Shopping for Easter gifts when at war with a little invisable bug.



Little repurposed bunny I made one night while streaming movies. I also hand made the tiny basket to go with it. I do most of my crafting while watching a movie at night when I have a little free time.

.This post was written a couple weeks ago. Things have changed a lot here in our state when it comes to shopping now. We are in the top three states when it comes to hoarding supplies. Now when we drive to the stores there are lines that wrap around the stores.

There are empty shelves everywhere with employees trying to unpack boxes fast enough to supply what they can. People are waiting in the alley behind stores for food delivery trucks and grabbing crates of potatoes to buy before they even get a chance to put on the shelves, and these are people that live in tiny apartments in the middle of the city.

That many potatoes will eventually go bad if you don’t can them. There are heartwarming stories too. I hope to have a posts covering that coming up. I wanted to share this post down below with you all first. It is shocking to me how fast things happened.

These are all posts I had written weeks before and they were pre-scheduled, this is how I am able to keep up with blogging. In this post you will see shelves full of products and food everywhere but that is not the case now, we are all in shock at how fast everything has gone down. I have been so busy getting up with the roosters as they say, to get supplies for a quarantine I knew was coming up and now I have a little break to share some post with you all later. I still have my thrift store treasure post, cacti tacos and In the Garden adventures to share later.

Photo from a day ago. My mother-in-law called for onions, she uses them in her pasta. My husband and I got up early and drove around at 6 am looking for stores with no lines to avoid contact with anyone in large groups. We finally found a safe store with no lines but it was spooky how everything was empty. We found onions though so not a total loss.
Mostly can goods and toilet paper are the hot items, This was the only can good on several empty shelves when we went shopping for onions.

Easter shopping during an outbreak March 3rd.2020

If you read my post on keeping that Red Monster out of our home, then you know I am trying to be careful with what is going on out there in the world, but I am still trying to keep things as normal as possible. I wonder what my kids will think when they look back on these days. What stories will they share with the new people they will meet and be a part of the older they get. I don’t even want to go into worse case scenarios, I will be thankful for every day I get.

I hope they will have many happy stories to tell about these times, like we still had a fun Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies and silly gifts. I want to give them as many happy days as I can.

I also tell them like it is and remind them that in times like these you can not fall apart. They are young adults and in their lives they have never been through tough times. There have been many tragedies in my life that I have had to live through but not my children. I am talking them through this the best I can and one of those ways is by explaining that everyone deals with shock in different levels, it is like mourning the loss of someone we love. The world is in shock. You will run into many people in our circle of friends and family that will be at different levels of this shock.

The stages we must always be careful of are the stages of anger. Many People will be angry, they will be depressed, they will be in denial, they will try to bargain, then to finally acceptance. But is the anger that scares me the most, it leads to panic and irrational decisions, it leads to people getting angry at the messengers out there trying the best they can to prepare others, this in turn puts everyone in danger.

I remind my children that what ever happens in life, never stop helping and sharing your knowledge with others and always remember that you are never alone, even if they feel that way, that God is always by their sides. Having talks like that takes me back to when my father was alive and he said the same things to me “Do not go to places of panic, you will not think clearly, and stay away from people and situations that put you in chaotic situations, that is dangerous”. The most important thing my father always said to me was “ And remember no matter what, don’t go to the dark,”.

Dark to my father meant all the places we as humans sometimes get stuck in. You know, like sadness, bitterness, pride, jealousy, greed, vanity. My father would add  “ Never fill your heart with rage, or anger because these are places where darkness lives and if not careful you may get stuck there and that is when your heart becomes hard”so I pass these words onto my children and take each day as it is given to me and try to make them happy. We need to stay within our normal everyday lifestyle as much as possible. Shopping for Easter basket treats is one of those normal things we have done year after year.

Since my children were little I used the same baskets every year. I told my husband when I had my son his first year “I am buying two really sturdy and well made baskets so I don’t have to keep replacing them.” That was over a decade ago and I still have those baskets.


Every year I would pull those baskets out to fill them with fun gifts.


Items like bubbles, toy trucks, jelly beans, and rubber ducks.

As the kids got older those items would be replaced with pretty jewelry, hair accessories, books, earplugs, music and socks. Just those fun little gifts we all enjoy shopping for and giving to the ones we love.


This year for the first time in my life, it was surreal, like I was part of a movie I did not want to be a part of. A mean little bug is out there in the community I live in, we now have more cases spreading in our community everyday. I am trying to avoid it. From the looks of things I wasn’t the only one thinking this way. Look how empty this parking lot is, we used to have to drive around before we found a good parking spot here.


Okay, so you know me and my shopping posts. I usually share a post on mom and pop stores, you know local businesses, because I want to promote the little guys out there.

Now more then ever we will have to rely on these small businesses where ever you may live in the world. Our farmers and health care workers need extra prayers everyone.

First  place I went Easter shopping was at a grocery store, since we were there anyway for food. I figured I pick up some items for the Easter baskets. I am not getting anything for this post, these are just places we stopped off for supplies.


The store was empty, we came early but still it was a little creepy walking around not seeing a whole lot of people.


They had the usual Easter items all lining the shelves.


Then they had all this candy, I am sticking with the edible. I really didn’t see anything worth spending money on other then that. Our kids this year for Easter will be getting 2 pairs of jeans, 6 long sleeve t’shirts, a pack of socks and a pack of underwear. I know, how boring huh? But we are in a new world now since the Red monster was born and now we have to be smart about the things we buy, at least until things get back to normal and I fear we have a long ways away before we hit our new normal. It will be rough road until we get there. If there is any non food item you guys like now, get it now.

I decided to get some little baby chocolate bunnies. Chocolate for my son and cookies and cream for my daughter. I also grabbed some old fashioned suckers in different flavors like Strawberry banana and wild cherry.


We got some favorite snack foods and junk food to fill the baskets with. These are normally items we don’t keep stocked in our home so they are special treats for the holidays.

These are rare items now, The week I took this photo I would not realize this. I already had these items on hand so I didn’t need any so I left them. My husband and I shop once a month for our big supplies and we were okay with these two items.

Another day we went shopping at a bookstore here in our city. They have new and used items here. You can bring your slightly used items in to trade for other books, toys and gifts. I love the bartering and exchange of this type of program. You can also get cash for your items but you get more in credit when you do it that way. There used to be a neighborhood in our area that did a system like this. Once a month they would meet up in a park and set up tables. All items were free to each other. People would trade and share things they no longer wanted for things they needed. One Couple would need baby clothes where another person needed toddler clothes because their baby grew up. This is what we used to do in families, that is until narcissism took over and families broke apart all over the place. The Nirus is what I always called it. The bug of Narcissism.


I love visiting book stores. The smells, the colors and all those surprises waiting to be discovered once I open a book up. The bookstore was so quiet that morning, not a whole lot of people around.


I am on high alert when it comes to any sign of sickness from others around me. I was checking out the puzzles when a man came by and then he started to cough. I was at least 9 ft. away from him when this happened and then I walked away in the opposite direction. There is a rumor out there that the Red monster can linger in the air for 30 minutes after someone who is infected leaves droplets from a sneeze or cough . So I left to find my puzzles in another area of the store. Puzzles will be a nice Easter basket gift for quiet activities when you are stuck inside.


I started hearing more dry coughs in the store. Remember, here in Arizona we have flowers exploding all over the place, it could just be allergies. There is also strep going around everywhere.

We keep getting rain, so we also have mosquitoes. The allergy season is on high alert this year. Who knows why all of a sudden I am hearing a lot of dry coughing going on. Could be sinus problems causing throat irritation which cause coughs. This is what I hope it is, this is what I tell myself. It did not make me feel comfortable being inside with a lot of coughing going on.


I love shopping trips at the bookstore but this time when I ran into my husband in the store we both looked at each other and said at the same time “Lets get out of here, it’s time to go” and just like on cue someone coughed somewhere far off in the store.


Next place was to pick up some fruits and veggies. Only the ones we can wash well and soak, so no greens unless packaged. There was a group of firemen shopping near by and they were buying all kinds of things. I wonder if they would think I was weird if I walked up and told them what I have just written here. I stay away, my safe distance, especially knowing they have  a lot of people they come into contact with when called in for emergencies. Our first responders need extra prayers at this time. Instead I will try to remind my cousin of this tip and hope it gets passed around, some rumors are needed. My cousin’s husband is a fireman. I also have another cousin in California who is a fireman but I am sure he already knows all this since his expertise is in biohazards.


After we picked up some apples, tomatoes and oranges we headed over to a mom and pop hobby store that has been in business for decades. It is such a fun little store with an old fashioned feel to it. The owner is always there to greet customers coming in.


Lots of miniatures.


I always wanted to decorate a miniature doll house.


They had all kinds of items that would be practical basket fillers. Toys that get kids to think and even play outside with movements. They will need to stretch their legs and be outside for vitamin D.


They had all kinds of airplane kits and art supplies, just like in the 50’s. I imagine this store was very popular back then during the holiday times.


I love these super tiny animals they sell. I will have to do a fun DIY project with some of these later.


Craft kits are perfect for all ages when it comes to Easter baskets, great for rainy day fun to keep busy with.


Some of their crafts remind me of the days my grandma used to craft. I ended up buying a tiny coloring book of butterflies for stain glass coloring, a mini book of prince William and Kate paper dolls, and 2 itty bitty bunnies and sheep for a DIY project later.


Next stop was a Big Lots. Again, I am not getting anything from any of these stores for their mention, just taking you all on a shopping trip here in my city with me.


Reason we stopped at Big lots was to get a giant plastic bin (here I was doing so well with buying less plastic, just being honest…I try.) I like large plastic bins because they keep things from being covered in dust all the time.

While I was there I figure why not check out the Easter items. There wasn’t a whole lot. Easter a few years back seem like a bigger deal. There were all kinds of Easter items then…what happened?


There was a whole row of these, guess we have replaced Easter with some extra garden and Spring themed things instead.


They had some really cute dog toys for Easter. These would make fun bath toys for toddlers.


I have some garden gnomes, I switch them up and paint them different colors for the seasons. I don’t need to buy new ones this year. My little gnome that my kids bought for me was starting to fall apart but I am fine with that. I love switching up his style year after year.

Now I look at all these mass produced items and they don’t bring the same joy they used to. I look at them as items I can make myself, that is if I really want it. It may not come out exactly the same way but remember even our nail it moments are fun to do.


I ended up not buying any Easter items from this store. On the way out I noticed these cute little dinosaur treat eggs. Took me back to the early years when my son was a little boy and loved dinosaurs.


Then while waiting in line and checking out, I saw the item of the week was bleach. What a surreal time we live in.


I have my bag of Easter items put away, after I sprayed everything down and wiped clean with alcohol/Clorox. I have no idea what Easter will be like the closer we get to it but again I am still trying to live everyday the best I can.


Coming up in my next post, DIY pom pom chicks.


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  1. Sandra McCall says:

    That is so cool that you thought to buy one good basket for each child and then reuse each year. I think that the basket is probably more special to them because of it. The pictures of your kids with the baskets are so sweet.

    As for the virus, I wondered how you guys were doing down there. In Yavapai County, there have been no reported cases of it, but it seems to be growing to the north and south of us.

    My friends in Northern Cali have been ordered on lockdown until April 15th with no leaving their homes except for absolute necessities. Nothing here yet, but it is probably coming. Panic buying? Oh yes! We went to Costco to stock up yesterday and the line was around the building. We just moved on to Safeway instead of waiting in line. The shelves there were quite empty.

    These strange times just keep getting stranger.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. We are in voluntarily quarantine now because we were out in the public here these last two days trying to get a few items before things start closing more and more here in the city. We were thinking about going up north to check on Our Little Red House but the way things are going who knows what each day will bring and if the city goes to lock down we may get stuck up there and we do not have a generator for snow weather, it was on our list. We told everyone, stay away from us for two weeks and we are no going out anymore for at least a month. My mother-in-law lives down the street from us and we told her if she needs food we will drop it off but we always stay at least 9 ft. away when we speak to neighbors and family. My mother-in law has food though because my husband took her to the military base a couple weeks ago to get supplies. They sprayed them down, temp check and tongue swab. My husband and mother-in-law were both fine. It was a volunteer spray down and they said yes. I have a post coming up with another shopping adventure but we really are in lock down here at our house now. We are extra careful but you never know. No one, so far (keep praying and washing hands like crazy) is showing any signs of being sick. You and your husband stay safe in your town, go for walks in the sun as much as possible, I heard this virus hates the sun. Another rumor going around is to drink water throughout the day, which we have always down. Take a sip every 5 minutes because the virus likes dry mouth and if you drink water the virus goes into the stomach instead of the lungs and throat. Anyway, rumor or not, water is good for us so we should be doing that everyday to keep our kidney healthy.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Invisibly Me says:

    It’s so cool being able to go on a virtual shopping trip with you! It’s so, so strange out there at the moment. Manic and busy one minute, desolate and silent the next. The book store reminded me that our libraries are due to close after this weekend. Of course the concern is the virus can linger on surfaces.. I’m going to pick up some books and leave them on the living room floor for a week before anyone’s allowed to read them. Those little dinosaurs you’ve taken a photo of here reminded me of something very, very similar I saw in a UK shop recently – I hadn’t realised but I picked one up and it was this weirdly soft rubber.. you have to squeeze it in the inside starts to push out through the holes in the outside, it’s a bit creepy!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know what you are talking about, those dinosaur squish toys are weird. I don’t think anyone will be playing with those anymore in the stores now that we are all afraid of this invisible bug. I know in the Uk you guys don’t get too much sun, at least this is what my husband told me because he has some family that live there, but there is a rumor going around that this virus does not like UV rays and sunlight. So if you do get some sun and even not, the sun can come through clouds here and burn us too, anyway leave the items outside for a bit if no rain. There is a shortage on cleaning products and alcohol here, not really a true shortage, just everyone is hoarding so it is hard to keep up with the demand. We use lemons and vinegar cleaner for items too. Bleach and alcohol are the star cleaners at this time but when you can’t find it you go with what you do have. Thank you for liking my shopping post, I will miss going out shopping at those little shops since most things are starting to close here too. Our libraries are no longer opened and either are restaurants. Stay safe over there.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. ourcrossings says:

    In times like these self care is very important. I’ve already met many affected people, some depressed, some crippled with anxiety and some very angry, yet it’s only a begining in Ireland. Our friends in Madrid are in a complete lockdown without any possibility to leave home, except for going to grocery store, can’t imagine what that must be like. I can only think about families living in small apartments with parents working from home 🙈
    Thanks for sharing your experience and stay safe, my friend 😘😘😘 Aiva

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It breaks my heart, to hear some stories that are coming from around the world, makes it all seem so unreal…guess we all go in and out of shock. We are trying all of us to get through this and also have some sense of just our normal everyday life. or what it used to be like. We were out shopping for supplies for the next two weeks and now we are staying away from others for at least 14 days so as not to pass on anything just in case we were exposed while out there, that is all we can do but we needed some supplies in order to go into quarantine,

      For the next two months there will be no fun shopping at small business posts that I love to share with everyone but I do have some trips in my archives that I haven’t written up yet. Told the kids we will be eating a lot of soups, beans, pasta and whatever eggs the chickens give us. My husband knows how to bake so we will have bread for awhile. For some reason there was no shortage of flour.

      We live close to a mountain and huge desert so we can always go out walking when we need to stretch our legs. The isolation will cause a lot of depression in people, this will be the time to just connect with others even with just being online and checking in with a hello here and there on our social media sites.

      There are so many kind stories I am hearing and heard when we were out getting supplies, I will have to share those stories with you all later. Always encouraging to hear positive things at a time like this. Stay safe over in your part of the world. I miss those days before this monster was born, but we will get through this and again find our new normal.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. kat says:

    Oh, no, Easter is coming up soon, isn’t it? While rushing around trying to prepare for a possible lockdown and homeschooling indefinitely, I completely forgot, and I know I’ll be devastated if I can’t do something at least a little nice for the kids since they’re just as stuck inside as most everyone else. I’m hoping, in the mad rush for soup, toilet paper, and bananas (of all things), everyone will have overlooked the Easter candy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Every time I have gone out there are always tons of Easter goodies. It is just all those other items that are flying off the shelves. The employees are stocking everything as soon as the trucks come in with more supplies. We were out for two days getting supplies and now we are staying away from everyone for 14 days before we go out again. Amazon is still delivering items so there is that and I think there are some small businesses that are shipping things out because they had to close. It is so weird right now. I hope by the time Easter is here things will be better but just in case, I decided to shop while I had the chance. Hope are able to find some happy gifts for your babies, stay safe out there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kat says:

        That’s good to know! I guess I’m not the only one who wasn’t thinking about the coming holiday, so I suppose I’d better go out before other people remember as well. We keep hearing about small businesses needing to close up and I’d like to do what I can to help them, but my husband and I are now paranoid about the delivery companies as we recently had a package stolen and just heard on the news that an Amazon worker tested positive in Queens. I’m ready for Easter to be here, if only for a bit of brightness and holiday cheer. I hope you and your family stay healthy and safe!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. You too Kat. Oh, and we started spraying our outside packages in January. Everything that comes in gets disinfected and usually stays outside in the backyard in the sun all day.

        Liked by 2 people

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