In the garden…the heat is on.

Today, while I write this post up it is actually really nice outside but that hasn’t been the case these past few days. We got hit with some really hot days this month.

 Now we are trying to protect what we have from burning up out there. This is why we have to cover our potatoes. They are actually growing and surviving now that they have been covered.

This month was about getting ready for the extreme heat headed our way. All wooden items in the garden have to be resealed or painted. May is the perfect time to do this because the heat isn’t so bad yet, which means we can still work outside longer. Although even in May we have been getting up very early between 4-5 am because of heat warnings on some days.

I repainted the garden table.

Then my husband fixed this old garden table. I resealed the wood on it and organized the pots. I even added and transplanted more plants around it.

All these plants in pots were clippings from existing plants that I propagated from. I picked up the pots from second hand shops. I try to stick with one color and anything that isn’t that color I just paint to match.

And I did the same to the baker’s rack in the corner. Although it is seeing it’s last days it looks like.

This bakers rack will more then likely be getting a new top using old lumber or pallet boards. I have had it for about 20 years now.

On Mother’s Day I woke up to thunder and rain which was a very special treat for all of us here in the desert. When my daughter felt bad about not being able to buy me a new plant for my garden like she normally does every Mother’s Day, I told her I was already happy with the gift of early morning rain that day. I love, love, love being out in the garden after an early morning rain storm. Everything smells so fresh and looks sparkly. My son gave me the biggest hug for mom’s day and that is something right there all on it’s own.

What a perfect morning for Mother’s Day . We woke up to a very special surprise. What a gift to get rain for Mother’s Day. Oh, and a carrot cake my husband made. I forgot to take a photo of it before we all started eating it…it was so yummy. My daughter reminded me that the Saturday before Easter we also were gifted with a double rainbow.

“ That’s right, I do remember that” I said

I remember that day my daughter coming into the living room excitedly and showing me a photo of a double rainbow that Jerusalem was getting and we both said it would be so nice to have one here as well. Then we both went outside and there was a giant double rainbow, even here in our little old Arizona desert area. I shared it with you all for my Easter greetings post. Apparently that Saturday before Easter double rainbows were showing up all around the world…how cool is that?

A bit of a mess, but oh so yummy. We have to refrigerate our cakes here during the summer. Once they leave the fridge they start falling apart and melting. Even inside with air conditioning on there are still pockets of heat in most homes. Chocolate and ice cream are eaten inside the shops because to take these items to our hot cars will only liquefy them faster. We don’t eat a lot of these things in the summer. We make a lot of frozen banana smoothies from our homes instead. Italian ice and fruit sorbets are better choices if here in Phoenix during the summer months.

Lets see, what else has been happening in our garden this month…we got some new blooms. Our cactus flowers started popping out this month. Cactus flowers do not last long, you have about a day to enjoy them and then they drop off. Their colors are very unusual , like soft pastels or very bright pinks and orange colors.




We have green everywhere in our garden for now but come late summer our garden will be a mess. Everything will be brown and dry, well mostly everything that is. It is so sad. Probably what everyone’s garden looks like during Winter snow months in other parts of the world.

Because my kids usually buy me something plant related for Mom’s day I instead told them I would make a pretty center piece for our garden table outside using plants we already have around.  

I used an old tool tray I bought second hand at a thrift shop. It is huge. Usually it is in one of my work areas, not outside. I use it to store arts and craft supplies.

I filled it with mason jars and fresh clippings of roses and ferns. It was the perfect center piece for a carrot cake breakfast.

All our succulents had to be brought inside. They do not do well in extreme heat.This cabinet shelf I redid was the perfect place for a nursery of all my succulents and plants I am propagating.

Remember these? They are the baby spider plants I planted awhile ago in one of my last garden updates. They will make nice Christmas gifts when the time comes. Look how big they are getting.

The baby quail have grown too. I can’t believe how fast they grew in just a few weeks.

We moved them under the trees by our pool area. We normally have them on the other side of the yard but with the heat coming in, we decided to move them to the pool side. Our summer’s can be harsh but if you have trees and grass the birds do better.

Some new babies hatched, quail and chickens. We gave the baby chicks to our neighbors since they are hard to find at the moment. Just keeping the shortage at a minimum by sharing and growing with others locally.

We are starting to get some edibles from our garden but it is a very slow process and some seeds from some big chain stores are not producing at all or very well. This is a pattern we have been noticing for years now…not paranoia, just frustration. Just like items mass produced that fall apart after awhile, it seems some seeds out there are also being made in a way that don’t allow a lot of growth if any at all. I believe you all know what I am writing about here. Everyone knows products are falling apart everywhere. Hopefully things will start turning around soon.




We trade seeds with other gardeners here locally which always do better.  

Mostly in my garden this month there was a lot of clean up and working on unfinished projects. We are in a rush to get these projects done before we have our sunned in days. You know, instead of snowed in we here in our desert get sunned in where it is too dangerous to be outside. 

I also had a chance to go rock collecting at the creek up north where we have Our Little Red house. I brought back lots of rocks to be painted and decorated later. I have been adding my painted rocks around the garden as decorations. I am setting up an art studio in the garden for the neighborhood kids to have a once a month art day. A creative break from the lock downs and no school days. I figure as long as there are only a couple at a time and they come between a certain time with their moms then we can keep our social distance and the supplies will be outside in uv rays.We will see how this works.

May is always a month of pollen clean up daily from the pool. Everyday we had to clean our pool twice a day because of the beautiful tree shading it from above. I will never remove the tree. We put up with the extra work involved and try not to complain.




May is also a month of lots of visitors. We get birds,bees and butterflies at this time.Sadly though, I am not seeing as many bees as I normally have in the past. Our garden is a safe haven for them since it is an organic garden. 

 Wish I had a photo of the little finches that visit me during this month. We have two trees that produce pollen, there are all kinds of flying critters that love visiting to eat from the pollen. The finches with their yellow heads always make me smile. Sometimes they will hang out in the old branches above my gazebo and I will peak up through the Jasmine vines while they look down at me chirping away while I work on my art projects. They are so bossy, looking down and me and chirping at me like I understand what they are saying…who even knows.

I ran inside to grab my camera to try to capture the little finches that were taking over these branches early one morning but they are camera shy I guess and flew off as soon as they saw the camera. They are so adorable and tiny with bright yellow feathers on their heads, the males I believe and they usually only visit in pairs when about. I especially love it when they bring their babies when they are starting to learn how to fly, super cute to watch that show.

 That’s about it for our garden updates this month, how are all of you doing with your gardens? Happy gardening adventures everyone.

This was the day we moved the quail to the pool side of our yard. We have a safety fence around our whole pool. My father in law sent over a company that installs these security fences when we first bought our home here in the city. Our children were little toddlers. Grandpa did not want his grand babies in a home with a pool and no fence.  The older homes with pools here in our city were not required to have fences around them. This home was built in the early 50’s and the pool was installed during the 70’s. Both our children started being introduced to water and swimming lessons at 9 months old. They knew how to get in and swim out of a pool when we bought this home but we still kept the doors all locked that lead to the pool. Then grandpa decided to buy us a safety fence. The fence separates the yard into two sides now.

 Update on quail- we got hit with an extreme heat warning this week. If you are reading this post now it was written a couple weeks ago. I like to reschedule post in order to keep up with everything. We lost two quail these past two days and we have no idea why. The other quail are doing fine but then they are better suited for the heat. Anyway, we brought them into the Arizona room until the temps go down and we are going to keep a thermometer out by the cages now. Our record temps were only suppose to reach 111 at the most but the national weather association measures temps in shaded areas, so even though the temps say 112 in the sun they will reach over 130. The quail can tolerate up to 120. They are in the shade so temps don’t get as hot. If we leave anything outside in direct sunlight, even if only for a few minutes, it will melt. All the other birds are okay. Arizona has deadly heat. Please, if you are ever in our state, remember that if you are here during the summer. Many people die out here because they do not understand how dangerous the heat is here.              


Copyright Our Little Red House © 2020 .Do not take photos/materials without the written permission from the author. 

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  1. I am amazed with your gardening skills. Not even a single picture is there which I wouldn’t appreciate!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, you are so sweet. I love all the colors of flowers that come out this time of the year. The perfect time to be out there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. simplywendi says:

    thank you for sharing so much beauty! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendi, as long as you and others can spend a little time enjoying these garden breaks with me then that makes me happy too. For now it is nice and green but it is so bad here in the summer. In the early mornings everything is very nice and still a little cool.

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      1. simplywendi says:

        🙂 I soooo want to visit your part of the world some day. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If you do come, make sure it is after the election and after the summer months. Things are getting really bad out there the closer we get to our election and we are a battle ground state so there will be groups of trouble makers sent here and already here, who I believe will and are being paid to cause lots of violent chaos to keep us all frightened and inside our homes. I watched my city get pounded by rioters and protesters. I do not mind the protests, what happened was awful and should never have happened, some police are bad but not all of them. It is the rioters who I fear the most, they are looking to increase the tensions the closer we get to our election. We all live in beautiful surroundings and people are basically good at heart and have kind souls, it is just the bad and ugly that we are being shown over and over on our screens so it is very disheartening to see. Arizona is a beautiful state to visit, but right now I am fearful of the battle that is coming to take our state. Lots of prayers are happening in our home right now. Stay safe Wendi and I do hope you get a chance to visit all the places of beauty that you want. Watching the space shuttle right now, so great to finally see some positive.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. simplywendi says:

        🙂 one of my daughters and I watched the space shuttle too…….it was awesome. We are taking a break right now but I plan to go back again and watch.
        I am so very sorry that you end up with so many rioters…….that would be very scary. I will be praying for you too………please take care and be very safe. sending you love and light and peace!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you Wendi, we all could use the prayers right now. They had a live update on our local news after we watched the shuttle and a lot of our city leaders were trying to convince the public to please stay home, to protest peacefully, they even talked about how Martin Lutheran King and Jesus were most upset when their followers turned protesting into violence. It was so strange to see someone bring up Jesus in an announcement with other government officials, it was beautiful and peaceful. Usually they keep religion out if it. Everything seems so strange now when I watch anything on local news. They are planning another protest tonight so all day the city has been preparing with cement blocks and more officers will be out tonight. We are not too far from these areas so it is very scary thinking about violence being so close. I will be praying some tonight that everyone out protesting is safe and no one gets hurt. My daughter has anxiety so she was so upset last night when the sirens started everywhere. If things get too bad we can always load up the truck and head to Our Little Red House. Our truck will be packed with chickens, quail, cats and whatever food and clothes we can pile in. I just want things to go back to normal, isn’t it enough that we have a pandemic to deal with and now we have such evil happen by a police officer (so glad they arrested him finally). Anyway, you and your family stay safe too and God bless you all.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. simplywendi says:

        Yes! Praise God he has been arrested. Since I don’t watch the news, I did an online search and found that there has been rioting in our nearest big city. I had no idea. Lots of prayers for everyone involved, hoping, like you said, no one gets hurt.
        Sending you and your family many, many blessings and complete safety!

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      6. Thank you Wendi, we all need that right now.

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  3. ruthsoaper says:

    Wow! I couldn’t imagine temps over 100 for very long. It gets hot here when we reach the upper 80’s and into the 90’s. I think our temperatures often feel hotter because it’s often very humid as well.
    That carrot cake looks delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is rough out there right now. The quail seem to be doing better now. We have had them in our Arizona room for 2 days now. The temps should be going down some next week, back to 103 so normal for this time of year. I forgot to add a photo of a plastic container we left outside the other day, it melted. The local news stations have to report heat warnings all day long because so many people die during the summer here. We shop early and try to get home before 12 pm. Getting in and out of hot vehicles makes you sick too, heat exhaustion is a daily thing here. We have to drink a lot of water during the summer so we always feel a little sick to our stomachs and bloated. It is hard to go from outside to an extremely cold air conditioned building, two very different temperature extremes so that is why so many people are exhausted here during the summer. One time they were shooting a Transformer’s movie here during the summer and the actors and crew commented that anyone who lives here during the summer is tough, that it was rough being in this heat and they are right, it is not fun. What is scary is the fact that our Corona cases reached the highest level yet since this all started more then two months ago. This virus does not act like a true virus, we usually have a break during our summers, at least a smaller amount of cases when it comes to viruses but this is not the case. Arizona, Australia, and other warmer countries out in the world are showing everyone that this virus continues even during the summer.

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  4. Gersom Clark says:

    Thank you, Cheri, for sharing 📸pictures of the adorably cute little quails. Thank you for the update too.✍ True, trees 🌳help a lot to give these tiny ones additional shed 🌞and a cooler feeling.🌬❄ I just learned from your post that it is possible to place both quail and chicken eggs in one incubator. Luckily, the quail eggs hatched first🐣 and the quails are not that strong to break their bigger counterpart’s shell. Blessed your kind heart for sharing your chicks,🐥 Little Red House! 🙂👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Such kindness, thank you. We have our second incubator in now so the chickens have their own. Some chickens hatched first before the quail and they were given to the neighbors. Then the quail hatched and the new incubator came in a day later. I will have to share that photo in next months updates.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gersom Clark says:

        Thank you in advence, Cheri! GOD bless you and your family!

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      2. God bless you and yours as well. Have a beautiful Sunday over there.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Gersom Clark says:

        Likewise, Cheri, a blessed Sunday!

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  5. The Green Crunchy Mother says:

    Wow, such beautiful pictures ❤

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  6. Yes, the seeds dont produce much anymore or should I say the “new and improved” genetically modified ones LOL They yield about one and a half pickings, and then they are done. Growing up on a farm we planted beans of all varieties, peas, potatoes, corn, cumcumber, melons, everything and we would pick every day from the time school got out until after we went back. I havent been able to plant a garden for a couple of years but my gardens there was one picking, about a half the next week and then the plants were done. Corn barely had an ear a stalk. I talked to my brother in law and asked him what I was doing wrong. He is the one who explained that it wasnt my farming skills that it is the seeds that have been modified. I also found this is true with fruits like peaches, apples, pears , etc. Use to you could eat a peach, plant the seed and next summer a little tree popped up. Not any more. If that peach(or fruit) didnt come from an orchard that is 60 or 70 years old, it is of no profit food wise. It will grow a tree, produce leaves, flowers etc but the fruit is not antyhing that will grow to any size that is edible. I have heard there are “heirloom” seeds that are like the ones that we use to grow. They will yield all season. I havent tried them as I said because I havent had a garden in the past few years due to hubbys job. You cant farm when your only home part-time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, this is so sad, such greed out there. There are many trees and plants around our city like Olives, dates and even some citrus that were planted decades ago. Although the citrus are usually called freeway oranges and no good to eat, for show only. The other foods can be processed and made into edibles for low income and homeless shelters. If they had a program in place to feed people in the cities that are plant based foods and planted accorded to the area climates then just like our recycling program we could help so many people all over our country.

      Instead of planting non edible plants around our freeways we could plant more native edible plants like cacti that can be processed and bottled to ship out to others around the country to eat. The fruit from are cacti are usually edible and prickly pear is just like green beans when prepared correctly. Then there are other states that grow wild blackberries, edible mushrooms, apples, walnuts, etc…that can be grown.

      Most people who are homeless right now are addicts from the drug industries pushing Opioids, but if we can find ways to help them turn their lives around and put them to work, starting programs like feeding the country, then it will help them get back their lives and give them something to look ahead to. Just an idea, something that would be nice and it would start turning things around for the better. Plus it would help feed others.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it would be a great idea but you are using too much common sense and for some reason that doesnt go over well nowadays:)

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      2. Isn’t that the truth.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Blah to the heat. I do horribly in the heat. Last week was hot part of the time, today it is chilly. I’m hoping it stays chilly because we don’t have an AC yet. Ugh. We have crank out windows and we aren’t sure how to put a portable AC in yet. We will figure it out somehow!


    1. Thank you Robin, it is my favorite place to be, so peaceful, especially early in the morning.


  8. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful garden❤

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  9. Must say I really enjoyed your post… The quails, the cacti in flower, the finches teaching their young to fly, the diy, the plant cuttings you’re growing etc. Sorry to hear of the loss of quails, hope they’re doing better now. I like the idea of your crafting sessions outside with the neighbourhood kids.
    All the best xo 🐣 🐤 🐥 🌺 🌵 🌼 🌾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love this comment, you are so sweet, so happy you enjoyed our garden with us. I try to share it in a way where you all get to be there too, if only in words and photos at least it is a nice break from other things going on out there in the world. I think art in our backyard will be fun and this week our temps will be under 100 degrees so hopefully we can start that up. Have a beautiful Sunday where ever you are out there in the world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, you too
        Kindest regards from Norfolk, England (right by the sea) Faith 🙂 xo

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    Best of luck for the next!


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    long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger
    but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any suggestions for rookie blog writers?
    I’d really appreciate it.


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