preparing our own food.


  1. We keep our distance from others.


  1. We avoid public restrooms as much as possible. My kids take their own toilet paper to college with them as well.I know, sounds extreme but way back at the end of December when we first heard about this virus that started out of China, I told my kids I fear this virus sticks around like the Norovirus but attacks the lungs the most. And we all know how contagious the Norovirus is and how easy it is to pass, so bathrooms are extreme hotspots.


  1. We wash our hands a lot within our own homes. I am treating this exactly how I treat the norovirus when it hits my home. When that 24 hour flu hits, the person infected stays in their room, they get one bathroom and only they can use it. There is always ways for outside items to come into contact with us, deliveries, mail, neighbors sharing trash bins (we do this) touching garbage pails together…even when you think you may not need to wash your hands in your own home, still do it.


  1. We all have our own cups to drink from.


  1. We are cutting back our food intake so we don’t have to go out and shop so much. Smaller portions, even skipping a meal now and then.


  1. We only buy fresh produce that we can wash well like carrots, tomatoes, apples and oranges. Try to stay away from lettuce, herbs, and things that are harder to soak and wash. Also green veggies like green beans and broccoli are veggies you can boil, so I figure that’s good.. If you do buy lettuce buy from prepackaged bags and hopefully whoever packaged it wasn’t sick. I have heard the virus can live on most surfaces up to 9 days, but that could be a rumor. Think about that Norovirus, it lives on services a long time too.




  1. We have a small garden here. Remember it is never too late to start one now and try to get your fresh produce from that. Remember Parsley is a nice green to add to veggies, careful not to eat too much. I heard it helps with constipation. If you are not eating a lot of veggies and fruit this may mess up your natural digestion.


  1. Take walks outside more to get some natural Vitamin D in you. If you can’t walk for physical reasons then find a comfy chair and sit outside a bit while working on a craft or reading a good book. You can also buy supplements for Vitamin D. There are reports out there that Vitamin D helps fight respiratory illnesses but you have to start taking them daily, not a large dose when you get sick that can be toxic to your system. Too much of some vitamins can be bad for us. Talk to your doctors. Getting your vitamin D levels up now and every month from now on will give your body an extra soldier to help you fight this virus if it gets in you. Some food high in Vitamin D are…oranges, fish, milk and diary items like cheese.


Right now our trees here in Arizona look like this. There is a lot of coughing and sneezing going on at the moment because of allergies and all the pollen out there.
  1. When our children come home from the university and college they attend they take a shower and discard their clothes to be washed. Then we wash our hands when handling these items until they are clean, all while making sure to not touch our faces.As of now my son’s college has decided to close down for an extra week. My daughter sadly still has her public school she works at that is still open.


 15.We try to remember to sneeze into tissues, then throw away. If no tissue available we sneeze and cough into our elbows. It is allergy season here in Arizona at the moment, we are all sneezing but you never know.


  1. When out in public, when there are free food samples we no longer sample them. People touching the area all the time and putting food into their months make it a  hotzone of all kinds of germs. Until they get a handle on what they are dealing with, they should stop this in all supermarkets. And while we are at it, have all fast food workers and chefs get tested for the virus since they are the ones preparing and delivering foods to others. I told you I was a germaphobe.




  1. No hand shakes and no hugs when greeting. In Italy we give and get two hugs and two kisses. We are all animals, and as animals we have to listen to our instinct, if you feel spooked about something listen to that, if you are close to someone and you feel unsafe, listen to that feeling and step back.


  1. Our grown children each got a container of Clorox wipes. They wipe down their eye glasses, phones, computers etc…My daughter gets stares from some of the mean girls at her university. My daughter will wipe her area she sits at and some will say “Good  idea, wish I thought of that.” there are others that will give her a look like she has a problem or something. Told my daughter to be the leader, set the examples and show others it is okay to do the right thing and cleaning up a desk area before you sit at it is not a bad thing, it’s the right thing. Pandemics and Narcissism together are like fuel to a fire.


  1. We don’t go to large gatherings. Every year I always go to a giant rummage sale here in our city. I didn’t attend this years in February.


  1. We wash and disinfect our vehicles. When we are out and shopping we park our cars. We don’t stay with them. People park next to vehicles all the time, they sneeze, and cough on them, you know. It all may seem extreme but these tiny little invisible bugs are pretty relentless.


We used to take this at a month to month situation and now I am telling my kids to take this as a day by day situation. This starts out small and then goes BIG. Look at Italy, that is frightening.


All people, all nationalities need to beat this thing together and the only way to do that is to love your neighbors. Be honest with everything, not try to point fingers to blame…remember how that one turned out with the AIDs epidemic. We all share this planet. We need to remember that and share information not hide it for our own egos. Be truthful, and don’t turn this into a political thing to split us even further apart.

I believe Taiwan did an excellent job at stopping this virus from getting out of control and we should all follow that example as much as possible. Check out how they are doing that. Also Israel seems to have a great system down too, some super smart people in there. Every country has someone that is their star scientist…we need to make sure to protect them. They have a fight on their hands. Please pray for the world. Please, extra prayers for Italy, they are really suffering right now. I have been praying this virus mutates to something really weak and we are able to learn all ways possible to take this out. Thank you so much to all the doctors, nurses and health care workers out there, may God send angels to guard you and protect you as you help heal the sick and weak.

And one last thing, everyone I have come into contact with through information from Italy, England, and here in the USA, have not reported getting sick. No stories of anyone in my circle or their circle that have this virus. I am going to take that as a good sign and thank God for answering that prayer everyday for me and all my followers here are on that list.

Sorry so emotional and strong with this post but what I have watched happen to Italy just  hurt my heart. Please, lets make sure that doesn’t happen anywhere else like that, lets get a handle on things before that happens. At least we can be thankful that Italy was and still is being completely honest with us. Please stay safe out there you guys. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.


It did continue raining the day I wrote this up, but then the sun came out and with it always comes God rays. Letting us all know that sunny days always come back after a storm.

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  1. simplywendi says:

    awesome post! You and your family were prayed for this morning and the also the entire world……..We are all in this together and together we can get through this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendi, please, please, stay inside as much as possible and have your family wash like crazy before having contact. You are right, we are in this together and in a team we become stronger. I will keep praying as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simplywendi says:

        thank you, yes. my oldest son does work and go to college but it will probaby go virtual after spring break. my husband is currently working from home and i hope that i am now done with all errands that needed to be done.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Just do small errands and trips to stock up now and then. do it when it is early right when they open. I heard that the virus can linger in the air for up to 30 minutes so make sure to keep safe distances at all times away from strangers, this is until we can get masks of course. There is a shortage here because of some weird rule about supplying from our factories to our own countries, don’t even know what that is about, so it could just be a rumor. I know there were some earlier reports that the masks don’t work for the general public because we don’t really know how to use them properly, but I have also heard reports from outside sources that the surgical masks help keep the germs in the sick in them and away from spreading to us. The N95 masks are suppose to help us keep toxins from coming in and that is why a lot of construction workers use them. All universities and colleges are closed in our state for now. They are waiting for a 100 test results to come back so our numbers will start going up here in our community. I can’t even go into what word we are getting from Italy, it is frightening. Everyone we know, all family are okay. One family member in Italy wrote back when she saw my daughter text that she was upset when her university closed “Good, please, take this seriously”. In our home we are definitely taking this seriously.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. simplywendi says:

        Great advice, thank you! Yes, I have been taking short trips into town and need to get out tonight for gas….really I just want to stand outside and yell at the top of my lungs to release stress, but that is not a good idea where I live. 🙂
        Praying for you and your precious family.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yeah, me too. Maybe we can scream into a pillow. To relieve stress I am going to do some fun DIY posts for you all. Also I have been watching a lot of sewing tutorials on YouTube. I want to make little Easter baskets for the kids in our neighborhood. There are 5 little girls that would probably enjoy an extra Easter basket filled with something fun. I also have to design a little sewing area for my daughter in my husband’s old office. Poor thing, she is taking this really hard, she is not a homebody like her mom. She just started going to the University this year and was really looking forward to that and now the school is closed down for the rest of the semester.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. simplywendi says:

        I love that you are working on gifts for other people, what a beautiful heart you have. I am sure the girls will be thrilled receiving another basket with goodies!
        I am so sorry about your daughter, I have a daughter leaving for college in the fall and I know she would feel the exact same way!

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I told her that things will go back to being okay, right now we are all in shock but it always works out in the end. There is just so much happening at once and it is a lot to take in. Lot of little battles going on everywhere.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. simplywendi says:

        You said it perfectly, a lot of little battles going on everywhere and that is what makes is seem overwhelming………it a whole lot of stuff.

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    As all the schools and colleges across Ireland are closed and we are all in the limbo, we are scared too, not knowing what’s going to happen or how severe the virus is gonna spread 🙈🙈🙈 but one thing for sure, we can’t live like we used to – eating pandas and koala bears, chopping down trees and creating oceans of unnecessary plastic. Be safe, wash the germs away and look after yourself. Lots of love from Ireland ❤️ Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for understanding and recognizing that we can’t continue living the way we did, you are so right. Hugs and lots of love to all you over there in Ireland too, stay safe and keep washing your germs away too. We will all get through this if we stick together and help one another.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. JOY journal says:

    God’s mercy can move faster than a virus!! Be well and blessed in your little red house!!


  4. Tanya says:

    I’m not worried about the virus. Sometimes I feel like I’m really being smart and other times I’m really confused so I’m not really sure of myself in this regard. I’m surrounded by a lot of impatient and unkind humans so that’s probably why I live with confusion. I am trying to live as happy as possible though. I like your tips and will be implementing them from now on. The big one is I have been trying to keep a no shoe policy in my home forever and it never sticks. Sending love, hugs, and prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tanya, stay happy and keep doing what you are doing. All of us will go through different stages when it comes to this historical moment in this world. I will stay as positive as possible and just keep you all in my prayers too. Keep sharing those happy photos of yours, they will cheer up a lot of people.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tanya says:

        Thank you

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Sending you warm wishes from here in Middle England x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and lots of love and warm wishes back. Please stay safe over there,


  6. ruthsoaper says:

    I think my biggest concern is not so much the virus but the chaos that is being caused by the response to the virus. For safety sake we will stay home or at the farm as much as possible. The other thing is trying to keep our immune systems healthy (eating right, sleeping well, exercise, reduce stress and vitamin and herbal supplements) and of course prayer.
    My husband too has been keeping a close eye on things and especially Italy. He doesn’t know any family there but his grand parents were Italian immigrants.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At first some younger family members were very relaxed about it when the virus first started. One texted my daughter back that it was only old people that were scared. Another texted back that they had a fever and called into work about it but were told to still get to work, this was in the early stages. Now they are warning everyone to please take this virus seriously.
      Then a few weeks went by and things started taking off fast. Some family are right where the virus first started. All my husband’s family from his mother’s side are from Northern Italy.
      When they closed the country down they another family member is in Malta and can’t get back to Italy, but his wife has a place there so they travel back and forth.
      Another family member said everything is okay where he is at but then he is on a farm in Tuscany. His boys are home so him and his wife are experiencing what it is like to home school. I told him to send them out in the woods to explore. They are surrounded by woods. He also ended his message back that it will get worse. https://patrignone.com/. I am sharing this with everyone because all of Italy is also sharing this information with the world. I just keep them all in my prayers.
      It is very sad what is happening in Italy, with reports of hospitals being over filled, not enough doctors and beds to treat everyone, there are even cases of young people showing up having to go into ICU now in their 20’s.
      Now some family that are texting back and forth with my daughter are saying to please, please, take this virus seriously.
      You and your husband are doing the right thing. Stay home as much as possible, go shopping early and when it is less crowded and help your neighbors and family as much as possible. Just have plans in place for different situations. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers and keep doing what you are doing. We definitely can not go into a chaotic panic that doesn’t help anyone.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So…like, how many ulcers do you have being so paranoid all the time? 🙂 (Hee. Hee. Just kidding! I do a lot of these things too.) Hang in there! We’ll get through this all together!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, that one made me laugh. You are right, it is not easy wondering about germs all the time. I know I drive my family crazy, but my house is not spotless. I think getting dirty and playing in the mud and having animals help our immune systems. And anyway I am a firm believer that a spotless house is usually a home that isn’t too fun. You guys hang in there too, we will get through this.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I thought..this comment could be read wrong, but hopefully she will laugh. Yes. I am actually pretty wound up about the germs too. My house is not spotless but I do wipe a lot down, wash the kids’ hands and use something called Thieves oil and they also get elderberry syrup once a day. I am really prettty paranoid. To the point I am probably the one with the ulcer! Or ulcers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh ,my gosh, please don’t get an ulcer. I am always making fun of myself and my “issues” so of course I thought it was funny. We are trying to laugh a little about what is happening, we have our moments of shock and nervous laughing and a few tears because my daughter just started at the Christian University here in our city and they told all students to go back home the school was closing.

      Then the whole toilet paper thing is a bit confusing to me. When we hear about Italy, our hearts just sink, Oh, and if you do get stress sour stomach, which I have gotten before when I eat a lot of spicy foods I just eat a spoonful of real peanut butter and that helps. That is so smart about the elderberry, my husband is looking for one right now for our garden but a lot of the local garden groups are not meeting up because of community spread Corona being here now.

      We were the first state and city to get Corona in this country. There are not a lot of cases out there but there are 100 test that they are waiting to come back. I have noticed a lot of dry coughing going on lately and I walk out of the store when that happens. Every where we go now there is coughing. There is strep, flu, and allergies are in high alert right now.

      We usually go up north for Spring break but sometimes the people in small towns up there can be a bit over the top with us flat liners (city people) there is some tension on some of the sites about some people wanting to close the roads to people from the city. Also some people are getting angry because there is no toilet paper in the stores.

      It is all so surreal. I do have a post coming up where I share a regular old shopping experience with you all from places here in the city. Every thing is becoming empty because people are afraid to leave their homes and shop. Amazon is going up and down our street all day long dropping off deliveries.

      Meanwhile back in Italy, where we have family they are dealing with fear and just not knowing what is next, it is getting worse everyday. The area where the virus first started was in the area we have family but theirs took off where here in Phoenix it remained low, maybe that has something to do with the sun. No one in our family has gotten sick but everyday they worry more and more.

      They are also reporting (or were) that we have two strains of flu going around our city right now and a child died from pneumonia complications after contracting the flu. Then there is talk that the kid that came back from a trip to China then returned to a university here in our city had the China/Italian strain of the virus, Also there is a rumor that a new strain then developed and it is a weaker strain. But these are all rumors and we all know that we can’t really trust rumors. Just keep doing what you are doing. I am keeping everyone in my prayers,


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