Thrift store treasures…vintage pottery.


I am missing my thrift store junking days. Thrift stores are not considered essential businesses. You all know what that means. 2020’s word of the year is essential. Anyway, I miss them. I decided to do this months second hand treasure on pots, which is another one of my all time favorite vintage items to buy.

I had three in my supply that have been waiting to be filled for a while now. I had some free time so figured I should design some pretty planters one morning.


The first pot was marked on the bottom Haeger. The company that started these pots closed in 2016 because they just couldn’t keep up with business from the recession and foreign competition. Gift shops and furniture shops had become a thing of the past. Only large store chains are able to function now.


When I read the history of this company I started thinking about all those small businesses everywhere around the world just trying to build their dreams and do the things they were born to do. There are so many gifted people all around the world and they have many talents that they would love to share with others but big store chains are hard to keep up with.

Most people buy things for price and not for quality. I buy a lot of used products to save money as well but also because I see so much waste everywhere and want to do my part in helping cut back on that.

Even though I love my second hand shopping adventures there are occasion when I will spend money on small business and artist items. Many items which include, a hand made glass turtle I picked up at a beach festival in California, tiny wooden box from artists in Belize, leather photo album made by monks in Italy, and many small business pieces in the city I live in here at our art festivals, all unique items. They are made well too, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking or falling apart after a year. Which seems to be the pattern with most mass produced items.

Anyway, back to the Haeger pot. This company had been in business for over 100 years. It was one of the oldest and largest producers of pottery in American history. Four generations from this family kept this business going until they had to close it down in 2016. It started out making bricks then moved onto artisan pottery. If any of you have some free time, look up the history on it and research some of their beautiful pieces they have designed over the decades.

When I purchase anything, I will leave it be for awhile before I get a feel for what I am going to do with it. Later I have fun figuring out which plants to add to my planters based off of their designs. This one I decided to turn into a mini cacti garden.


Since we are not really shopping right now I just walked around the garden to see what clippings I could use that I already had on hand and picked several varieties of succulents from around my garden.


Then filled the pot with dirt.


And added tiny rocks for more detail.


The second pot was another pot that looked like a Haeger but the only marking it had was made in USA with a number on it. I loved the speckled design and color of it. It didn’t have the three holes on the bottom like the Haeger planter did though.


Until the clippings take root I will have to be very gentle when watering.


Might be keeping this pot in the garden because my husband likes this one. He asked where I got it because he doesn’t remember seeing it. It had been out in our garden for awhile but empty it looks so different.


Now it is filled with all kinds of little succulent stems.


The last pot was this bunny. This one will probably be going to my neighbors little girl across the street. I filled it with elephant food clippings because it is such a hardy plant and I want to give her something that won’t die if she forgets it after awhile. Otherwise I would probably have added carrots or something, wouldn’t that have been cute?.


So that’s it on vintage pots. I just love searching those thrift store shelves for pretty planters.

Have a few around your home for those occasions when you need a quick gift but can’t get to the store. Plants are the perfect gifts to give, along with a pretty scented candle of course. Happy thrifting everyone…when they open again that is. Is anyone else missing those junk shops?





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  1. Liz says:

    I love all the pots you share here and I like what you have put in them. But that pot with the rabbit, so cute.

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    1. Thank you Liz, that rabbit pot is kind of cute. I might keep that one for awhile. It was originally for a gift, for when, I don’t know but now that there is a plant in it I love it.

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    2. This is Peter Rabbit 🐇 from England 😉 Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated the stories in watercolour – very charming pictures of various creatures – books produced for children over a 100 years ago. Ms Potter, a Londoner, was nevertheless a country girl at heart and later bought much land and a farm in The Lake District. In her will she left the land to charity, The National Trust, so it would be preserved for future generations. She had a house rabbit she’d walk on a lead outside! (Yes, lol, I’m a fan).
      Faith in Norfolk, England xo

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      1. That is so cool, I didn’t know all that about Beatrix, I remember selling her books in a book store I worked at when I was younger, they were always best sellers, Adults and children loved the illustration of her little critters. Such talent, I bet she was a fun one to hang out with.

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      2. P.S. I named one of my little dogs after Beatrix Potter 🐾 🐕 😀


  2. mel says:

    Oohh…so adorable! Your collection is fantastic! Stay safe!

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    1. Thank you Mel, you too.

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  3. We need to get some used items for the house so I am missing the local consignment shops. I tend to buy things homemade from people, even if they are more expensive. If the item isn’t really high quality I will buy it if it isn’t too expensive, just to support a local crafter or artist. For example, a local lady was making face masks and I had some extra money so I wanted to support her. I did and the actually turned out to be pretty nice and work well. When I am at a craft fair I will support the artist who isn’t getting a lot of traffic and sometimes it works out and I nail a great gift or piece of art.

    I’m like you, I don’t like the idea of the little producers going out of business. We live in a small, rural area with a lot of crafters, knitters, artists, quilters, etc. and I would rather have what they make than something I can get at the big “box stores.” I see it effecting our small dairy farmers too. Big corporations are pushing out the small farms and with that comes a decrease in quality,, in my opinion. Breaks my heart.

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    1. It breaks my heart too. I am always sad to hear when a small mom and pop shop has to close down. I am like you when it comes to supporting artists and crafters. One time at a church sale a woman wasn’t selling any of her Elephant pin cushions. I bought two, one for me and one for a little girl that I had to buy a birthday gift for. I tied the elephant on her package with a balloon. She was only two at the time but those soft toys with no buttons or fuzzy fur are perfect for toddlers. You can toss them in the washing machine when dirty.

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      1. I once bought a book from a woman at the craft fair. It was a kids book and not great but, hey, it supported her and hopefully encouraged her to keep working at it.

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      2. I have bought handmade ornaments that children have made at outdoor craft fairs. The kids are always the funnest to buy from. Their faces lite up and the have the biggest smiles on them when you hand them money for something they made themselves. I always wonder what they do with the money they make, maybe save it for something or buy something sweet. When I was 7 I used to sell little rings at school for 5-10 cents. I also sold fuzzy yarn pencils when I was 12 and bought books from Scholastic with that money. Used to have a monthly Scholastic order that went home with all the children to buy things and sometimes we didn’t order stuff but when we did I loved it when the boxes would come into our classroom. All the orders were passed out to us. It was like Christmas.

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      3. I love buying from the kids too.

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  4. Oh, beautiful! You are a very talented lady. I love thrift stores but don’t have time to go very often. When I can I love the deals I can find and the interesting things to look at. Right now I have a box of things to donate sitting in my bedroom and waiting for when they open up again.

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    1. Thank you. I try to go to the thrift shops at least once a month. I also have a bunch of bags to donate.

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  5. This is just such a “feel good” post ! Makes me smile and envy the weather you seem to have….man I could use some warm here 😉 We’re even expecting snow on Tuesday and still have minus degrees at night.
    But back to you…..your blogs never “disappoint” or bore….there’s always something to learn or get inspired from…..just love it 🙂
    You really deserve every follower you have …. and you’ve worked hard for it !!
    So happy to see you’re doing well and hope you’re all safe and healthy and that it’ll stay like that!
    Take care & big hug 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I am hearing about cold weather everywhere. It is starting to get too warm here. I think today it will get into the 100’s. The heat is hard but the snow can make things a little dark and grey so hopefully you will get a break from that soon. Although your snow photos are amazing, everything looks so beautiful. I hope you and Frank are well too and doing lots of fun projects (fun enough) and hanging out relaxing too across the water and those beautiful woods of yours. BIG HUGS back all the way from Arizona to you both, stay safe, get lots of outdoor fresh air and sunshine as much as possible.


  6. Sartenada says:


    How lovely, beautiful and interesting. It was a great joy to me to see your collection! We love flowers, although we do not have them. My wife’s parents had a small a flower garden. I remember when we visited every weekend to their allotment to pick up flowers there which they sold next day at the market. Thank you.

    Have a nice day!

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    1. Thank you. I bet your in-laws garden was so beautiful and how nice that you got to prick fresh flowers from it too. I miss that about Europe, all those flower markets on the streets every weekend. In Italy they had fields of Sunflowers and lavender everywhere when we would visit.

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  7. I love your pottery! I have a few very old clay dishes and pots that I need to get out of the shed and plant. 🙂

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    1. Now that we have been staying home and finding ways here to entertain ourselves we have been finishing up a lot of our projects.


      1. We have been working on long over-due projects too. Feels good to get some crossed off the list. 🙂

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      2. I know, I love that about being stuck inside. We are forced to get those projects done now, but they are fun to me.

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  8. It was perfect the first time. I learn so much from you as well! Keep it up great post.


  9. masgautsen says:

    Lovely pots, I really like the one with the Rabbit! It is so cute

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    1. Thank you, that one is everyone’s favorite it seems. I love how the little bunny is peaking inside like it is hoping it’s carrots growing or something.


      1. masgautsen says:

        Or maybe he likes to smell the flowers

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      2. I like that better. Flowers are my favorites.


  10. JoAnn says:

    I used to love going to the thrift store also. You can find so many cool things. 🙂

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    1. It was just announced yesterday that our state will be opening thrift stores this upcoming week. I am still a little scared of course to visit right now so we will see. My daughter wants to go shopping, we all are getting a little stir crazy right now.

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      1. JoAnn says:

        Hopefully as long as everyone is careful there won’t be problems… we are all dying for this to be over!


  11. nshami14 says:

    I miss thrifting too, but this post brought me joy. I just love find unique pottery and mugs that could also be pottery.

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    1. Thank you so much. I know some places are still closed and I wish it were not the case. Thrifting is so much fun. I finally got a chance to go a couple days ago when they opened up our state from Lock downs. I was the only one in the store besides the cashier because it was in a tiny mountain town and it had just opened for the day. We all were wearing masks. I bought a giant coffee mug for my husband and some craft supplies for a project I am working on, oh and an iron. It was an old iron from long ago so hopefully it will last longer. I hope you get to go second hand shopping soon, just be careful out there, that old ugly germ is still around.

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      1. nshami14 says:

        Glad you found some goodies. Yeah, I’m in Washington, so we’re opening in phases and only essential bizzes are open now. I miss thrifting, but I’m in no hurry really. I’ve been working from home for two months now and only going out when necessary. I’d rather be safe and healthy than take any chances. Fortunately, though, I’ve been rediscovering little treasures I already have. Be well.

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      2. Me too, we are shopping now but only for essential items, mostly food. The feed and hard ware stores are open too. We always wear masks but not everyone id doing that. We had enough supplies for two months, we have a garden and chickens too and we share with neighbors so everyone helps everyone out here in our neighborhood.


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