There are angels out there everyone…and they are helping us all.

Flower photos are from a day of shopping at Home Depot


Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Hebrews 13:1-2

Trigger warning: I know there are a lot of you just tired of constants updates on what is going on out in the world with the Coronavirus, and believe me, I don’t blame you. This is part two to a shopping trip I took but it comes with a positive message at the end. If you want, just skip through and read that. I think it is important to share this part of our history together and to help each other. To inspire and encourage one another in times like these makes us all feel connected. Even with ugliness out in the world there are also beautiful moments. There are a couple of those stories written here in this post. If you can’t read this, I understand. I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday where ever you may be in the world. Stay safe out there you guys.

March 19th 2020


So much happening and so fast too. New changes everyday, new reports, some true some false, it is hard to trust anything we see and hear sometimes. I had a post I wrote up about shopping for Easter gifts and even in that short amount of time everything changed with how we all shop now. I hope this post inspires and cheers you all up. It starts with a call from my mother-in-law. She called to ask for onions. She ran out and being Italian, well, lets just say onions are very important in the pasta sauces. You don’t have to be Italian to know that though.

The day before when my husband and I went shopping we forgot to get onions. Actually, there were a few things we forgot. Like baking powder and baking soda. Think we were in a little shock at what we were seeing in the stores everywhere. We forgot to write that on our list.

So we were back out there again to get onions. I wasn’t even sure if we would be able to find some. We got up early and headed to some of our favorite food stores. The first one was not opened at it’s normal time and there were lines already forming so we left.

The second one was also not opened yet. Even though the hours were suppose to be 24/7, store hours are changing all over the place. This store was also too crowded. In fact the line to get in wrapped around the store. This is a mega superstore. Inside it looked like this a couple weeks ago (photo down below). With that many people in line waiting to get in I doubt this store looked like it did when we went a while back. So we drove away once again.


Everywhere we drove we ran into long lines in front of stores. We kept driving away from the lines and crowded stores. When we got further outside the city we were able to find stores that did not have full parking lots and lines. So we parked our truck and walked right in.


It was so peaceful and quiet, nothing like the long lines we drove by earlier or what the  media loves to report. A woman walked in and saw me getting cabbage and looking around she said to me almost in a whisper “Hey, how is it in there?” I looked at her and answered that I hadn’t gone all the way in yet, just got there and needed onions.

“Oh, so you don’t know if they have toilet paper?” she said

I started laughing, just my way of dealing with the horror of all these new changes and new life. Sometimes when not appropriate I will laugh, shock laugh I tell people who glare at me when that happens, or just I am loosing my mind kind of laugh. Take your pick, I have them all.

“No, I doubt there is any toilet paper in here” I tell the nice stranger then continue loading up on cabbage ( I am shopping for 4 families so I get 4). She laughed a little too, this new stranger in my life that just walked up to me. We both were living in the same nightmare now so we had a lot in common. Then she went on her way, picking up fresh veggies too. The red monster does not allow us to carry on long conversations like we all did in the past.

My husband was off somewhere else in the store. We both had lists. The night before from safe distances while outside we had a small neighborhood meet up on our street. We compared stories and suggestions on what to do when shopping here in the city.

My suggestions were to go early, and be back before noon because that is when the sirens seem to be going off the most out in the city. In the morning people sleep in and then they go into panics later in the day. Hit those small stores that no one thinks to check and drive away from the crowds and long lines.

“You may have to drive farther away from the city for that though”. I added

We gave each other mental list of items to be on the look out for and if any of us came across them, to buy them. Then we went back to the safety of our homes and closed our doors.

Now here I was in a store that was so peaceful, with no lines. There must have been lines before because I started to notice things the farther I got into the store. At one time there was chaos here, but not for me and my husband, not at this moment and not on this day.

Bread was low.


No meat.


No frozen veggies.


Barely any pasta


And can goods were also low.


But we found our onions. We did get those. We also found some items on the list that our neighbors needed. There were restrictions on how many items we could buy so my husband and I split up because we were actually buying for 4 different families. It is disgusting that it has come to this but this is what happens when people go into panics. Sadly there was no toilet paper, so I was right about that one when the nice stranger asked me. I ended up going to my personal stash to share some with the neighbors. I reminded the neighbor that there is always newspaper.


The next store we went to was a Walmart to get cat litter. We had forgotten about this for the month and we have three cats. We have their food but not the litter. We got a couple of mean stares now and then but the majority of people were too busy trying to get what they needed. It was like people once in a while looked at our basket piled with 5 bags of litter and were thinking “look at those food hoarders” if only they would have looked a little closer and seen that it wasn’t food, it was cat litter. We always buy extra bags when we go because sometimes when we travel up north during the Winter months we throw some in the back of the truck for snow days on the road.

There were people I noticed with large supplies of food but not huge amounts of one item. Most of our cart was filled with cat litter. And we all know that is not a hot item right now. But there is a meanness out there with people. Everyone has a story, who knows what the person with the basket of meat in front of us is using the meat for, he could be donating it to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter before anyone greedy gets it that wants to resale it for a much higher price.

A week ago when I was shopping earlier and saw a pile of toilet paper at Big lots I noticed a man standing near it like he was guarding it. He wasn’t an employee, just some random guy standing around the toilet paper display in the back of the store. Every now and then he would get on his cell phone while watching over the toilet paper pile. I was back there for awhile because the plastic bins were next to the toilet paper display and it was a bin that I needed. I decided to get a package of toilet paper and some paper towels when I finally left and that guy was still there but he looked nervous when I grab some toilet paper (just one) and then another couple came by and grabbed one package as well, again the guy was acting antsy about that…weird. Now all that toilet paper is gone. I wonder if he was waiting for someone to help him grab it all to buy and resale later for a ridiculous amount. So glad to see that some stores are putting limits on what you can buy now.


But some people are buying large amounts because they have no choice because they are buying for families and older people who can not leave their homes. Some people are donating items to people who can not get to stores or don’t have their paychecks yet. They are grabbing what they can before the people who are trying to profit off this buy everything off the shelves.

This is why we should never judge, and hey…I am guilty of judging others too. I try not to be of course but we are all human after all and we make many mistakes. Now I am trying not to go to those places where we look at one another with anger instead of love in our hearts, because lets be honest, some of us in our state of shock are in our anger stage and we need to release it somehow.

Take a walk, exercise, punch a pillow, scream in your closets…but please try not to turn against one another. We will go through many stages with the new world the Red monster created. I tend to jump between sadness, acceptance, and even anger at times myself. The ones still in the stage of denial will be the next ones to be in anger. I want to be home when that happens.


When we were at Walmart we would hear a story from one of the employees about how their neighbor needed some supplies and food but they were waiting for their paycheck. The employee told them to leave a note of what they needed taped to her car and she would try to get what she could. She went to work early the next day and bought diapers for them, some food, and most of the items they needed on their list. Then she had her son drop it off for her because she would be at the store restocking all those empty shelves. I loved hearing this story and thought you guys would as well. Lots of good people out there.


I have never seen anything like this in my whole life and I have worked in sales/retail for decades. The only time we saw empty shelves was after Christmas and it was nothing like this.

There was one little lonely can of green beans left for someone. Maybe someone needed this, hope they were able to grab it off the shelf before it to was gone.

The store employees were working extra hard to get those shelves filled again. If you are out there shopping, give them a thank you when you push your cart by them.


I will say this about this time in history, there are still plenty of snacks and alcohol drinks on the shelves. I am not a drinker but for anyone out there who is, well, there are no shortages there.


When we got home with our supplies we drop some bags off to our neighbors and my mother-in-law down the street.  My mother-in-law is having an especially hard time right now because she grew up in and has family in the red zone in Italy. After dropping off our bags from a safe distance outside we compared stories with our neighbors about our day. One neighbor needed eggs and we had some extra from our chickens. We have not had lettuce for awhile because we are afraid to buy it. Our neighbor’s garden is full of lettuce and Kale right now. We got fresh lemons, kale and lettuce, all organic too. We are all trying to help were we can.


Here in our city the food banks are telling people who have no money to buy food to come down and get some if you need it, everyone is welcome. The Arizona national guard is there and going to start helping stores restock and guard against panic situations. There are all kinds of angels out there, all kinds of people looking out to help one another. I heard another story where someone is giving out rolls of toilet paper on the corner streets. And a distillery here in Scottsdale will stop making beer and start making sanitizer instead because of our shortage here in our country.This is what I love about our country. We usually come together to help one another with love and kindness during times like this. I am actually hearing about this from other countries as well. Like in Italy how they are designing medical gear. In Taiwan they had some kids design a little Lego robot that encourages hand washing. In Israel they have been working on Corona viruses for awhile now so they are way ahead when it comes to a vaccine…so many great countries around the world trying to stop this red monster and take it out with us here in our country too.

Yeah, you will run into some cruelty. Especially with some of our young, but not all of them. The young ones have never lived through tough times, this will be a lesson in life I hope they learn from. There are people who are suffering and it is sad to see some of the comments online. On one of the sites my husband follows through Facebook there were mean Comments like…

When asked what someone would do if they got the virus:

“I will head straight to a Trump rally and give it to all those MAGA lovers”

Think they changed their slogans though, should have said KAGA lovers instead.

Another comment from someone else was:

“Good, it’s just boomers getting it.”

But it isn’t just boomers and older people. There are so many cases in California, New York, Washington and younger people in Italy are now dying from it. Sports stars, movie stars like Tom Hanks and his wife have it. Even Politicians, and CEO’s are getting it. Just the other night my daughter said “Hey mom, that guy you used to watch has the virus, you know Andy Cohen.”

I used to watch the housewives years ago before we cut the cable cord to save money. The housewives got really vain and mean in those last seasons. It was sad to see friends turn against each other and marriages fall apart. It also started getting gross with the level of vanity and greed I was seeing with them.

My point is, is that it isn’t just the boomers and older people getting this, it is all ages. Yeah, the majority will have mild symptoms if that at all, but we still need to look out for the older and weaker in our society. We need to protect them.

We also need to thank  all the farmers out there,  the truckers, the store employees,  the ones still working at places to keep things running,  the doctors, nurses and everyone in health care, police, emergency workers, all the givers and volunteers,  all the military and guards, the scientist working for cures and medicines,  all the Christians praying for cures,  all the well wishers,  every single soul that is trying to fight this invisible enemy …thank you so much for all that you do.

Our shopping adventure ended that day with 90% off the items we needed. We went home, unpacked, left everything that we could out in the sun for the day and showered and changed out of our clothes after we disinfected everything and sighed with relief. We were home now. We have decided to stay away from everyone for at least 14 days since we were out in the public. We will mostly be staying in doors anyway for the next two months if we can help it, only leaving for food hopefully.

Later that night when my husband and I compared stories of how we got everything we needed, how people were never really around us, how we never had lines to wait in and we heard good stories about kind people out there doing their parts, it was like we were protected and that is when we said a special thank you to God. Look through the photos and you will see what I am writing about, I didn’t notice it at first either. Look around you, pay attention, there are always signs from above all the time.


For he will order his angels to protect you where ever you go

Psalm 91:11

I know, have known since I was a little girl, that we are always surrounded by angels who watch over us, protectors from God. That Jesus is there to help our hurting souls and to help remind us how we should act in times like these. I do not know where my life will lead me in the end but I do know where ever that may be God is always walking with me by my side. He walks with all of us, all his children, always has and always will.

Do not be afraid or discouraged for the lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you. He will neither fail you. Nor abandon you.

Deuteronomy 31:8

That night. Like every night before, I prayed harder then I have ever prayed…please help the world, please send angels to the ones who have lost love ones and are alone and scared and please find a cure to stop this monster from hurting us. The next day as I write this there is a rumor going around that they may have found something that helps heal people. If this is true, we all have a lot to be thankful for.

Thank you, all of you out there, who spread kindness, who pray for strangers, and who help one another, for believers and non believers hoping for the the best (no judgement on my part, so please no judgement for my beliefs)…keep doing this through out your lives. Never stop. We need to continue praying everyone, we need to continue putting out well wishes and hopes, we need to stay positive as much as possible. We have a long ways to go but we can get there if we fight this thing together.Stay inside as much as possible, and stay safe out there when you have to be out there. And please continue praying and sending well wishes out there that the scientist and doctors find a cure to take out this monster. My husband and I are watching what is going on in Italy, and we have contact back and forth with family over there. We just heard from one family member that they are sick with a fever, they are hoping it is just the regular flu. They are in Bologna. It is a scary time and they are all trying to get through this the best they can. This should have never happened, the Wuhan virus could have been stopped in it’s early stages. In this world we need to all start looking out for each other, we are all neighbors. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Coming up in future posts: Not to worry, I will be back to my happy posts, just need to vent and get this all off my chest I guess. It helps to write about what I see out in the world sometimes.

Monday March 23- cactus tacos

Wednesday March 25 – ASD table time crafts-vintage toys for fine motor skills.

Friday March 27th-In the garden- Out with the old and in with the new

Sunday March 29th- Thrift store treasures-three little mice

Tuesday March 31- March updates and favorite blogger posts.






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  1. Things are getting very scary out there. Stay safe. I believe the angels are out there too. 🙂

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    1. So true, you and your family stay safe as well. Our guardian angels are all working overtime right now that’s for sure.

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  2. Librarylady says:

    This is an amazing timeline of a historical event. Also I loved the stories of angels. I’m collecting positives right now. Feeds my soul.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Awww…thank you Libraylady. Hope you are doing okay. Our libraries are all closed here in the city now. Everyday something new happens. Stay safe where you are at.


  3. Reblogged this on A Blog About Healing From PTSD and commented:
    As LibraryLady says in a comment on this post, this is an amazing timeline of a historical event. Comments are closed here, please go to OurLittleRedHouseBlog and comment there. Blessings!

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    1. Thank you Linda, hope you are all well and resting peaceful at home. I pray this ends soon so we can all get back to our normal lives, what ever our new normal may be that is.

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  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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    1. Thank you Eliza, please stay safe out there. I will keep you all in my prayers. Together we can beat this.


      1. Eliza Ayres says:

        Thank you. We’re doing fine.

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  5. Very well well! Thank you ❤

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    1. Thank you Robin, hope all is well in your area. I have been so busy trying to keep up with everything. I will be happy when I can just take a break and relax a bit watching a good movie on one of our streaming channels. Unfortunately our house has a bit of a flea problem right now (I have now idea how this happened) anyway we are doing daily washings, vacuuming everything daily like the couch, all pillows…everything daily. It’s a mix of cat baths, treatments and super cleaning everyday of the house. Our washing machine is acting up but then we have had it for awhile so we ordered a brand new one that should be here hopefully Wednesday but you know how things are going with closings everywhere…we will see. It has been one of those months that’s for sure. Positive side of things is that with all this cleaning we are hopefully keeping all bugs out. Anyway, I’m exhausted, now I am off to vacuum, mop, wash and do my daily flea cleaning. I do not see any fleas, the cats are doing okay now but you know those things keep coming back if you don’t keep up on it. The house smells heavenly with all this cleaning.


      1. Fleas are the worst for getting rid of. The bright side is your spring cleaning is getting done in a timely manner.

        I decided I needed to fire my maid, but then I remembered it was me. I’m the maid.😃

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      2. That is so funny. Our neighbors use a maid service and I always think how nice that is. When I was a teenager I used to help my mother with her cleaning business and every time we would finish cleaning a house I remember how fresh and clean everything smelled. I actually like cleaning but getting tiny fleas that I can not see out of my house is nerve racking. It has been a very stressful week. You are right, fleas are the worst to get rid of. It is a little easy that we have all tile and hardwood flours throughout the house, if it were carpet that would have been another story.


      3. Love the smell of a clean house! An air freshener just can’t replicate the smell.

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      4. I love using lemons with my cleaning too. I make this cleaner using vinegar and lemons. It makes the house smell so fresh.

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      5. Definitely lemon scent. 🙂

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  6. Lesley says:

    Fabulous post. You’ve reminded me of all the people we need to thank who work so hard throughout this crisis. Thank you! 🙌

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    1. Thank you Lesley, you and your family stay safe out there.

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      1. Lesley says:

        Thank you. Our prime minister has just announced tonight that the u.k. is now in lockdown. He’s had to take strict measures because many people don’t realise the seriousness of it.
        All the best to you and yours.

      2. You’re welcome. My husband has some cousins who live in England, one is a doctor, an anesthesiologist. We have been keeping in contact the best we can with family overseas giving them our news and getting what news they have. It is good that you guys are in lockdown to try to slow down things. It is extreme to have to do that but we all need to take this seriously. There are a lot of rumors going around about this bug, what else do we have to comfort and give us all hope. I heard vitamin D and sunlight helps against this virus. I also heard that there is some Malaria drug out there that when combined with another drug (already forgot what that was) helps heal people diagnosed in their early stages. They are looking into countries where Malaria is common and how people in those countries since they are already on these medications do not seem to have as much of an outbreak of Corona as some other countries…again, these are rumors I think and things are happening so fast that I always tell friends and family the more months you get through this without contacting it the better we all have to study what we are dealing with, hopefully the better the outcome. Who would have thought that World War three would be the world fighting against one little invisible bug. I will keep you, your family and the whole U.K in my prayers.


      3. Lesley says:

        Thank you, and likewise for you and your family, and the U.S. I’m sure that, in the coming weeks, scientists and the medics will discover more about the virus and get on top of it.
        Yes, it does seem like wwIII!

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  7. successbmine says:

    You have made some good points here Linda. We really do have much reason to be thankful for all the extra work some people have to do in these times–medical workers, emergency workers, even those working in the grocery and other stores who have to continually be cleaning. That’s not normally part of their job description I’m sure. I had an e-mail from a friend earlier and it was an article by an epidemiologist at the university here. She said that this thing is spreading exponentially, so if one person stays away from the public, by the end of this month we could save 32 people. When they take it to the end of April, it would be a total of over 32,000 people saved. Sounds wild and I’m no mathematician so I don’t understand the calculating method, but I would imagine she knows what she’s talking about. So if you reverse that, for those who do not take it seriously, one person who does not comply could end up being responsible for thousands of people becoming infected. It’s mind boggling.I haven’t been out since the 15th, our last physical church service. Everyone keep well.

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    1. Thank you, and that is so interesting about the numbers of lives saved when we stay home. I am no mathematician either but that is amazing how that works by just staying home. My husband and I haven’t been out either, not since I wrote that Angel’s post and that was Tuesday March 17th St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t even realize it was Saint Patrick’s Day when we were out because my mind has been so preoccupied with other things. My husband and I hope to stay in for at least two months, looks like we will be eating a lot of soup and pasta and things from our garden (which is pretty small). Thank you for stopping by Our Little Red House and my name is Cheri. I don’t have it listed because I started the blog as a family project on our little cabin up north which we all named Our Little Red House. Stay safe out there and I will keep you and yours in my prayers. Have a beautiful week of peace at your home.

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      1. successbmine says:

        I haven’t made any decisions as to how long I will stay in, but I have no thought of going out for a while. Like you, Cheri, I will be eating soup and pasta, but probably more than anything, rice. My pastor’s wife told me to stay home and she would pick up my groceries for me last week, but her husband ended up going. I told him I needed some rice, not too small, as long as it wasn’t instant. He came with an 8 KG (about 20 LB) of brown rice! I may look like rice when this is over. 🙂 But I sure am thankful for his kindness. I had already stocked up on some things, not because of the virus, but because they were at an excellent sale price, so that turned out for the best. It’s not often I can buy Campbell’s soup at 2/$1.00.

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      2. Very smart and that was very kind of your pastor getting you that big bag of rice, it will come in hand. The less anyone goes out the better for us all. That’s a great price for Campbell’s soup. My favorite is chicken and stars. We also will have to go out to get food when we run low, for now we are okay and we are just stretching things to make it last longer. Lots of left overs instead of the chickens getting it. We always have fresh eggs so that is nice.


    2. That is amazing. I am no mathematician either but I do know that the less contact with each other the better our chances are. I love that it helps save other lives too. The last time my husband and I were out was that shopping trip which was on a Tuesday March 17th which happen to be St. Patrick’s Day that is from my post about Angels. Stay safe out there and thank you for staying home and saving lives by doing so, I never thought of how many lives we are capable of saving by doing this. Thanks for stopping by my site , Oh and my name is Cheri. God bless you and everyone in your life.


  8. successbmine says:

    I meant to add that a prophet on Sid Roth’s show on the 19th said the Lord showed her that more angels have been released than have ever been before. I saw that last Sunday, angels streaming out of heaven to come with healing to people. Let’s hope people will follow common sense and not make more work for the angels that are needed for those really sick ones.

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    1. Yes, so true. Our angels are working hard and we don’t need to add to the load that;s for sure. So many people suffering and scared, they need angels by their sides through this.

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  9. When we all pull together, how happy we will be! Helping one another!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true Renee, hope you are well and staying safe where you are at. Keep looking for those little hearts from heaven, they are out there. I always love how you find them too. Have a great week.


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