May updates and favorite blogger posts.

“Fear does not stop death, it stops life.”


Okay, it is getting too intense out there you guys. If I could name each month as it comes and goes I would call the month of May…Fear, or maybe May Day would be a better term. Why?, well lets see, first I will start with something my daughter freaked me out with right before I was getting ready for bed.

“Mom, mom, you are not going to believe this but there are these wasps here from another country that are killing people and they are giant, they are called MURDER HORNETS, oh and they kill all the honeybees too.” my daughter, an extreme bee lover said in a panic.

Then she pulled out her phone and showed me a photo of giant wasps. Of course this is not good, not good at all. I stared at that horrible photo of a wasp and thought to myself how I was definitely sleeping under my mosquitoes net that night.

Then I started laughing…remember this is my go to tactic when the stress level has become too high for me. Sometimes laughing at awkward moments gets a lot of mean stares directed my way.

“It’s one of those photo shopped fake news stories.” I told her trying to stop my giggles.

“No mom, it’s real, it is, and …they are killing people.” she whispered that last part while staring at her little phone screen. Oh boy, was my daughter up for nightmares that night. I had to rein this in.

“Now hold on, even if this is true, I am sure the majority of people it has killed were allergic to it. I bet it is rare to die from one and are they really called Murder hornets?, because you know how the media loves to create chaos and fear” I reminded her.

I think I drive my family nuts with all my conspiracy theories. Like the one where I believe a popular furniture store out there in the world puts cat nip in their wooden furniture kits so city dwellers, who are the ones mostly buying from this store, who have cats, know those cats will scratch the heck out of them. Which in turn keeps them going back for more furniture replacements because the furniture gets torn apart by cats.

Now I am telling my family that I believe the media wants us all cowering and frightened hiding inside our homes so we stay and watch their nonsense on television all day long.

“I think we are all being freakin brainwashed” I will complain to my husband sometimes.

My husband agrees with this because actually having experience in Media he said this is exactly how it works. And now they throw out giant wasps stories, who wouldn’t be afraid.

When I saw those scary wasps on my daughter’s cell phone and realized how late it was I told her I was not going to talk about it anymore. I mean, who sends out a story like that before people go to bed. Great! I just knew with my over active imagination I was going to have nightmares about giant wasps. Actually, they looked kind of cool, if only they weren’t so huge and intimidating. Might be a fun little critter to try and needle felt to add to me collection.

Later that night I did end up pulling that old mosquito net out to sleep under. Then the next morning I woke up to this, something my husband sent me.

“What the heck is this?” I said from across the room once I opened my emails. Both of us have our own computers and we sit across from each other while on them.


“What does it look like…it’s a flying shark.” he answered back while he typed away at his computer.

Seriously, was this really happening. I am starting to think I am either in some Sims like game or I haven’t woken up from this strange dream I am in at the moment. Pandemics, out of control politicians, murder hornets, food shortages, and now flying sharks…really?

“Please tell me you didn’t send this to our daughter, I can’t believe she actually got to sleep after those stupid Murder Hornets were dancing around in her head last night.” I said to my husband

Too late, it was sent. It’s funny after all, and we all need to laugh. Come on now, how many of you are up late at night laughing at memes too? My daughter and I are night owls and while my husband and son are out, we try to giggle softly so as not to wake anyone up, while  reading all those memes out there. This is what happens when your normal comedy shows have become too political. The Memes take over.

Turns out the wasps are a real thing but not the flying sharks…Thank you God. You know I feel sorry for the bees.


What will June updates be like. What do we all have to look forward to. My fear is that I wake up and chocolate is no longer available.

“It has just disappeared off of the face of the earth.” my daughter will probably be telling me some day in the future, late at night of course, right before bed. Like aliens from another planet came by and grabbed up all our chocolate. Yeah, I bet that would give a lot of you out there scary dreams too.

Oh, and then my son came in and asked me the scariest question of them all.

“Mom, are we going to go to war with (country I refuse to name)?” he was very concerned.

And Yep! You guessed it, he asked his question at bedtime too.

My son is the best at those real world, hit you right in the gut questions. Everyone who meets him says he not only takes after me in looks but he also has my personality. The two of us together are a ball of fun. That is sarcasm.

Of course I decided to write my answer into a whole post, based off of an art of war quote. It still sits in my word press file waiting to be published if ever. Sometimes my daughter will say “Mom, maybe this isn’t a good idea, maybe you shouldn’t write this.” and I will always say “Why?’ and then she will always answer “Maybe it will put you on a list.” and then we both laugh and say together “We are probably already on a list somewhere.” paranoid freaky stuff, that’s what that is.

My uncle (the one that was in a biker gang) used to call up from his home next door to us and sometimes he would hang up all of a sudden after hearing a click. He would say “ Did you hear that?” and sometimes I would answer “Yeah, so” typical tone and answer of a teenager.

Then he would say, “Gotta go, they are listening.” Now who the heck “They” were I never knew as a kid. All I knew was that if you wanted any sort of answer or conversation on any open phone lines back when I was a kid, you had to be quick because the clicks would start and the hanging up would begin.This was only when speaking to my uncle though.

Turns out my uncle and his gang were always under investigation. The FBI even raided one of their homes when my mother, father and younger uncle were there for a Bar-b-Que. Let me tell you, Bikers have the best Bar-b-Ques. I was about 4 years old at the time. I guess all biker gangs had a file on them somewhere along with family and who they hung out with…who knows. The stories I could tell to my children about my days growing up, wonder if they would even believe.

Anyway, my point is, is that there are lots of lists out there and I am sure I am on at least one of them. Might as well have fun with telling the truth or expressing my opinions while I still have the freedom in my country to do so. I hope it never goes away, my freedom of speech that is. There sure are people out there trying hard to take it away though.

Sometimes I am a little too honest with what I see, think, or worry about happening. That post I wrote based off of my son’s question was written straight from my heart. It will never be published. I believe it would freak a lot of people out if I published it. Some of my straight from my heart posts have turned out to be some of my most popular and they were almost never published either. But fear holds me back this time. Better to stay quiet with some things. I think my uncle would worn me if he were still alive.

”Don’t make yourself a target for anything.” he would always say. I would always look into his eyes making sure they weren’t glassy and under the influence of drugs when ever he would give me advice. This was my way of deciding whether or not he was serious during most of our conversations. Sober my uncle was a very wise man.

I will share two things from ” The post that will never get published”…this

“ When strong avoid them. If of high moral depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise.”

Sun Tzu (The art of war)

This war game has been playing out for decades, long before I was even born. An evil chess game of sorts. The most sinister sentence in that quote and the one I fear the most is the one about unity. Having read up on history since I was a little girl I know that one sentence “If united separate them.” is the most powerful weapon of them all. When mother’s turn against daughters, brother’s against brothers, sons against fathers and neighbors against neighbors…we make ourselves very vulnerable and weak. One broken person is easier to take down then several strong confident ones.

“United we stand, divided we fall.” my husband always reminds our two grown children.

And this…

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”

John 1:5

A lot of light has shone on the lies of darkness in this past month alone. The darkness was always there, hidden and covered. Now we see things, the truths are coming out more and more every day. The invisible are now visible and they do not like that. What was hidden in darkness is now exposed.

My father always stressed one thing over and over to me when I was a little girl.

“Always stay in the light…never go dark.”

Dark are those places of envy, rage, hate, violence, jealousy, vanity, greed, and pride. To stay in the light is a much better place to live.

That’s a tiny bit of what I wrote in that post.

So what have we been up to this month at Our Little Red House, lets see….

We are starting to go a little more stir crazy. We are struggling with the tomatoes in our garden. My husband came in one early morning, told me to hold out my hand and close my eyes. He said he had a special treat from our garden.


I opened my eyes and this is what appeared. The world’s tiniest little tomato. If I was still a kid I would probably add it to my Barbie townhouse.


My husband saw my reaction and started laughing and said…

“Yeah, I don’t think we are going to make it”, referring to our “Just in case” food shortage of a garden we are trying to get going. We are having some struggles with the tomatoes right now. We have grown tomatoes in our garden before but this year it seems to be harder to get going.

We took a mini trip up north.


I didn’t realize at first it was a holiday weekend because my days were all mixed up from being in lock down for two months. It started to get super crowded in town, everyone from the city was headed up to the woods after two months of a lock down. We needed to get up to the great outdoors and nature desperately.


I will try to share the beauty of the nature up there through what photos I take but it never compares to being in it. I know I always write this, but here it goes again, I wish I could send to you all the smells and sounds that go with these photos. It is breathtaking taking a walk into the woods, smelling fresh air, listening to the birds and critters all around and seeing the whole veiw. Cameras can only capture so much.


I collected lots of art supplies for some projects later.


Some of which included more aspen branches for my Swedish Christmas gnomes.


We spent the day doing some late Spring cleaning as soon as we opened that door and stepped into Our Little Red House.


I looked around and said to my family “ Everything in this home is safe.” knowing that it has been shut up for months, way before the pandemic hit.


It felt like Our Little Red House was welcoming us all back and letting us know that we were all okay now. Away from all the disinfecting and sanitizing that these past few months in the city were like. No one had been in the house to contaminate it. It was just filled with dust.


When we left and closed up for our trip back to the city I left something behind inside the house, just in case I thought to myself…and that was one of our home made masks. How times have changed. Our Little Red House is now no stranger to the Red Monster. I will be writing a much more detailed post on this adventure back to Our Little Red House later when I have more time and what a story it has to tell.


We got to visit some of our friends up there. Some had good news while others had sad news of people they had lost during these past months, 4 freinds in 5 months. We wore masks and even passed out home made masks, and we kept our distance from one another while visiting. It was both nice and weird at the same time. We parted ways with air hugs. My daughter said she missed real hugs.

“Me too” I said back

I also did some needle felting this month. These little lambs. Their bodies are made from vintage yarn that I made into pom poms and their legs are twigs I collected from the creek behind the photo they are in.


Health tip for the month- Store any produce and that includes fruits like apples, in your refrigerator. Some of the big chain stores refrigerate their fresh produce before selling them. This causes them to rot and turn faster then if picked fresh and not refrigerated at all at first. The faster our food rots the more we head to the stores to spend more money and buy more food. This is why fresh produce is refrigerated first before being sold to the mass public.If you have access to fresh fruits and veggies locally you don’t have to worry about this. If you live in a city, just remember to store your fresh produce in your fridge after you buy them.

Okay, on to my favorites. Please add any favorites of yours if you have any of your own or others that you would like to share. And as always, thank you for your visits, likes and follows.

May Favorites at Our Little Red House

First a thank you to anyone who linked back to my site and included our site’s name. I have been so busy lately and haven’t had time to really check up on most of you to see what everyone is up to so I wasn’t able to get to anyone who linked back to me.

I try to remember to let you all know when I am doing a link back but sometimes I forget, but I always remember to give you credit on my site if it is an idea that comes from you or a photo you took. Give credit where credit is due I always say. I know it takes a lot of work to put these post together, the photos, instructions, writing it all out…it all takes time.

Some of us are not even profiting off of this in any way. Just the idea of sharing makes us happy. Plus, I am never a big pusher in promoting large store chains and mass produced items in order to make money off of it. The world is a mess right now because of that. Mom and pop shops and artists out there are suffering because of those polluting mass produced items and big store chains. I would never give permission to anyone to use my posts to promote those types pf stores or any mass produced items.

About 98% of bloggers out there I have come across do give credit to fellow bloggers they link back to, but there are some that don’t include the sites name when they link up to their site’s original post. Maybe they don’t even read them, just grab them from the internet and make a post of their own without giving credit to those that work so hard making these post.

So please, all I ask, is to remember to always include my site’s name if you do link up to anything  I create everything myself and that includes photos. All my photos on my site are photos I take personally.  I know, I already mentioned that, but this is really upsetting to me. I was shocked to see a regular blogger that visits my site post one of my photos and add her logo to it.

I never thought I would have to worry about this, especially from smaller bloggers like myself, which this other follower is. I think of you all like friends. I would never take a photo from a friend and add my name to it  like it was mine just to promote ads and products that pay me a little money. I put a lot of love into anything I post.

This other blogger did a link back to my site without giving me or other followers they borrowed posts from credit in their original post. They basically just wrote it like it was their own in a very misleading way by purposely leaving out the link’s names on their original post. Then when they had opportunities to thank those original creators in comments back on their site on how creative they were for those ideas, they still did not give credit to the other sites, they just thanked their follower’s comments like it was all originally their creative ideas.

What hurts the most is that I have included this other blogger before in my favorite monthly posts and other posts of mine many times with their name and link back, but sadly she did not do the same for me in her original post when she took one of my photos and posts to use for her own profit.

Now I have to go back, years back, and watermark and copy write everything I posted from my earlier blogging days. I just recently started doing this, guess this blogger was able to find one of my older posts and photos that wasn’t marked in order to use it.

Blogging is not easy. We all work hard to put these craft ideas, personal photos and post together. I love to share, but give credit please. I am leaving out the blogger’s name because I hate confrontations. I have a feeling this blogger has been doing this a lot when it comes to other people’s posts. If something inspires you, at least give that blogger that inspired you credit in your original post.

This is not who I am, I don’t go around looking to feud with anyone. I really would give someone my last piece of bread, the shirt off my back etc…if someone or anyone needed help.

I do this, sharing my joy and passions with you all as a gift to you guys. It kind of feels slimy to think someone can just take something away from me and others to use it for their vanity and profit…to take credit for all our hard work, really gross. I don’t know, maybe going a bit over the top with this but I am not getting paid for that post, so it shouldn’t be taken so someone else can make money off it, which this other blogger does. Why do all these other bloggers do all the work and then some blogger comes in to copy and post, taking other’s photos to attract and draw people to their site when they themselves did not do the work.

Yeah, I am upset. Guess this is my rant for the month, although I rather post only positive and happy posts. Oh well, such is life as they say. Later I will feel guilty about this rant, this is an after effect of having a NPD mother. Something triggered me I guess, or maybe it is from being locked up all that time. Usually I just let things go.  This time I just can’t, I am not a big fan of watching others do the work while someone else just takes it for themselves, even if in a very manipulative way they act like they are promoting the other bloggers yet that is not actually what is going on when you read between the lines. They are just using other bloggers to do all the work for their sites.

Has this happened to anyone else? I mean taking a photo and adding their own logo was what really upset me. I am not the best photographer or a even a professional but at least give me credit…come on, really? Hopefully they added my name to the photo and a link back to my site since I did comment on their site to please do this. (Read update below on that) Photo below is the photo I am talking about, I am only sharing this photo so my other followers who do give me credit never think this complaint of mine is about them.


What is sad is that she is a really a sweet person in the blogging world…but I see something else I guess.  Please stop. I will leave it at that, listening to my gut on this one. I tried to be nice and not get upset even thanking this blogger but later it just felt like I wasn’t being true to how I really felt and that is what this complaint is all about. It felt yucky, why am I thanking someone for stealing my post to make money on their site…just feels icky.

Update on this rant- My photo was removed and made smaller, no credit was given, with a comment  that they  did not realize it was my photo, that they took it for their  Pinterest.

If anyone post anything at all, please read it, find out where it came from, give that person credit and if anyone wants to use anything from my site you are always welcomed to, please share. I want you all out there creating. Just give this site credit  and please no sharing my posts at sites that promote businesses that I wouldn’t. You know I always promote artists and small businesses. You all are always welcome to use my stuff if this is what you promote as well. Also don’t use my posts for your profits, but I can’t believe I have to write this part, think everyone already knows this. For years now I have stayed away from promoting the big store chains and now the whole world understands why…thank you.

Anyway, I don’t think I will ever be able to keep up with all my favorite bloggers out there but eventually I always find free time to see how you all are doing.

I got some new followers this month, like MC’s Ranch. She has such a cute way of writing. In her 20’s and starting a farm. I would never have found her on my own, so thank you for stopping by to visit Our Little Red House and thank you for following us now.

I wish I had more energy to do more DIY’S for you all but since my surgery and removal of half my thyroid (right side) I have days where I do feel a bit tired, still getting used to the new me I guess. The scar across my neck is very small now. Some of my earlier followers remember that time in my life when I was going through that, like Margarete from soul food  and Manuela at Restless Roots even Emmy was around to give me online hugs of encouragement all the way from Nova Scotia. There are not enough thank you’s in the world for how much you guys helped me get through that, but here is another one just to remind you how special you are…THANK YOU SO MUCH. Okay, now I am changing the subject big time because that time from my past is something I rather leave in the past. Back to favorites…

Michelle from Le Grand Art has some new cards she designed that are trending. I knew you could do it Michelle, your cards are so cute and now they come with humor, we all need more laughs out in the world.

The tiny potager– Springtime at home: How to scare a storm away…a really fun read and your daughter is super adorable. I really enjoyed going on a Spring walk with her. Takes me back to the days when my babies were little like that. Boy, do they grow up fast

Mitch Feemley– Does God answer. A really inspirational and spiritual posts and he even has a movie on Amazon right now called Healing River. Thank you Mitch for stopping by and thank you for doing good out there in the world.

Nora at Joy journal– Forrest Gumping my way through life. I feel like this too sometimes when it comes to my life. You are such a talented writer, enjoyed reading this one. Also, I am  terrible with names (think it is a dyslexic thing) I don’t know how many times I have commented to you using the name Joy and all along it is Nora. Don’t be too surprised if I start calling you Nora Joy.

Chandra– What a fun photo challenge you did. Chandra took photos and distorted them, then she had everyone try to guess what they were.

Ottinger- I love this owl story. I think I may try to needle felt this little guy when I find the time. You rescued one adorable little guy there. Thank you for the laughs too. (

Rachel– at Stay positive it’s Autism. What fun you all had with a glow stick party. We used to have glow stick parties in our pool but yours looks so much funnier.

That’s it for May. Stay safe out there, be kind, get to know your neighbors, share your gifts, your food, your knowledge and stay united. This will make us all stronger in the end. The whole world united is a beautiful place to live. God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Coming up in June.

I am still working on that bedroom makeover post. I have been posting about this for months now, so you all know this is a project I have been working on a very long time. I am afraid I have jinxed it. There will be two room projects to share with you all in June (hopefully). My sewing corner is finally finished too.


Dollar Day Do over- You pick. Thought it would be fun to switch things up a bit and let you all pick the next project I repurpose.


Tp craft time- DIY little house.


Road trip time-back to Our Little Red House.

Shopping during a pandemic-Lock down is open.


ASD table time crafts-cards.

DIY-little folk art lambs.Liz

I think you will love this one Liz, you can add them to your shelf of bunnies, chicks and elf.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. simplywendi says:

    Oh my goodness………..what an incredible post! First let me say, I am so very sorry someone has been using your posts. I have experiencd something very similar on my other blog but I won’t go there now. It is so awful and I am so sorry you are dealing with stealing.
    Your childhood sounds amazing! 🙂 Oh the stories you could tell…… much fun to listen to I am sure.
    Thank you for sharing so much of the beauty around your house and the other house! 🙂 Your tomato……adorable 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendi, I know what you mean about not going there when it comes to posts getting copied, it just feels gross to me. I don’t want to fight with anyone and that was a pretty long rant. Good to get off my chest I guess. Yes, I have so many fun adventures and stories still up there on file in my brain. If we were neighbors I would talk your ear off and I am not the talker in the family, that’s my husband. I think you would never get any rest with us two. Thank you for enjoying the photos I share too, I really try to make it feel like you are all there too, the best I can that is. You and your family have a beautiful day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simplywendi says:

        🙂 oh my goodness! I would so appreciate you as a neighbor! i feel your spirit through your words and to sit and chat with you would be such an honor. who knows………stranger things have happened 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I know, that is true.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz says:

    I have read through all your post and it was a lovely read.
    I certainly like the lambs. They are really good. But not one I will be doing this time.
    If I had seen those up front, I wouldn’t be able to take my eys of them.

    How horrible for someone to take one of your photos and then put their own name on it.
    It’s obvious when you read your own words elsewhere, that the person is fully aware where it came from. Yes, you are certainly entitled to rant. Makes you wonder how many more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Liz, I always feel bad when I blow up like that but I was surprised to see my photo and post used like that…oh well. I know I am not the only one this has happened too. I will just be careful to mark all my photos now and copyright each post. It is just going to take more time out of my already busy life to go back into older post to do this. How convenient for the blogger to use one of my older post that wasn’t marked. I would expect this behavior from the big guys but some little small blogger, who is just like my site being small, lets just say it was a little shocking.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I love the lambs and the bees with preparing for the killer wasps! I don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Michelle, those bees are too cute, just had to share those laughs with you all.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Joy says:

    Wow! Such a great post! So sorry to hear about the issues you have had with post/photo – stealing! Your writing is very good, and I can tell a lot of work went into it! God bless you for all that you do!
    While I don’t have a blog, I do have an online store through Zazzle and would love for you to check it out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Joy and I think you are very talented, your art work is very pretty.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I am so sorry that someone did that to you. You put so much of yourself, love, and effort into your posts. Lots of wonderful ideas and pictures. It is stealing in my humble opinion. I used about 4 pictures from the free picture places in the beginning but even though they were free I felt bad, like I was stealing. I started using photos I had taken. I saw a couple of them on other sites, and stopped posting pictures because it would bother me. My blog isnt like yours though. It doesn’t need pictures like yours does. Its kind of hard to do DIY, and life posts without a picture. Id like to really know who it was because it is not a blog I would want to support. Although I see other bloggers doing it all the time. Stealing pictures, even the topic, and opinions off another blog. I also see people copy others. But it doesnt make it right, and I don’t follow or visit them. Although I also only follow 52 blogs 🙂 at least 25 of them dont even blog anymore but I love them and keep following them just in case they come back 🙂 Im glad to hear other than being overly tired you are recovering well. The crafts are adorable as always, and you leave me amazed once again. You should also know I feel like you are teasing me every time you post about your little red house. You know I want to move in heheeh 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This comment was in my Spam folder…weird, not sure why that happened. So sorry it has taken awhile to reply to. I left the blogger’s name out of the complaint of mine because I feel yucky stirring up my complaints with others, almost like gossip. It did happen though and my photo, the last time I checked was still up but then I wasn’t clear with how upset I was on their site when I asked them to remove my photo with their logo, in fact I was super nice and even thanked them for sharing my photo but then like I wrote in my post, I felt angry about it later and thought ” Why am I being so nice when someone basically took one of my photos to profit for their site” a site that promotes big store chains, which I know sometimes I shop at them, I rather not and support the little shops. Sometimes though we can not help that and we need products that are from big corporations. Anyway, I am over it now and have moved on. I do fear this person may try to continue with looking over my style and try to copy in a way, lets hope that doesn’t happen. It is exhausting to have to lock down and protect all our art and what we do but then that is life. I try to understand that some people are trying to make money but they should be as honest as possible. I have never seen this blogger at any of my Christian followers sites that promote bible teachings, even though she is a Christian and her site’s name is in reference to being a Christian too. I think she leaves Christianity off her site because it is a site to promote other items from big stores and she does not want to offend non christian followers, she needs to make her money. It can be a tricky road to follow. I try to just be as honest as possible with who I am without harming others to the best of my ability, no judgement on others, just trying to share good things with everyone, either Christian or not. I just share what my heart tells me to write about and hopefully I don’t offend anyone. It is a much better place to be when we are not all trying to take from each other for greed and vanity I always say. We all need to look out and do what we can for each other. If this follower would have just added my site’s name to all my photos I would have never gotten mad in the first place. Oh well, time to move on, I have lots of better things to think about and do today. I need to be very thankful that the riots in our city were actually peaceful protest last night. Cops and protesters were shaking hands in Peace at the end of curfew. No violence, no arrest, no fires last night here in the city I call home. My prayers were answered. Now I just pray that these violent riots stop around the world. They are even protesting in England but they sure don’t talk about this in America media. Strange how this rioting happened all at the same time and in other countries too….hmmm, seems planned out to me, like the violent rioters were waiting for the perfect opportunity to cause a constant stream of chaos. Lots of prayers tonight. I cried when I saw cops and protesters hugging and praying together last night, which is how these protest should all be like, about coming together peacefully. We just have to remember that there are more good then bad and not let the hateful ones crowd our thoughts. Have a beautiful Day, you and your family stay safe and God Bless you all.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Librarylady says:

    Loved the flying shark – you made me laugh. Your poor daughter, that’s all she needed after the murder wasps. (I too have a fear of chocolate disappearing. That and worst-case scenario, Dr. Pepper! What would we do?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dr. pepper is so good. especially ice cold like you like it. In Belize, years ago, I was shocked to discoverer they don’t really have ice in the jungle. Maybe they do now but when I was there with my husband before we had kids ice was a rare treat there.


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