Thrift store treasures- three tiny little mice



Not a whole lot to this one. Wish I could remember the names of this treasure I found but this one comes from the past. It is a fun story though and I thought it would be one you  all would enjoy. But first let me explain that these mice I bought were not purchased at a thrift store. They were items I bought second hand of course but it was at the swap meet I love to shop at here in the city. I have shared past posts with you all on shopping at this outdoor market.

This was years ago when I bought these tiny little treasures and like I wrote up above I forget the collectors name of these little mice. Their value though shocked me, I would have no idea what they were worth when I first came across them.

One early morning I got up to go to our outdoor market here in our city. That place is so fun to shop at and I love all the colors and life all around. They have musicians every Sunday, street food everywhere and it’s is just a fun environment.


So here I was walking around all these tables and I stopped at a table when I saw some of those little wooden ornaments I am always collecting throughout the year.


Oh my goodness, how many times have I posted about these ornaments every Christmas with you all. If you are a follower of mine you remember my obsession. You will also remember I have a problem with these ornaments. I can’t pass up on them when I see one. It is a happy addiction of mine. Anytime I see one of those colorful little wooden ornaments I will stop and buy it. They are usually .25 cents to $1 at the most.


Anyway, here I was at a table full of vintage ornaments and then right in the same pile of these ornaments were three adorable little mice. They weren’t ornaments just super tiny little mice. I picked 5 small items from the pile and asked how much they wanted for them and the woman said .50 cents. I had two ornaments and three of those mice.

When I got home my daughter saw the mice and fell in love with them and asked if she could have one so I said sure, “Pick one out” and she picked the one with a ice cream cone and tiny teddy.


Later, about a week later I went to check out my little mice and put them somewhere where I wouldn’t loose them and noticed there was a sticker label on the bottom of their tiny green stands they were connected to. I got out my magnifying glass and read what it said. This is the part I wish I could share with you but I can’t remember what the name of these collectibles were because it was years ago and I no longer have the mice. The only reason I have this one in the photos are, well I will get to that part, this is a long one isn’t it?

So once I got the name of the collectible I started researching it. Wow! I couldn’t believe how much these itty bitty balls of cute were going for online at the auctions. One  was over $100 dollars and I think there was another one that was a couple hundred. I forget the highest amount.

I went searching for my daughter, to tell her to keep her mouse safe because it was a true collectable. When I asked where her mouse was she was very upset and said Selena started playing with it and knocked it down and broke it. Okay, cats will be cats. And this is why the little mouse in the photo is all broken up, because Selena the mouse killer got to it. No reason to cry over split milk, it was a gift I gave to my daughter and she was going to always keep it anyway so now she has a broken little guy but still adorable.


The other two mice I listed online and one went for $60 and the other went for $80. I forget which ones they were. Sometimes I will keep things and sometime I will send them back out to the world for someone else to enjoy.

The most interesting part to my mice story was the woman behind the creations. I remember reading her story about how she was an artist who love sculpting little animals and eventually started selling them. She had two children (I think a boy and girl) and when they grew up they continued running the business. That would be a dream of mine, to design things and sell them as a business then pass that onto my kids.

I can’t believe I got them for .10 cents each. Their little tails are leather which makes them unique. The detail in them is amazing. When you pick them up you can feel the love that went into all their details. The artist who created these cute critters really loved what she was doing. So if any of you run across these little guys remember they are true collectibles. They could be worth some money or you can just display them in your homes for some added happiness. Hope you all enjoyed this months treasure and I also hope you find a little mouse for yourselves someday, make sure to keep them away from your cats though . Happy second hand shopping everyone.
















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  1. Tanya says:

    What a fun post and Selena is so adorable! Awwww❤️

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    1. We have three cats in this house. We only had the two for the kids when they were 10 years old they each got their own cats. Selena was given to us from a home. My son’s cat was a rescued cat he calls Sammy. Little Alley is another rescued cat that just showed up one day from the alley. It was really sad and we think she was in some moving boxes and was illegally dumped in our alley as a kitten. Her eyes weren’t open and there were no other kittens around so she could have been tossed (people are cruel like that sometimes) anyway she is another rescue kitten that I had to feed every three hours in order to keep her alive. None of the no kill shelters were taking cats at that time so I kept her and she is very attached to us now, especially me. I don’t think Alley understands she is a cat.

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  2. Wow, are so so cute! Can see the love the lady had put into them 🐭

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    1. I know, such detail to them.

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  3. Those mice are the cutest things! And I love the story. Cats will be cats too…sigh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lisa, they are even more adorable up close and in person. My daughter’s cat love little nick knacks.

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  4. Camie says:

    Such a sweet, fun story! I’m so glad you shared it with us. I love little treasures! 💝
    We have two cats and one loves my craft supplies and all sorts of things we have around the house.

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    1. That is so funny how our cats always want to get into our craft supplies. Sometimes I will be working on a project and them I will leave the table and when I come back my project is missing and off in another room I will find my son’s cat Sammy standing on his back legs doing some weird sort of dance while my craft project I was working so hard on is being thrown around through the air. Sammy is our ginger cat and he is the biggest stinker in the house with mischief. I still have not being able to find my little gnome with the red hat I finished this Christmas. I know Sammy has it hidden somewhere in this house, probably behind the fish tank where I can’t reach.

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      1. Camie says:

        Oh how funny! Sounds so much like our Casper. He’s a black cat we rescued as a kitten. He’s always into everything. He loves my pipe cleaners. I had to hide them from him. 😂

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      2. That’s Sammy, he LOVES pipe cleaners. I have to keep them behind doors now in a little storage cabinet. I can’t believe how much he loves pipe cleaners, wonder if they are made of catnip.

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  5. Lesley says:

    I love those tiny mice!
    Poor Little Alley – she had a bad start in life, but I’m glad she got to stay with you. 💞 🐁🐀🐁💞

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    1. Yeah, she is so sweet. When my husband brought her in she looked like one of those spotted rats. I thought my husband was playing around and had borrowed a neighbors kitten because I always wanted a little white cat with spots and then that morning he came into my office saying he almost stepped on this little kitten by a pile of garbage one day when he was taking out the trash. Here was this super tiny little helpless kitten that was so weak. I remember I had to make sure to set the alarm clock in order to remember to feed her every three hours. Now she is so spoiled.


  6. Looks like some wonderful finds. I love going to outdoor markets.

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    1. I always have so much fun. I am missing them now. I suppose if we got up at 5am and went right when they opened we wouldn’t have to worry about crowds. We are inside away from people for at least two weeks as you know, the whole country is doing it. It will save lives and that is what matters. Hopefully, maybe in a month I will have an opportunity to visit the market again. I feel better shopping outside now.


      1. You too and have a great weekend.


  7. 🙂 I love it 🙂 A blessing for .10 and then a blessing when auctioned 🙂 I love that you said your daughter would keep it forever. My son is the same way. Hubby jokes that my pride and joy has a wrapper from a candy bar from something we went and did together. Hubby said he picked it up, crumbled it and was going to throw it away, son very anxiously said what are you doing??? Hubby said throwing out this trash for you. Son proceeded to tell him that was from when me and mom went to somewhere when he was like 10 years old… he is 31 now, and that wasn’t but a couple of years ago when hubby was going to “help” him and throw it away. lol. Hubby came home and said, your son is a hoarder. What? He has normal stuff and not an over abundance of it?? Then hubby proceeds to tell me that story 🙂

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    1. Love it, us sentimental types hold a lot of love in our hearts and those little mementos from life remind us of that love and those beautiful happy memories. Clutter bugs, hoarders, collectors…doesn’t matter what anyone calls it, we just love those happy memories. You should see my paper pile. I do try to keep everything in a file though. I just don’t know how to get rid of those little things like pretty art and cards and etc…you know.

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      1. Yes I do. When having to go through and clean all our stuff after the house was torn apart, there were several really large boxes of things my son had made while growing up. Of course, I kept them all LOL

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  8. ourcrossings says:

    Aren’t they the cutest? I love your Christmas ornaments too, you can’t get things like that in stores anymore, it’s mostly senseless plastic. Thanks for sharing, your photos and posts are always so colourful and positive 😊 Have a lovely day 😀 Aiva xxx

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    1. Thank you, what a sweet thing to post…just made my day. Have a beautiful day yourself and stay safe out there. Cheri

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