Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.


I just realized that in my monthly updates for the first time ever, I forgot to add my prayers for the month. That is the most important part of the updates. I got all wrapped up in my protest and rant I guess.

Also, another scary thing happened this month that I forgot to mention in my monthly updates. Probably because I try to keep things positive all the time, even when I am angry. Which is normal, everyone gets angry. But when you grow up in a dysfunctional family you learn to suppress those types of emotions and instead act as if everything is okay, like nothing upsets or bothers you. Anyone who has been exposed to any kind of abuse in their lives will always have to be so very careful. They will always be vulnerable. There are so many wolves out there that are lurking around who are looking to take advantage of the sweet ones, as a lot of scapegoats are called…we are the empaths and people pleasers of the world.

To speak up and out about anything you feel is unjust has repercussions. So you learn to react to anger in another way, a very bottle it up, inside kind of way. You always remain sweet as they say. Me defending myself for anything takes a tremendous amount of courage to break a chain like that but I am learning that this is okay. Anyway because I was trying to keep everything positive in my monthly update post, I also forgot to mention that something really scary happened in our area this month. At one of the shopping areas where my son and daughter like to shop, an area we have shopped at and attended sports events at over the years, had a tragic event happen.

A 19 year old took a gun to the center and started firing and shooting at people. Three people were shot before the gun malfunctioned. There were cops there to grab him as soon as the shooting stopped. Even an off duty paramedic was there shopping with his family when it happened and was able to attend to the people who were hurt. Two were a brother and sister out for the day. The most critical one was shot in the chest and the sister was shot in the leg.

My son and daughter were just talking about how as soon as the lock downs are through they would like to go shopping or something, just get out of the house. I left that part out of my updates. I instead wrote 10 things to stay positive about. We were hit hard this month but we are also okay and thank God that that gun stopped working, no deaths and no one else got hurt.

Wow, do we ever need prayers out there right now. I don’t even know where to begin. I think I will begin with this (photo below) of a box of blessings from a friend of mine. This friend at one time asked all her friends to keep her husband in our prayers because he had throat cancer, so we all prayed and passed it on. He survived all the treatments and to this day he is still cancer free and that was three years ago when I first started blogging.

Then about a year ago or less he had to have heart surgery and once again he was back on the prayer list. Some of you even helped pray for a safe surgery and recovery for him when I included that in one of my monthly updates post. He is okay now and on the mend, that was months ago. So many prayers have been answered that it would take a whole post to write them up.

Anyway, this friend of mine who asked everyone to pray for her husband decided to make all her friends a little box of bible verses for what we are all going through right now in the world. Everywhere there is so much hate, separation, sadness, fighting, death and worry…we all could use this little box of blessings that I opened up in the mail one day. For anyone who is not of a religion, maybe a little box of well wishes and encouraging quotes, hey…no judgement here. It was the perfect thank you gift to everyone who cared and prayed for my friend’s husband.


When I got this special gift, I knew it was something I had to also share with all of you as well because you also prayed. You prayed for a stranger you did not even know. Prayers are powerful when many are included. At a time when Christians and churches are being silenced or shut down this is so important to remember.

My friend copied this idea from a box she inherited from her mother years ago. Her mother is passing down a very beautiful gift to us all. The little pick that we all received in our box of blessings was made by my friend’s husband, the one who survived cancer and heart surgery. A thank you to us all.


So every Sunday, as long as I can remember to do this and post it, I will try to share a verse from this box of blessings. Even though it was a gift sent to my house and meant for my family, it is also a gift that was meant for you and yours as well.


The verse I pulled out today is this…


The fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instructions.

Prov. 1:7

Prayers this month go to-

Once again the world, pray for the whole world. The meanness, self love, entitlement, loss of faith, greed, wastefulness, resentments, rage and just the whole propaganda thing that has been going on for awhile now, years in fact, has finally reared it’s ugliness and look at us now. I know there are so many of you that are hurting because if what you are seeing. Pray that we all start seeing the love we should have for one another. Pray that the evil doers stop causing us to turn against each other. Pray for the Peace this world desperately needs right now.

Pray for families that have lost love ones or they have love ones who may be sick.

Pray for the victims and family members who were shot here at a shopping center this month.

Pray that everyone reading this today is safe and protected from harm of any kind and that every day they are blessed with happiness and health for them and their families.

Thank you for stopping by Our Little Red House for a visit. As always, stay safe out there , pass on kindness each and everyday in memory of anyone who has lost their lives during this time in our history…hate breeds hate but kindness breeds love. God bless you all. Have a Happy Sunday where ever you may be in the world.



“ If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, that will be enough.”

Meister Eckhart


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  1. You are a kind soul.God bless you 😘

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    1. Thank you, so sweet, as you are as well. Have a beautiful Sunday and God bless you and your family too.

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  2. What a beautiful gift that is, and what a powerful spot on direction that we need to be praying. The LORD says if we will turn to Him, He will heal our lands 🙂

    “If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” — 2 Chronicles 7:14

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    1. Thank you Margaret you always know exactly what to write to us all. Have a beautiful Sunday and God bless you and yours.

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  3. That was such a lovely gift! I’m sure it is a gift that will be treasured for years.

    How horrible about the shooting. I hadn’t heard anything about it. My heart goes out to those that were injured.

    It’s hard to believe all that we have had to endure this past few months. I have two friends who lost their mothers in nursing homes last month and they were heartbroken being unable to be with them. Just this morning I had to let my husband go into ER with chest pains by himself while I had to wait outside in the vehicle and not knowing what was going on. (He’s ok) And now the violence and hatred going on. I so am grateful for us living in the country, but worry about all of our family and friends who live in the cities. It’s a sad world we live in now.

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    1. So scary about your husband, I will say extra prayers for you both tonight. The shooting in Arizona was small, in Glendale Arizona so probably not worth it to make national news, so many stories like that happening now it is not news anymore I guess. I think they only report shootings when they are done by conservatives, everything is about politics now. Yes, the city is scary right now. We have run bags prepared in case we have to leave quickly and head up to Our Little Red House. Arizona is in a state of emergency and the whole state has a curfew now from 8 pm to 5 am. I think we are the only state in the country to have the whole state in curfew.
      The sirens were bad last night and the night before in our neighborhood here in the city , we are not too far from where the riots are happening. So far no neighborhoods were bothered and no fires but there was violence. There were messages going out through social media to attack white women and that is frightening. I told my daughter to stay off social media for at least a week. We will take things day by day. And to think my husband and I were going to head up north to OLRH for a couple days this weekend to work on some repairs leaving my 20 year old son and 22 year old daughter here alone in the city. This was before everything went crazy. I told my husband , lets wait awhile, something is scary and there is tension that I am picking up out in the city right now. We are all together now and now that we are in curfew the rioters were broken up and told to leave or get arrested. There are good people protesting peacefully, what happen was evil, that cop was the straw. I will continue to pray that peace happens soon, but I told my neighbors, friends and family that the closer we get to our election…the worse things will get and this was way back years ago when impeachments started. It is like a cruelness has over come different people and they are just doing what ever they want, just like what that evil cop did, but not all cops are bad and this is why we all need to pray more then ever before. Something sinister is up do no good and wants us all to turn on each other before it shows itself.


      1. Totally agree. I’m to the point of NEEDING to shut off all news and social media for my mental health.

        My God, that’s unbelievable about ‘attacking white women’. It’s odd how we get those feelings. Thankfully you took notice of your and stayed home with the kids.

        Stay safe, my Friend.

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      2. I know, women have to have that extra protection of picking things up, we are vulnerable, something all animals have but unfortunately humans tend to ignore that with what they are born with. No fires here, no one hurt, and last night there was less damage then the nights before so the curfew worked. Then this morning the local news started replaying the clip where that evil cop kills George Floyd, they showed it at least three times since I clicked on and then they had an expert on talk about what it does to someone when you do that, how horrible and inhuman it is and just horrible reminders to get everyone upset all over again. The riots didn’t happen I guess to the media’s liking, just peaceful protester which is how it should be. Everyone together, united and speaking up against horrible things but in a peaceful non violent way. Even our local news I guess has an agenda to follow as well. Every where in our city there is mostly positive. People still out shopping, being friendly, volunteering to clean up the city and helping each other. The news only wants to show the hate mostly and from what I saw this morning with them showing a triggering clip over and over (horrible images) just tells me they wouldn’t mind if more happened here in our city and that is the scariest thing of all. Thank God the majority of the people out in the world can see this for what it is. The media is definitely part of the problem. Stay safe , you and your husband, we haven’t even gotten to November yet. Arizona will be a battle, such hate out there and so sad. People were not meant to harm each other. I will continue to pray for more peace and love for the whole world.

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      3. I know! Seems like the more turmoil in the country, the happier our news outlets are. What’s funny in a strange way, Covid-19 is no longer front and center. Sad . . .

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      4. Last night some of our police officer’s bended to the knee and then everyone shook hands. It was a very peaceful moment. This happened everywhere I guess, well almost everywhere. No fires or beating of others here in Phoenix. I just heard they are rioting in England too but for something else, it all seems planned, like something from a list. Something wicked right now trying to happen in the world and thank God the majority of people can see this for what it is and stand up to “It”. The “Peaceful Protesting” will continue tonight once again, lets hope and pray this is actually peaceful protesting. When you see cops and protesters hugging it out during a Pandemic it can bring tears to your eyes, it did for me. This is what we need, we need hugs and there were even protesters and cops kneeling together and praying. Something really evil wants us all to take each other down and we all need to see this for what it is. There are beautiful and kind people in America, as well as the whole world. The good ones outweigh the bad as always, we just all need to remember this because the media is not on our side when it comes to peace even when they throw out little bits of positive here and there like little crumbs, they are manipulating our history and they have an agenda that’s for sure.

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      5. I saw that on the news! It warmed my heart 🙂
        I am generally the peace maker and can see both sides, but I’m sure beginning to think this is all a conspirisey.

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      6. Me too, too planed out it seems, just waiting for the perfect opportunity with bad situations and bad people out there all the time, it was bound to happen. There are bad cops, bad doctors, bad judges, bad teachers even bad priest, it was eventually going to happen in this year of our election and as soon as it did it exploded not just here but there are riots right now in England that the American media are not covering. So strange that these protest and riots all happened at the same time, different subject to protest about but they still happened at the same time like the switch was turned on and the “trouble makers” in politics and government around the world gave the go ahead to get things rolling. I know the ones that love chaos were not happy to see police officers and protesters hugging it out and crying and praying together, it goes against their agenda in the big picture. I will continue to pray that things turn around in a more peaceful and positive light.


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