Dollar Day do over- Bunny decor for Spring time fun.


I picked these wooden bunnies up at the dollar store after Easter one year and they were priced at .25 cents each…what a bargain. Mostly you will see me do dollar day do overs on items from second hand shops so I think this is a first for a dollar day do over.


I just couldn’t pass up on such a good deal. All their Easter was .25 cents. I even bought a bunch of little frames that could be repurposed into shadow box art. But that is still in my box of many projects to finish and share with everyone for another time.

Okay, the first thing I did was to repaint these bunnies because I wanted to do a farmhouse bunny display. But them I looked at them and thought I would do decoupage instead. Then I thought about it a little longer and decided to combine all those ideas together.


Whoops, I forgot to add that I sanded them down before painting. Sometimes store decor has bumpy greetings with glitter all over it and that is just not the style I like, but hey, if you do there is nothing wrong with that, my daughter loves glittery things.


After I had my bunnies painted (use a dark base, then cover with chalk paint) I sanded the edges down to give it a weathered look. You can use a wet rag to do this as well.



I searched through my fabric selection and found an old sheet to decoupage and add a touch of  pretty to some of the bunnies.


I also added yellow ribbon with a tiny bit of lace on the edges.


For some extra detail I decided to needle felt some tiny pom poms in multi colors to add as bunny tails.


I tried to match the colors to the fabrics.


Some of the bunnies I left plain.


I used puffy paint to add black eyes. Buttons, beads and google eyes would have worked too.


The ribbon is vintage. It was donated to me years ago by a neighbor that was cleaning out their garage.


I haven’t decided where I am going to put my bunnies yet, either in a bedroom or out where everyone can see them, doesn’t matter, they are adorable anywhere.


You can add all kinds of details or keep them plain, either way, it all looks cute to me.


It’s  like a family of bunnies out for a walk on a leash.


So fun, I love bunny crafts. Hope you all liked this one. If you don’t have wooden bunnies like this you can use an old cereal box and cut out bunny shapes to paint and decorate, tie together and hang on walls as a bunny banner. Happy crafting everyone.


Update on my masks- still working on these. I have been cutting all week. I start in the morning and by the end of the day I look outside and it is dark.  I figure I will get the cutting done first and then my husband and daughter can help with the sewing. I will let you all know if I get 100 done, just a goal, we will see. I just had to take a break to do some fun Easter crafts. As some of my followers know I am trying to distract myself from some family issues right now and keeping busy is my way to deal with that. So you guys might be seeing a lot of DIY’s coming up.



The next one coming up is a TP craft project. Hope you all are having a beautiful Saturday. Please stay safe out there if you do need to go out for errands.






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  1. simplywendi says:

    the bunnies are absolutely adorable, I LOVE what you did to them. thank you for sharing this project.

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  2. As usual you make sure that we can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with in future 😉

    What a wonderful idea and the spring colors definitely make us take our minds off of the current situation. So thank you so much for that .

    Love to see that you’re still going strong and hope that you and your loved ones are all healthy.

    Big hug and stay safe 🙂

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    1. Oh my goodness, I love seeing your visits here. I was thinking about how you and Frank were doing. My uncle’s name is frank but I always called him Frankie. He is more like a brother then uncle though. I hope you both are well too. We are trying to keep things as positive here in our home for our 19 and 22 year old kids as much as we can. They are getting a little bored since their college and university closed down. I am missing the woods, lakes and creeks up north. I have always been a bit of a nature fanatic. Eventually I hope to get up north for some nature time. You guys stay safe over there and please stay well too. Hugs back to you both.

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  3. Sandra McCall says:

    The bunnies are adrable. i love that you used floral fabric for them. they are SO cute!

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    1. Thank you Sandra, I have a lot of floral prints in this house. I have so much fabric from that sheet that I am using some to make masks with, it is so pretty, all those bright flowers all over it. Have a Happy Sunday.

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  4. I love your bunnies! I buy lots of clearance holiday stuff when I see it. 🙂
    I made 18 masks the other day to give to my pulmonary doctor’s office. They were so excited to get them. ❤

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    1. That makes me so happy…about the masks. I have never made these things before, just tint teddies by hand. My husband and daughter know how to sew using the machine. On the Italian side (my husband) they all know how to sew by machine. The older generation learned back when they were kids during World war 2 and they passed that down to most of their kids. The oldest uncle used to have knitting machines and the family helped Benetton sweaters back in the 80’s. Thank you about the bunnies too. You sound like me with buying the clearance stuff when you see it. I just add it to a plastic bin to work on later or decorate later with. I love a good bargain. Have a great Sunday.

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      1. Nice to hear about your husband’s Italaian roots. My husband bought me a simple sewing machine a couple of years ago, after I didn’t have one for 20 years or so. I am really enjoying it, but I love all crafts. 🙂 I used to have a nice workshop full of electric woodworking tools that I loved. Unfortuately, they stayed behind when I divorced.

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      2. I am not that great at machines but I have always thought it would be fun to have woodworking tools to create garden art with. I bet you had fun making things, sad about loosing that after a divorce.

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      3. It ws fun. My parents and I made a lot of different country crafts back in the 80’s to sell at Craft Fairs. I’ve got my jig saw now, so I can still do some garden art things. 🙂

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      4. I used to buy this magazine back in the 80’s called Country sampler. I loved that magazine. They had all kinds of hand made items in it to order. I miss mail order magazine, they were fun to shop through. They even had one on airplanes when my husband would travel to visit family overseas. There were some expensive items in those magazines, and really unique gifts too.

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      5. The Country Sampler was the magazine we got a lot of ideas from. I agree, most were pretty expensive but absolutely gorgeous!

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      6. I used to look through that magazine over and over and also got ideas but never had the time to be creative back then. I was a bit of a workaholic at one time and I managed one store, assistant supervisor at another and also was a retail buyer (my favorite job duty). I worked everyday and sometimes 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. I had two jobs at once. The little mom and pop I worked for was the one I was a buyer for as well. I would go to the LA gift shows out in California for Christmas buying in the summer months and place orders for the shop. They had a place called the LA gift mart (I think that is what it was called) and the building was so old that the elevator freaked me out. If there were too many people in it at one time I would get out and walk the stairs instead. It was like the elevator was on it’s last legs. They also had a huge tent area that was part of the buying convention that was all handmade country items…I LOVE THAT. These were all items before they hit the market so I had to guess what the top sellers and trends would be so the Christmas sales and profits would be good that year. That was my favorite part of my job.


      7. That job and the whole business sounds wonderful! Except for the hours.

        Did it take you long to adjust and settle into the more laid back lifestyle you have now?

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      8. Yeah, I am terrible at slowing down. I had to leave retail and concentrate on getting my son to be able to speak, that took awhile. Our whole house became a preschool/therapy play room of sorts. We had pecs cards labeling everything everywhere, sensory play corners with giant pillows and bean bags. My husband worked in the movie business around that time and he was in LA a lot so when he would come home he would see a new toy or how the house became a giant play area but he is a kid at heart so he loved it. We had mini trampolines and a giant blow up climbing wall in the living room. It was very structured pf course because too much chaos can cause melt downs and overstimulating.

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      9. Sounds like you did everything possible to help your son. ❤ He is lucky he had you for a Mom!

        Is your husband home full time now?

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      10. I am just so happy he speaks now and people that remember him when he was a child are always amazed how far he has become. He is attending college now and should be starting at one of the universities here in our state this Fall on a scholarship. He wants to study Bio Chemistry. He is studying that now at the Jr. College he attends.
        My husband doesn’t work in the commercial/movie business anymore. It is a very scary industry and there are a lot of stories that come from that world/environment that most people would never believe. Hollywood is a creepy place in my opinion. My husband is much happier and less stress for our family now that he is out of it.

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      11. It’s exciting to hear how far your son has come. Pretty awesome your were able to work it out to stay home to teach him.

        I’ve heard a few stories about Hollywood. I agree about it beingpretty creepy.

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  5. What a wonderful idea. They turned out so adorable. You did a great job 🙂

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    1. Thank you, it was a nice break. I needed to do something fun.

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      1. You are most welcome 🙂 Yes, and it’s important to do something fun 🙂 Please forgive me if I have missed it, I know your uncle had a set back but how is he doing now?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So sorry, I was going to give everyone a quick update. He went back on the ventilator (second time, think I already brought this up) and then he was on that for another couple days and then they waited for his oxygen levels to go up more before they took him off again. Then they took him off and he was doing okay yesterday but I haven’t heard anything today. I will find out more later but I do know that they said he was having a hard time eating and breathing. It is hard to do all those things we take for granted after being on a ventilator. I called the first couple of weeks to get updates and I brought up the Coronavirus but the nurse said that he wasn’t showing signs of it yet he did develop pneumonia and he was having some confusion when he first went in so they did a head scan…again, I get my information second hand from my cousin. They never tested him for Coronavirus because it isn’t necessary I guess…I don’t know. What a time to go into the hospital. I do know he isn’t allowed visitor s because the hospital is protecting everyone from contamination. When his wife was upset the first day he went in she would not leave until she saw him, so they put protective clothes and covered her before she could see him. This was three weeks ago and no one in the family has gotten sick that were around him. so it must not be Corona. Just happy he is back off the ventilator for now, what a battle he is fighting. Your prayers are working, every time I ask for prayers he gets better and off the ventilator, so Thank you so much. God is watching out for us all. What a sad time so many people are going through right now. Stay safe, you and your family and I will keep you all in my prayers too.


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