What to watch when there is nothing to stream.

“ Day 7 at home and the dog is looking at me like, “See? This is why I chew the furniture.”


Sometimes we will have moments of streaming shows during our lock down moments. I try not to get into this pattern too much because streaming too many hours gives you a sort of entertainment hang over. There are so many other ways to pass the time. Remember all those projects I am always talking about finishing, well I am starting to make some progress and that is a great way to kill some time.

When I take a movie break I at least like it to be somewhat entertaining. Lately though, actually these past 3-4 years it seems, good movies are hard to find. It is really sad and disappointing to witness this happening in my country. A country that is suppose to be known for it’s great entertainment.

I will not go into the politics of what I think is happening, think you all know yourselves and if you don’t then I am truly sorry about that. I notice patterns and I also know this can be very upsetting when your choices are so…I don’t know, let’s see, a safe word to use would be …weird. But I rather use another description, but politics ya know. Seems there is a whole lot of propaganda going on out there.

So when I click through hundreds of shows that have been picked out for us here in the USA for our viewing entertainment, one after another after another and just can’t find anything, I turn on the free over the air channels. You know, those free channels everyone forgets about. They do come with a lot of medical ads but that is usually when I get other things done (yeah, they last that long). I remember as a child watching my mother and Nana watch soaps during the day and as soon as a commercial would come on they would turn the volume down and work on house chores or bathroom breaks. No one really paid attention to the ads. I learned how to get around those visually pleasing ads and that was to turn it down and walk away. Children now days do not have that advantage, they stay through the whole process and never leave their seats.

My husband and I cut the cable cord years ago when we ended up paying over a $100 a month for mostly pharma adds, infomercials and chaotic reality shows filled with hate.  Reality shows that made us either want more in our lives, made us depressed because we didn’t have those things or even worse, which was when we started feeling good about watching people get taken down by their so called friends and family right in front of our very own eyes.

“When did the world become more like a High School popularity experiment” I ask my husband all the time. I remember those days back as a teen and all the cliques, with the popular people always seeming like they had everything easy but in reality to be popular like that you had to step on a lot of people. To keep up with that popular image you have to become ugly inside and cruel emotionally. It is such a sad and stressful environment to have to keep going.

So my husband and I got rid of those reality shows and ads and bought a Roku and haven’t been back to cable since, even when we were offered to sign a contract again with them and get a free $200 gift card…no thank you.

If you are tired of the choices you are being given here in the USA or whatever country you live in (not sure how it works in everyone’s area) then try old DVD’s. VHS tapes, free streaming channels, and some of these over the air channels listed below:

Circle- The country channel. They have old Heehay shows and beautiful photography on Sundays with all their nature and animal shows. My grandparents and parents loved watching HeeHay every weekend when we my husband and I were kids. My husband remembers watching it before he had hockey practice.

Laff- Home improvement, and 3rd rock from the sun are some of our favorites on this channel.

Bounce- We will sometimes watch Judge Brown but this channel also shows movies like  Any given Sunday.

Me Tv- The Waltons, The Flinstones, Andy Griffith, Carol Burnett and my favorite… Alfred Hitchcock.

Antenna Tv- This channel is a fun one because they show a lot of the 80’s shows I watched as a kid like The facts of life, Different Strokes, and even some from the 70’s like The Patridge family. They also have Mork and Mindy.

PBS- They have some very creative people and beautiful photographers on this channel. I do love the artists out there in the world. Lots of DIY’s and cooking shows.

Ion- I don’t really watch this channel, it is all cop shows. I used to watch Law and Order way back in the day but now they have new cast members and I miss the old. On this channel you can watch shows like Private eyes, Blue bloods and lots of Law and Order.

Buzzr- Another fun channel to watch, it’s old game shows from the past. Sometimes it is just entertaining seeing the different hairstyles and clothes they wore back then…oh, and the prizes they gave out. Yellow and Olive green were popular colors back in the day.

Decades- For all you I love Lucy fans.

Grit- All old western shows.

Cozi TV- another favorite channel of mine because they are always playing Little House on the Prairie, I watched this show as a little girl. They also have other shows like Murder she wrote and The Munsters.

Comet- For all your Sci-fi fanatics (which there are three of in this house) this is the channel for you. They show old movies during the early part of the day and then old television shows like Battlestar Galactica in the evenings. My dad and I used to watch that series together, love the old sci-Fi before it got weird that is. Now everything is a bit too extreme and so violent…what the heck happened?. Also, I don’t know who is writing up some of these scripts now days because they are terrible stories with no direction but hey they look absolutely gorgeous, I will give them that. Visually our movies are outstanding (most anyway) but what happen to the stories they used to tell? I miss fairy tale endings and the moral of being of good character, and the good guys always turned out to be the heroes at the end. Usually the bad guys always lost…that isn’t the case now.

Dabl- a lifestyle network. My favorite show on this network is called Escape to the country. It is kind of like house hunters. I have heard you can also watch this series on Netflix but this is about free streaming channels and shows that are available.

I have also been watching some fun shows on YouTube like:

Hanabira has talent. He makes miniature houses and the background music he plays while he shows the process of making them is so calming. A great show to watch before bed.

The Hollar homestead is about a family who moved from California to somewhere in the heartland (I can’t remember now…think North Carolina or Missouri) anyway they are such a sweet family. They have four little boys and a new baby on the way. They decided to buy a bunch of land and start homesteading. They take everyone through the process of what that is like. Chickens, pigs, gardens, building a home and starting up their small business of soap making and hand made knives. I really enjoy watching their story unfold.

Harold…At first my husband thought this guy was a bit of a show off which tends to be the case with some social media stars out there in the world, but I stuck with watching it and discovered that Harold was instead a bit of a modern day Robin Hood. I told my husband to come back and watch him with me because “ You are going to like this Harold guy more then me I bet.”

My husband now is a big fan and can’t wait for a new show to come out. Harold promotes the little guys, the mom and pops, the families working hard to feed each other. There are moments when he surprises them with big cash hand outs to help them in their small businesses.

That is my favorite part, watching the people, very humble, sometimes fighting back tears accepting help from a stranger that just showed up as a tourist one day. Harold reminds us all what my husband and I already knew from our early days of travels back in our 20’s and that is that there are beautiful people all over the world that can’t wait to share their lives and stories with us all.

Thank you Harold (he will never read this blog to see this thank you but it is always nice to thank people who do kind things) If you are a follower of mine then you know I always support those artists and mom and pop business out there in the world.

Also I have noticed something else while watching these vlogs by Harold…he knows how to read a room really well. There are tricks when out in the world to test your environments. Tricks like seeing how well the animals react around you. Will they come to you?, will they let you pet them?, if not, then maybe they are being mistreated…you very well may be in a cruel area if that is the case.

Aggressive frightened animals are a warning of what type of situation you could be walking into, so stay alert. I leaned that little trick as a little girl growing up around biker dogs. My Swedish Uncle was in a biker gang.  He lived next door to me when I was a kid, there were bikers around all the time. Biker gangs, at least in my experience, are always kind to children and very protective, just their guard dogs and women they are not so kind to.

Kirten Dirksen ….Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS SHOW. Watch this episode, it is my favorite so far out of all her shows. This man tells his story about building his home surrounded by nature and using what he had available around him to do that. He even added a green house. He said one time him and his wife didn’t go shopping for three months by using supplies they grew. They homeschooled and raised their two boys in the middle of acres and acres of giant redwood trees. A beautiful story that I hope you all take the time to watch. I hope he finds someone very kind to take care of the place when he is no longer here (he brought this up) because he put a lot of love into taking care of those trees.

That’s it, just remember, if you can’t find anything to watch, try old school shows and if these get taken off here in our country there are also VCR’s, DVD’s and many out of print books from the past. There are also all kinds of ways to keep busy, doesn’t always have to be a screen. Stay safe out there you guys and I hope you find something fun to watch yourselves. If you have seen any good movies or shows lately that you would like to share please leave them in comments below. I am always up for suggestions. My husband and I watched The Big Country the other day, never saw it. It was a great movie with stunning photography.


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  1. Binte Bashir says:

    Lately me and my family we all watched The Crystal Maze series, an amazing show from the early 90’s.. It was fun and exciting to watch them collecting crystals. Old home recordings are the best. They Bring back childhood memories and make you feel nostalgic.

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    1. I will have to check that out, thank you. I love looking through old photos but we don’t really have any old movies from family. My aunt has some but one of my cousins took them to find old tapes of her to show to her husband and she hasn’t brought them back. One of them has some footage of my father and I would love to see them because he is no longer here. I think old movies and photos from the past are so fun to laugh at and go back to those days.

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  2. Jane Fritz says:

    Lots of great suggestions here, LRH. We watch a lot of PBS, especially the British mysteries, and also lots of nature shows. But, like you, we try to keep it off at least during the day.

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    1. Very smart. So much better to watch shows that teach us things and also are beautiful to see.

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  3. ” Day 7 at home and the dog is looking at me like, “See? This is why I chew the furniture.” ~ Lol lol lol lol! May I quote you on this? 😂

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    1. My husband sent that to me from a Facebook chat. Please share with as many people as possible, we all need to laugh.

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  4. simplywendi says:

    thank you for breaking down all the channels. we also broke down and bought a Roku this past Christmas but we still have Netflix……but we run out of stuff to watch…..so much junk and sadness……..

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    1. I know, that is sad. My son and daughter get discounts on certain streaming channels because they are college students and also when my daughter bought her smart phone she was able to get a packaged deal with some channels, with one of them being Hulu. Of course I checked them out to see if anything is on, and the shows are really dark and creepy, some agenda it seems. I am afraid to even bring it up here because everything is so political now and you get attacked for anything you say. It seems like a lot of these shows are anti Christian, anti family, and are trying to create a distrust between us all. Imagine young children now being exposed all the time to these messages, I fear for the next generations if this keeps up. So weird that most of these channels are being pushed and promoted to our college age kids. Lots of brainwashing and indoctrinating going on. My daughter said she can’t really find anything on Hulu either. My husband used to work in the movie industry as an editor and he witnessed a lot of dark things that I could never post about here, try to keep Our Little Red House positive but I slip sometimes and go on one of my rants. It is scary to witness it all. Uplifting TV has a fun show on called Bringing up Bates, and Starz (think it cost as much as Netflix) has a lot of the old shows from the 80’s and 90’s on it. There are some creepy ones too but I just skip them. YouTube plays a lot of old black and white classics and then there are all those fun amateur shows that I love watching on YouTube but even YouTube is starting to censor and change the closer we get to the election. It is hard to find fun shows here in the USA but it is possible, we just have to work at it. I have heard of some people using VPN’s to get a different selection for their NetFlix choices. Outside countries are not being aggressively targeted with the weird and wicked like we are right now in this country. I do miss those days of happy shows and movies here in our country.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        Oh my, I couldn’t agree with you more! There are sooooo many things I would like to write, but I don’t because I don’t want to deal with the aftermath……….so much is being shoved down our throats from all directions. One of my daughters is using a VPN to get shows on Netflix from other countries and mentioned that some of the shows are so much better.
        Very interesting that your husband was in the movie business, I bet he has tons of stories – I would love to listen to him for a few hours………but I completely understand why you can’t mention them here.
        I think I need to spend a couple of free hours going through all the channels to see what is on what. I have the tv on too much, I really enjoy the background noise so even though the tv is on, I rarely watch it but I still want it decent! 🙂
        Lots and lots of prayer is needed! 🙂

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  5. ruthsoaper says:

    We only watch free TV. Lots of the old shows. Or occasionally a DVD from our collection. My favorite show is on ME TV the Beverly Hillbillies. So funny!

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    1. Yes, I remember the Beverly Hillbillies, so funny.

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  6. Veronica says:

    Years ago, while living in the suburbs of Chicago, my family and I “cut the cord”. We saved a bunch of money and found some stations we never heard of. My favorite was H&I because it played lots of Star Trek. But I missed Doctor Who.

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    1. My daughter loves Doctor Who and she misses that too. Both my kids are Star wars fanatics. I used to watch old Star Trek shows with my dad.


  7. ourcrossings says:

    These are fantastic suggestions! Upon moving to Sligo, which was two years ago, we decided to sell our TV and spend our free time exploring the great outdoors. Believe it or not but we don’t miss one thing about it and are reading books, playing games, baking and colouring whenever it’s raining. Thanks for sharing and I hope all is well with you and your family ❤️ Aiva

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    1. Sounds like a beautiful place where you live and so peaceful. We are all well, hope you and your family are too. Exploring the outdoors is at the top of the list always.

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  8. We haven’t cut the cord yet, but we talk about it frequently. Like every time the new bill comes in. We just don’t know anything about streaming movies or tv alternatives, other than our old vcr tapes and dvds. We live out in the country and we can’t get local free channels at all. I did write down directions on how to get internet on the tv, so I guess if I put my mind to it, I could figure out the streaming. Maybe. 😀

    I’m still like your mother and Nana in getting most of my chores done during commercials.

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    1. I know what you mean. When we go up north for the summer to Our Little Red House we do not have internet or cable, not even a land line…nothing. In that small town you have to use satellite to get your local channels and that can be costly too, especially since we don’t really live up there. It would be like throwing money to the air every month. To help pay our electric bill up north we are part of a program where the utilities company uses our home for solar power so they pay us for that and we have a well for our own water so we don’t have to pay for water. It is just a fun little escape from the city and to escape the heat for the summer months. Land in the back is great soil so if we ever retired up there we would be able to have a better garden then here in the city, plus we can have livestock like pigs, horses and goats if we want. We use a VCR and Dvd player for our movie entertainment. There are several thrift stores in the mountain town on the way up that sell old DVD’s and VHS tapes for .50 to $1 and I usually grab some for those trips when we are spending the night up there. My daughter calls it our cement tent with a working bathroom. The home is wood though, not cement, just the base because it snows up there. Those old movies from the past are better in my opinion anyway.


      1. Sounds like a wonderful place to retire. I love that you have solar and a well. When my husband worked out of state, we would watch dvds when we came home for an occasional weekend. No sense having satellite when we were gone for months at a time.

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      2. It adds up and that is true about paying for something when you are not there, no one gets to enjoy it. We always had so much fun going to the public library (it is 5 stories here in our city) and picking out DVD’s and movies to watch when we were rebuilding Our Little Red House. We load up on popcorn and snacks and have a family movie night after a long day of working.


  9. cheriewhite says:

    I remember those old shows like Beverly Hillbillies and the Waltons! TV just isn’t TV anymore and most of the new shows have no heart and I only watch reruns of shows from the 60s 70s 80s and 90s. I think TV went out with the 20th century.

    I absolutely love the pics! I would love to travel like that and go see things!

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    1. So true. I love traveling as well, so many beautiful places to see out there.

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      1. cheriewhite says:

        Yes indeed! We traveled a lot when I was growing up. My dad was military so we had those opportunities.


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